Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well i have about 10 minutes before i get down to padhai so i thot i'll blog....Loads of work is piling up now, md semesters begin on Monday and i have to increase the number of hours i am putting in for CAT...i really dun know how much is enough..i know i know..its differnt for evryone and all that, but i cannot understand how much time i shud give to CAT ki padhai...Like a lot of ppl tell me that sine curve waali theory...peak at the right time and all that..but i am wondering if not studying as much as i can tight now could backfire ultimately....
I find myself enjoying it so much more than Btech ki padhai..Its after a long long time that i am doing some kind of padhai that i am enjoying as well...
good for me, i guess..

Amit asked me, through one of his comments ,about how i spent my budday.Well for once, afetr a long time i have something to share :D. For the first time in my life someone threw a surprise budday party for me...!!!!!!!!!!!
My Mum and Dad arranged it all and at 8 in the night my Dad called up from his clinic and he was like , hey lets go out for dinner. I was in bed by that time watching the telly and all and i was like lets leave it now and all that.Bhai keeps calling in the meant time asking weird questions like where are you rigt now et etc...So then when i reach Nerulaz I SEE FRIENDS WITH GIFTS( : D ) STANDING THERE!!!!!
It was soooo terribly nice .
Got gifts from nani, mamiz , cuzns, frnds, bhai...who sent me a very simple card that reduced me to tears....( jab non senti ppl thoda bhi senti kaam karte hai toh aisa hi hota hai: ) ).nivindya, poor gurl kept calling home but i was too buzy with my budday bash so i was not at home, so i could not speak to her....
The day itself startd with a surprize...
listen to this...
It was liek around 8 in the morning and no one was home.I was in my red Pjz and horrendous blue pullover. The door bell rings. I think its the doodh waala....grumbling i open the door to see a absolutely gorgeous looking Latika holding this HUGE bunch of flowers at the door!!
she lives like real far from my home and the pains she must have taken to come over!!!*deep but happy sigh!*It was sooooo sweet!!!!!
I really appreciate the effort some ppl in my life take to make things special for me......
In between moring and evening i was sooo ultra sad and depressed, dunno why always happens on buddayz..mayb cuz i am supposed to be happy , i get depressed but then i thot about all these ppl for whom i am important and then it was okay. the surprize budday party was the absolute icing on the cake.
so, this year it was the first time that i:
a) got a HUGE bouquet!!!( isase pehle nevah got one ,as surprising as it may be:) ) There were yellow flowres cuz yellow is the color of friendship and pink ones cuz latika knows pink is my fave color!!
B)surprize budday bash!
c) actually had to miss my first lecture in college cuz i was so busy taking calls from ppl!!!!! you know it was soo damn funny that morning!! i wud be like talking on the fone , tab tak someone wud call on my cell, dad wud keep the caller buzy tll i finished with the land line, by then dad's cell wud start ringing!!
it was so funny!! So ultimately i had leave the morninings lesson!!!
funny reason kilass chodane ka...
bus ab cuz like 15 minutes ho gaye hai!!!!
gotta go and study ERP , i have quiz in the last period today and plus Midsems aa rahen aaj i have my choching no time!!!

bijee as a beee.
Moon walker

Will reply to the comments of the previous post in some time...


nivindya said...

sorie yar..i havent been on the net for actualy using the net in colg nd no messenger here.neway,no excuse..i shal msg you soon ok.
nd happy birthday again..hehe!nd yes..i didnt get to speak to u...koi baat nahin..u had a good time nd dat's all tht matrs.
bestest of luk wid CAT padhai..u knw wat u hav to do aftr that na..if in doubt contact me nd i shal clarify.

amit said...

sahi....masti ho gayi BDay ke din....
aji chodo jee... CAT ke liye kya padhai karni hoti hai.... upar wale par bharosa rakho... allah meharbaan to gadha pehalwaan :p

Shekhar said...

@amit --> How rude is that? :D

@moonwalker aka fellow martian --> Happy B-day. Enjoy. CAT is a game, khelte khelte ho jayega, no tension no fikar, only work. :P

!xobile said...

hey bhagwaan
kitni buzy bandi hai re tu!
ham jaise welo ko dekho...

aapko bhi aasherwaad!

ranjan said...

Nice, verry nice :)...first bouquet..Awww :))...

Shreyansh said...

A cool cute budday !!!
Good luck for exams busy bee.

Pradyot said...

When was your budday??
Happy belated b'day!!

moonwalker said...

nivindya:hehe ab toh loads of baateinz ho gayi hain!!!:D
CAT ke baad mein tumse shaadi kar keh humara sundar sa ghar basa lungi*blush blush*
btw, before that u too have to do something, if in doubt come to em and i'll clarify!!!!!
u'll make a perfect hubby!!!!
*blush, blush*

uff..fir drama shuru ho gaya!!!!grrrr:D

amit ://allah meharbaan to gadha pehalwaan :p

and some more hahahah
i actually burst out laffing when i read this line!!

fellow martian: thanks buddy, i hope so too!!!!
but my mental maths is wayyyyy to bad rite now, i have to work real hard on it!

May the holy lite of planet mars guide you!

vatsa : thanu putra, thank u for the asherwaad...
naah re ...i leave everything last time ke liye hence and therefore sab bijee bijee ho jata hain!!!
asheerwaad to u a dn dalchini ko pyar.

ranjan : hehe..haan first !!!!!

shreyansh :
Dear Mr Shreyansh,
Thank you for ur best wishes.
Yours sincerely,
Ms Busy Bee.

praddy : oyee kaise prajji ho???
2nd ko tha! us din post bhi likhi thi!!!
anyways ,

Shriedhar said...


DeePDiveR said...

CAT?? hope that dozent eat into ur time for posting sweeeeeeeeeet comments and posts!!

?que hablas tu?

moonwalker said...

shreedhar ::)

deep : i hope bloging does not eat into the time i shud put in fr CAT:D

amit said...

@ shekhar : bhai, there is nothing rude in tht.... it was simple pun n also fact of life... when u hv 1,50,000 people fighting fr those 1200 seats, u need allah's meharbaani along with all skills u hv..... :p

Rebellion said...

Chooooooo Chweet bacha :)

Glad you enjoyed the day.. your day :)
"Belated Happy Birthday" bacha.. know its too late but kya karun.. that time I didn't know you na.. so wishing you today :D

BooooHoooooo :((
No one's ever given me flowers on my birthday and I haven't received any surprises either :((

*sob sob* Am ok, am fine, am feeling better :P

But am glad you enjoyed your special day bacha :)
Hope every coming year gets more & more happiness & surprises in your life :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!