Monday, February 13, 2006


I am back!!!
From Madhya pradesh and will post about it later.
I just returned like an hour ago. I m still in my jeans and a light pink+grey+blue+white striped v neck sweater that i bought with Nivindya when she was home some time back.I have not as of yet taken off my pink and white NIkes either.Dad is reading the newspaper and Ma is in the kitchen. The house is quiet....

I did some heavy duty thinking during these past 4 days...dunno why but i wanted to make some sense out of myself!!
why am i here?
am i doing what i really want to?
There are things about myself that i am kinda okay with, somethings that i even like but most of them i cannot stand.
I hate my temper. Its one of those quick to rise quick to fall ones, but thats not the point. When i am angry its very rare that i'll go upto that person and tell him/her hey, you did this /said this and i did not like it blah blah blah...
No I do not. I just keep shut. It lessens the complications.

I worry too much. About little things. About weird things. About things taht have not happened. About things that will not happen. I hate it. but then i think i like it as well....i dont know!!!I so dont know ...i think i am crazy , really!!

I cant hurt someone on purpose. Its like if some does something bad to me, i can't do the same to him/her. I really cannot. I wish i could, maybe one feels better after that.....

I am too much of a good girl.

Okay let it be, the list in head is becoming way too long now:D
I lovvvveeeeeeeeee families where people are bherry bherry close to one another.I just love it!!You know, i think it is so totally important for kids to be brought up in an envoirnmnet where they know that they are loved and cherished .
I love looking at parents with their bachchas when they are unaware or eyes on them.
Its nice to see a little chubby girl pointing out something she finds intersting to her mum and the mum smiling and listening with great attention to watever the 3 yr old has to say...

It so nice to see men taking care of their mothers who are old and are ailing....My mama and tau ji are both fantastic sons. It is soo nioce to see the sons and more importantly the daughters-in-law being nice to the older people when no one is looking...
I hope and pray to God that my parents never need my help per se but if they do, God please let me take good care of them.The same goes for my in-laws in case i marry...

A house full of love, a family full of love, a heart full of love.

I don't understand why families fight over money and land. It does not happen in my family but it does happen elsewhere , right? I really have no idea about what kind of stuff i have or will have but whatever i have, is as much Bhaiz as it is mine.I just do nmot understand this stuff, i do not understand the mentality behind fighting with your family over money.
Money is RUBBISH!
Coming from a normal middle class family , ofcourse , i have been taught to respect money. Anyone whose parents work hard to earn moeny should respect money and all but fighting over money????? i dont understand it.

I love pink:)

Sometimes i wonder about my future....i am not cut out for engg but i am doing it..i never wanted to really, like i was never passionate about it and all but i thought it was a sensible decision ....i still think it is a sensible one...but..
(aah...the 'but' says it all!)

I wonder why people give so much importance to good looks...that also is something i fail to understand...
I am not saying this coz i am no Aishwarya Rai look alike , i wud have had this view even if i were. btw, if i were ash, abhishek bachcha mite have been a prospective grrom*blush, blush*
being an average looking girl i have had my share compliments and comments and i find both equally ridiculous.
Though having extremely good looking parents does not help much!!!:D
I really dont thinks looks matter.Really, they dont!
But sometimes when u try out dresses and u look in the mirror one does sigh deeply. It is a i-wish-i-had-papaz-eyes/i=wish-i-had-Maz-nose moment!:D

okay okay ab boht ho gaya.
it was nice talikng to you.
Tomm is Valentines Day. It means nothing very special to me.I'll just ahve to bear a couple of sidey remarks from road side Romeos when i retun from colg tomm;
however,here is wishing evryone!!
Happy Valentines Day all!!
Specially to Nivindya, Ranjan, Putra, Shreyansh, Prajji,Sudhir bhaiya:)


Suds said...

Hey Sis nice post. First of all I am not sure why u are thinking so much. U are a nice person at heart. U are good as u are. U are much better not hurting others. U will feel better for few minutes but then u will curse urself for life if u hurt someone. Ya u should try and not worry to much. It is good to be good. DOn't change urself. :)

I totally agree with u about family values. I have had my differences of opinion with my dad. Not much for money but more for way of thinking. But things are much better now. Maybe Swati has made be a much better person. I guess that is what a good spouse makes u. :)

Abt money. I believe from my heart in this "Paise hath ka mail hota hai ata hai and chala jata hai" So money is just something that should make ur life better it should not be ur life.. :)

Hey u made be worried by ur last few statements. U take care tomorrow.

Happy valentines day to you too.

ranjan said...

Awww :)))..

Happy Valentine's day...hey bhagwan..kuchh ker doh iss ladki kah :))

Shekhar said...

Welcome back. Missed ya and your crazy posts. Going through your list of thoughts/feelings, I concluded that I'm equally confused, so...

And of course.. [Change font to: Indianised English]



!xobile said...

pink increases the avg beauty of a girl by about 51.2387568763 approx %.
but haan.. beauty is skin deep.
btw i dnt believe in v-day too.... :P

niv said... glad ur back!it wz great talkin to u today:)missed you terribly.

u knw yar,it is the season of mixed feelinz..everybdy's goin thru a strange phase that none of us can fully understand.hmm..

happy V-day to u too!i think the most eventful v-day iv evr had wz in skool when v went to that croc park remembr..wearing pink hearts on out blazers??brrr..naivety of youth..sigh!

:)chalo,put up anudr post real soon ok.

ranjan said...

Btw, for all it is worth :P,

Happy Val's day :)...

amyth said...

hey.. thanx for the wishes and happy valentines day to u :)

Abhi said...

happy V day , watever that means for a single n azaad guy like I will hit the bajrang dal site , my heroes.

Sumit Tada said...

Well i was in the college the whole day and havent seen anything which i can relate to Valentine day! No guys givin roses,no galz blushing,no policemen beating guys,no guys teasing galz............nothing!! Then why is this hype?? Ok i agree i dint go to the real "happening" places but still,i dont think its a very big deal........if i like soneone i dont think i will wait for this date and neither i think that if i try on this day,my chances will increase......lekin chalo if it can bring happiness to few ppl then its good.
About the other things in ur post,its an irony that u have to worry because
"I am too much of a good girl."
Kyun??Kyun?? Kya burai hai isme?
I seriously wish that u r always with ppl which make u feel good about u, i know with such nice family and friends,u wont be feeling "bad" often but whenevr u do,remember that no problems are ever-lasting,time is the best healer. You only need to "hang-on" for long enuf.Once i read a book titled "Tough times never last,but tough people do",really nice book to read when anyone is feling "low".
And thinking a lot isnt bad if it doesnt come in way of other things, matlab khali time mein sochene me koi burai nai but saara kaam chhod ke future ke baare mein hi sochte rahna isnt good..Hai naa?

Shriedhar said...

Hey ruchi,
happy V-day!!!

Shreyansh said...

Aah!!The thing that travelling can do to you.
We travel and we get a lot of time for introspection....and the questions start popping up.
At a basic level the questions are quite similar for everyone.
If you read through the post on my blog you must have read "Don't worry about the future. Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum."
So just chill , life will find out ways to answer you.
And yes , A Happy Valentine's day to you too. :)

P.S. How was the trip to Bhopal et al? Visited some places??

amit said...

arre janab gud girl hone mein kya problm hai..... money helps but i think its importantance is equivalent to salt in food.... kam hogi to bhi roti nahin kha saktein n zyada hua to bhi roti beswad ho jayegi.... similar is case of money in life

anyways Happy V-Day :)

moonwalker said...

sudhir bhaiya: //It is good to be good
naah..u know when u blog , since one puts down everything from onez own perspective the persone concerned appears to someone real nice and all that......i am sure some ppl find me mean and cruel and haughty and all that as well:D

u annd ur wife seem to be such a sweet couple.
I hope the love the two of have for each other just keeps growing.

ranjan ab koi kutch nahin kar sakta!!!!
everythingz cemented!!!!

shekhar happy v day to u!!!!
hmm toh me= crazy.....???
abhi king of mars ko report karti hooon!!! tumhe 3yrs earth par bhej denge woh!!!!

niv: yaar..that was by far the exciting v day i ahve evah had!!!! i actually saw couples and all that!!!!
way too grand man!!!
*falls down the chair laffing*

amyth happy v day to u too, buddy!!!

abhi : heheh...same to u!!!!!
is there a female hanuman jee..i cud be the president of her fan club??!!!

sumit : hehe..mere colg mein bhi nuthing ata ll!!!!!

dunno wat the hype is all about!!!
//I am too much of a good girl."

the prob is that when u are too much of a good gurl, u dont have a lot of fun , you know...i mean thre are loads of gurls who do rubbish stuff cuz its easy for them to cheat ppl, lie to family and all that...i dun wnt to be like them at all or anyhing but then once in a while i wish i did not have this ultra pronounced sense of wats right and wats wrong!!!
pata nahi...i gess when i rote the post, something must have been bugging me...
but really i am okay being who i am cuz i cant live with cheatinga nd being untruthful at all!!

and yess...inna sochanan is bad for health!!!

shreedhar : same to you:)

shreyansh yess, i know...worry gnaws at yours insides and before u know it , you are hollow!!!
next post= all abt the MP trip!!!

amit : the analogy you drew between money and salt way ossum!!!!
happy v day, buddy!!!