Friday, March 17, 2006

Tagged!!!!, ek bar finn:D

This time its Sumit jee.I have to write about five things I will do with my first salary....
Hmmm..nice to think of money in my, here I go...

1.)Take Mum out for shopping: She is difficult to please in terms of gifts, she is wayy too finnicky!So, I will take her out, splurge on her.If she likes two say sarees equally, I'll the more expensive one for her!She'll be treated like a royal that day, Wait for that day,Ma, just wait:D

2.)Get an ultra cool handset for Bhai: Okay if the latest and coolest set is for 5oK and my salary considerable amount less than that then I guess I will have to wait for some time and save and then get him a nice set.
He does not want me to waste time in an MBA, wants me to earn so that he can splurge..
lage raho bhai, lage raho!!

3.)Something for my father: you can see, I am at a loss..I cant think of anything for him..dunno what I could buy for idea ppl but I would def get something for my father, what ? no idea:D

4.) I will buy something for my nani. I so hope she is around when I get my first salary.

5.) I have two lovely friends.Nivindya gets something sweet and nice, something that she can keep...I have gifted her stupid things including
a) a white hanky with red lace (officially made by me for S.U.P.W., but actually made by a neighbour)and senti stuff written all over the cloth.I gave it to her when she was leaving for college, I think.....
b)This other time I made this really silly thing which took me like 2-3 hours to make, made it out of chart paper ..It had flaps and all and when you wud open the flaps a picture of me and her could be seen.
I made a similar one for Bhai some time bak for his budday ( It took me full four hours to make it, but it was a beauty
so, she gets somthing that can be used, like properly used.And so does Latika , poor poor girl for having to listen to all my crap.

a) Mani shall get a nice courier.It has been promised and I shall be waiting for mine to arrive in a couple of years time .Even if we are not in contact, mani, you had better hunt me down to send me that courier!!
b)Shekhar gets his chocolates:D
c)Last but certainly and certainly not the least, Ranjan jee gets something sweet and nice:)

P.S. Five was toooooooooo less!!!! I have soooo many plans!!!!
I hereby tag only 2 people ,they are both relatively new to my blog ,please take your time if your busy or anything...
1)Sumit ko wapis se...
2)priyank, write your quizes and then honour the tag.

Adios friends...
Gunite nite and sleep tight.


Shekhar said...

Me grinning from ear to ear. :D

Sumit Tada said...

Kitni achhi ladki hai! sabka dhyan rakhti like that,always. And never again start thinking about harms of being a good girl..
Aur haan yaar 5 was the minimum, zyada to hamesha likh sakte hain. Isnt it?
Busy to main kuchh khaas nai hoon lekin thoda sochna padega......*gives a toughtful look*

niv said...

cho chweet!but i have to tel you,those two things you mentioned..they are like realy close to my heart simply coz you took the time and effort to make them.:) especialy the pic,that was just too cute.i stil remembr th huge smile on my face when i saw it.
of course,needless to say,you shal be a beneficiary o my 1st salary as well.and dint wana tel u,but cnt keep it in ne longer neway..i got sumthn for you too frm my trip.dint wana say coz wont neway be able to giv it to u b4!
but now u u can just keep guesing what it is..but it is accordin to ur wishes.

!xobile said...

*waits for his gift day n nite!*

Priyank said...

Great idea for mum!

For papa, I think, a surprize would be the best gift. You can gift him anything (no matter what, say a watch) as a surprize, it will make him ecstatic.

By surprize I mean, you can hide the present some where, so that he finds it by himself.

He will say, arrey meri bitiya.... for details of further conversation, watch any Hindi movie!

Shekhar said...

Btw, I gifted dad a shirt..and he was really proud. :)

I hope that helps, although I must say, mera kaafi conventional approach tha.

Suds said...

Are sis nothing for urself.:) U are great. Enjoy. Hope u earn a lotsa salary and fulfil all ur dreams.:)

Sumit Tada said...

Completed the tag (actually did it yesterday but courtsey my slow connection and noorius blogger's server, cunt post comment on ur blog)

Kishley said...

hey first three points are exactly the same as mine.. my bro too wanted me not to go for post graduate course but do ajob so that he can have a few things for himself frm my salry.. n for papa, i too cant think of any nice thing to give.. his 50th bday is just round the corner n i just cant decide wat to give :( m mum is always happy to get sarees n stuff :)

dotty_pixie said...

my blog address changed to

vf said...

nothing for world peace and the poor n drowntrodden of the world ?


latika said...

first salary....!!!! wow cant wait for that!!!
but seriously i cant c ne end to my studies....
neway..its the 23rd...3rd exam sick of studying....had to do something else.... your blog's just it.
its always such a pleasure to read ur stuff!
and yes "patience and hard work...there wont be magic but things will improve"

ranjan said...

Allo :),

soo sweet...//something nice and sweet...///...umm do I get to choose :P ? [U know the perils of my choice, donn U :)) ?]

Hridesh said...

Hello there.. I just came across your blog thru Priyank's..
Nice blog...
Hey btw, are u studying in PU by any chance ? ( guessing by a name which figures in ur blog.. )

pandora said...

...and a silver earware for me ;)


achi expenditure karing :D

Raam Pyari said...

chocolates paa karr kush??;)

sumit#1,#2: hehe..i saw ur post and commented on it as well:)
haan,haan..mein achchi bachchi hi hoon!!

batao!! batao!!!!!!!!!!!

mani hehe..karr karr wait hi karr ab tu!

priyank: hehe..wah!
kya filmi scene hai!!

shekhar: naah re! mum and dad ke liye kutch bhi boht achcha hota hai!
i think i'll also end up giving him something like this only.

sudhir bhaiya: arre mere liye kya??
kamana shuru karr dongi toh yeh hi boht hoga:)

kishley: arre yeh toh boht sochana waala point hai!!!
i gave my dad, leather slippers for his 50th budday:D
diya bhi toh kya!!!

nivindya:inna cuteee name hai!!:D

vf:*slaps her forehead*
kaise bhool gyi mein??!!!!

latika://patience and hard work...there wont be magic but things will improve

always remembr that..its extremely positive!!

ranjan: noooooo
you donn get to choose!!!
:P :P jo doongi chup chaap le lena!!

a)welcome to my blog!!!!!
b) PU kya hai??? I nt frm PU, whetaevr that is!

chotu singh: errr...badu singh????

hehe..chal tera ear ware bhi pakka ho gaya!!!

Ajay said...

nice of u to care for everyone around u soo much

Raam Pyari said...

ajay : :)
nd welcome!