Saturday, February 25, 2006

Looking beautiful Vs Feeling beautiful!!!

hey guys , i just read this post and it is wayyyy tooooo girlie !! Dun say i did not warn you!! :D

Looking beautiful and feeling beautiful are two bherry bherry differnet things.
You do not need to look beautiful to feel beautiful....Sometimes soemthing someone says , sometimes the way someone looks at you makes you feel as if you happen to be the prettiest this world has to offer!
I dont know why I wrote what I just wrote. It's almost midnight and after the ultra hectic day I have had today,I should have been dying to go to bed...but apparently that is not the case.I feel like talking to someone, and talking some more and then a little more and then just a little bit more!!!!
Seriously !!!
I always have soooooo much to talk about!!
I am in the lie-on-the-bed-hug-a-soft-pillow-and-jab-jab-jab-till-i-fall-asleep mode right now!
But well, since there is no one around and i really hate those silly chat rooms full of'Hot male 21, wanna talk??' type of rubbish, bloggie dearest came to mind....
My room is spick and span, i had a looong 'royal' bath , shampooed my hair ..and i just love this feeling of everything saaf-suthara....I like the smell of this shampoo,I also like the smell of this talcum powder and I also like the smell of this soap....
hehe...u know if due to some reason( e.g. too many guests) my bro and I were forced to share a room, so then whenevr I would come to bed, within seconds bhai would be like," oye, why do you always have to smell nice at night??Can't you smell normal??"
hehe...rubbish bhai!:D
Coming back to what I intended to write here....I dunno if it has ever happend with you or no, But there have been ocassions when I think that I am looking horrendous and then someone says something positive and then suddenly I start feeling nice ....Most ppl on my blog are guys, and I do not know if most guys are as sensitive to this topic as most girls are......

Before I started college, I hardly ever used to wear salwaar-suits. When I dropped an year after 12th , then too I generally used to stick to jeans and all..but once in a while, bherry bherry rarely, I would wear a suit.And boy !did I feel pretty then!!??!!You know the suit and the dupatta ..gosh, I used to feel like some sort of a fairy!!:D
And since I used to wear suits so rarely,thre used to be sooo many compliments.....thats the magic of dresses, they make you feel prettier and more beautiful than you might actually be ;)
It does not matter how you look, but it so totally matters how you feel....

Suits are compulsory in college, I never had a problem with that , you know. MOst girls went crazy when they heard this news and most of them could hardly manage the dupatta and all....I never faced any problems with managing a suit , i have never had any problem with managing all this, it comes naturally to me :)
So, now , the magic of suits no longer exists. Now its all about I love wearing sarees??
I have worn a sari just 3-4 times and I just looooovvveeee them!!!!My fave sari is sky blue in colour and its in some material thats translucent .It has light embroidery in silver thread....
It is so simple and nice and pretty!!!
Its so ossum to even simply feel it!
You know , I remember the day i bought that sari so well cuz of two reasons.

1. It was the first and ab tak ka only time when I was asked if I was intersted in modelling! print modelling cuz I was a bit tiny for the ramp..
those were that guys exact words.
I had just worn the blue sari and this guy looked at me as I emerged from the trail room in the blue sari and said,
"Excuse me ma'am but are you intersted in modelling. Print modeeling( i think thats wat he called it) are a bit tiny for the ramp"
I had the time of my life telling that guy that I was not intersted ! Thats so totally something I will tell my grandchildren about, fer sure!!!! Maybe even add a copule of things to make the story more impressive!!:D
Okay, right! woh guy blind tha, theek hai, tha, so what???? mujhe model banae ka offer de kar gaya na..bus!
and you know when the guy left, Ma was like" ab, 5'2 inna bhi kam nahi hota hai!!!!"
lolz..mumz will be mumz!:D

2. I had never felt prettier on my own before!Really, I pity guys for the simple reason that most of them will never wear a sari...its ossum, guys, just simply ossum!!!!
try it, someday!
*falls down the chair laffing!!!, plz dunt guys, dunt!!*

See, its all about feeling pretty....its hardly about actually being a pretty gurl....for as they say....
People for whom you matter will nevah mind how you look
and those who mind how you look should never matter.!!!!!

I am feeling so nice right now!!! I think I am ging crazy or something!
Inni silly si post ke liye big time sorry, but you see I just wanted to blabber and thats what I did!!!
maafi deh doh sarkar!!
Shekhar jee ka tag coming up next!

And for all of you whom i think of when I think of my blog,I hope you are all warm and snug in your beds,dreaming the sweetest of dreams.
Gunite friends.


Jhamure ka frand said...

I told my friend jhamura,
"Oye jhamura, you know a guy in my college he wears only 1 shirt every single day"

Jhamura sympathetically says
"Oh.. he must be from a poor background"

So I said,
"Achha !!?!? You wear 10 shirts to college everyday ?? Huh ??"

(Jaisan postwa, waisan commentwa)

Raam Pyari said...


wah!wah! kya baat hai!!!

p.s. arre bhai apana naam pata bhi chod jaya karo!:D

jhamure ka frand said...

Arre, Itna bada hint de diya.. Jhamure ko nahi jaanti kya ? Try to guess karo kee who hu mai. :D

Shekhar said...

I do not know all this jhamure talk, all I know is I deserved the Gold medal for being here first today morning, but then got scared by the "way to girlie" comment. Nothing doing. Only after having my regular morning cuppa of tea am I back here. N what do I find?? 3 comments done. So sad. :(

And listen, Indian women will always look more sexy in a sari. Personal opinion, yes; but a personal opinion that happens to be shared by many. :)

Raam Pyari said...

Mr. Frnd : hehe..naah re, ab meri miserable IQ mat test karo
I more often than not refuse to take hints....toh isilye no ideaz.....

Fellow Martian : same here!!! *lolz* dunno who jhamure dear is but am hoping ki mystery guy will disclose his identity for all of us and take a bow!

Dun worry shekhar, Gold na sahi toh Silver toh tumhare hi hai!!! mera comment toh count nahi kara jaa sakta naa...
*gives shekhar the silver medal amidst thunderous applause*

jhamure ka friend said...

Its me. I'm jhamure ka friend. Haan haan main hee hu. *bows*

MW said...

Mr . Frnd : aah i see the 'mai' has changed to 'main'...
yehi hota hai cross cultural exchange ka fayadah!

Misterr frnd ke liye bhi applause!!!

infact once more

Jhamura [himself] said...

"blue saari","ramp", "chotu"...dead laughing by now :))

ranjan said...

Nice "girlie" post :)..wear the sarees more :D.

Shreyansh said...

I wore a saree for a fancy dress competition once.I was 3-4 yr old then. :)
With curly hair and fair skin at that time, i was the perfect scapegoat.The neighbourhood didis managed to persuade mum. :X
And the feeling is not ossum is too difficult to describe the ignominy whenever I see that pic. :P

Good to see you happy and feeling beautiful.Keep Smiling.

P.S. Btw, I had won. ;)

Raam Pyari said...

jhamure : ab yeh kaun????
anywayz lafftrr z the bestest medicine!!!:D
hason, hason jinna hasna hai haso

ranjan:hehe..ab girlie hoon toh once in a while girlie post toh chalegi.....
btw, i think i wz drunk or something when i put up that post!!!

shreyansh : as i said i think i was drunk when i put up tht post!!!

and heyyy u have worn a sari:))
dunno why but a few bachpane ki lines come to mind rite now:D

curly hair,
very fair,
mammaz pet,
is that you??

I think i am drunk abhi bhi!!!!

amit said...

no wonder women in saree rocks........ in fact saree is the dress when a woman can look elegant as well as sensuous :p

vaise yaar tum ladki logon ke paas kitni choice hoti hai - jeans/ suit/ saree :)

Shekhar said...

amit: Oye teri nu, kiske naal panga le riya hai? E moonwalker babe hai..bahut pitega bhai...bachke rahiyo.

Shekhar said...

moonwalker: Oye kudiye, mera tag ka reply kitthe hai?

DeePDiveR said...

The first time(and the last time!!!) I wore a saree was when i was 3yrs old....dunno why but there's this craze among bengali moms to dress their sons as girls in sarees...but i gotta say when i look at the purana pic i say to myself,'even aishwarya wud get a complex if i had stood beside her in a saree!'

Howz ur cat? in the bag?

nivi said...

itz been so long.did u get my offlines??im juz leavin a quik msg.itz so crazy v dint get to chat last week.
will meet up when i get bak..rite now,itz just too weird settling in!
miss you

moonwalker said...

amit: haan, yeh toh hai!!!!
i alwayz think ki bechara guyz dun have much choice..its mostly either jeans / formals....

juhi ek, ashwairya ek, madhuri ek..paar..
ladki hone ke fayade anek!!!!

shekhar :
Dear Shekhar,
yaar..test toh abhi de kar aayi but u see, have to rush for my chohicng !!! will honr it aaj raat mein!!!

yours sincerely,
Moonwalker babe!

deep : oye tussi ash ko kampteeshan doge????? hai!!!!:D
CAT toh chal wal raha hai..lets see...

nivindya : nopes not getting nay of ur offlines!!Hope u are having a great time there!!:)
catch u when u get bak!!
btw, when is that??

Shriedhar said...

u must b lookin gr8 in sari ;)

//bherry bherry...
do u belong to bengal, orissa??
it's more familiar sound ovr here in kolakata :)
like bhey-->very
fybhe rupees---> 5 Rs
gibh me--->give me
and many more :)

n yeah, i'l try to get some gud romantic dream 2day;)