Monday, April 17, 2006

I Love you...

Sometimes I wonder if , contrary to what I have believed, getting married might indeed be a great idea.Given the innumerable talents I am the proud yet humble owner of , I am sure some'chowkidaar' somewhere woud agree to marry me provided my Dad ensures a cash payment of Rs. 250 lakhs atleast 10 days before the date of the wedding.
Then I wont have to study.
wont have to give midsems.
Wont have to get up at 4 to study.
Wont have eyes that are perpetually red.

I will then obvio live in a small hut where there would not be any running water or electricity.Cuz obviously Bahadur wont be earning much.Moreovr , I will have to manage without Revlon lipsticks...err..which might be like real difficult...hmm...

Apart from that , I gather once in a while there won't be anything to eat also, which would be extremely filmi and hence very grand.I might then have to go to the local 'parchoon ki dukan' ka not so respectable owner and ask him to lend us some daal-chawal while he leers* on.

I mite also, just have 2 sarees, which again shall be very very filmi and hence one can easily bear it all imagining a made-in-umreecah camera belonging to the camera-man of some director like Sanjay Leela Bhansaali..focussing on me as I try and choose which of the two sarees to wear for Bahadur's budday.

and yessssss!!!!!! since I would obvio be using the 'chulha' cuz there won't be money for gas, maybe after a couple of years...i get this nasty habit of coughing all the time.
With just 2 sarees , no Revlon and a perpetual khansi....aaahhhh...

Apart from that, I would not tell Bahadur that I am a qualified engg.I'll pretend to be a total gawaar and then ask him to teach me english.After years of hard work I mite even learn to say 'I labhhh looo, Bahadurr'.

Okay all this is getting wayyyy too low IQ even for my reasonably low standards..but was feeling extremely low and I have now decided that I shall not allow myself to feel low, even if I have to write an UTTERLY useless test in 3 hours.Hence and therefore the rubbihs post:D

Suddenly the sight of the Revlon lipsticks lying near by is a comfort.
I think I'll go upto to them, clutch them and tell them that I love them and even death cannot do us part.

I love you, Revlon. Ting . Ting.Tiding!!

Raam Pyari.

* In class 10 we did many short stories for our syllabus.Our teacher, Mrs. Joshi used to explain the meanings of the almost all the words that dared crossed our, thankfully she left the likes of 'is, 'an'and 'the' alone.
She explained the word 'leer' as ----to look at with evil intensions.I have no recollection of any story taught to us or as a matter of fact , anything at all.Only one thing from that entire year remains in my memory.
leer== look at with evil intensions.


Sumit Tada said...

Koi to mila jo meri tarah subah uthke PC pe baithta hai!! Hey kahin tumne yeh sone se pahle to nai likhi naa?? Kyunki most ppl say ki 4 baje uthne se easy 4 baje tak jaagna hai!!
Aur yeh tumhare exam hain ya kya hain,khatam hi nai hote.......mere to tumhare badd start hoke kab ke khatam ho chuke!!
BTW,best of luck.mummy calling me "naha lo beta"!!

!xobile said...

*leers at ze revlon lipistic*

Shriedhar said...



250 lac and a small hut+two sarees

a gr8 mismatch ..

then prbly ur bahaddur must be a gambler that too a loosing gambler :)

newayz, im praying for the second time for u..... that ur vshes may come true ;))

Shriedhar said...


profile pic mast hain ;)))

aMyth! said...

what a typical bollywood ishtyle life!!

hope THAT never comes true for u :)

Dh@v@! said...

Ahahaha:D gud stuff…
By any chance have u been to some village to write this blog or it’s a result of our gr8 bollywood stories?

ranjan said...

'I labhhh looo, Bahadurr'.

Plz donnnn everrr love loo, hindi or english variety, dono hi lovez boht dangerous hain :P

niv said...

hehehe(meaningful sniggers)
yes itz true..all we learnt in class ten was that word!chalo at least kuch toh learn kara.
and btw btw!! tum kahin merey waley bahadur ki toh baat nahi kar rahi??hmmm?? i knew it..u alwayz had evil intentions towards him..iv seen u checking him out wenevr u come over!!dekho..apney cheap khayal se merey bahadur key safed reputation ko spoil mat karo..mainey keh diya haan!

p.s.nice post:)

Kishley said...

LOL... he he he.. livin in a hut.. eww!! I hope ur dreams never come true :P

latika said...

raam pyari !!!!
agli baar naam karan karna ho to 'Champa Chameli' hi rakhna.... suit karega ;)
and yessss...that word... 'leer'... it is definitely one of you more frequently used words !
Prem Chand ki story thi! bilkul 3rd class !! even Mrs.Joshi didn't like it!

Raam Pyari said...

sumit: naha liya beta???

*chokes laffing*

mani: oyeee!!!
tu ab lipishtik ko bhi leer karega?????
sudhar jaa mani, sudhar jaa..
lipistik to chorr deh!!!

shri: *shocked luk*
tum yeh humar bahudarr ke baare mein kaise boll sakate ho???
woh juari nahiiiiii
*wails adn blows her nose into the saree ka pallu*

amyth:heheh...seriously , even I hope it nevah comes true:D

arre its me just venting frustupanah!

ranjan:*giggles non stop*

P.S.nice to Mr Kant here:)


KISHLEY:heheh....aarre yaar..mera drama maxx rubbish hota hai:D

latika me sees the viva ho gaya and u are nw FREEEE (for the next 10 days atleast:P)
achcha..i dun remembr the storyy..okay mayb i was about this baniya and the farmers wife or somthing,,,naa??

Meena said...

hee hee... you are one creative gawaar! ;o)

Love your writing...very humurous! Will be back!:o)

chk by my space sometime -

Sumit Tada said...

I am honoured. *Gives a biiiiiig thnku smile to Ruchi*
Though it would have been better,if u had added a linebreak tag after each link........
Thanx a lot!!

Raam Pyari said...

meena bahin:
yayyyyyy!!!someone finds me creative??!!!
yeh kya ajoooba.
keep visiting and i jus came bak from ur place...very very nice template:)
will keep visiting.

and yess...
bhelcumm meena bahin, bhelcom!!:D

sumit babujee: arre yaar...wat thanku???!!
I just put links to blogs i rea;lly like, ab isamein tumhari toh koi galati nahi kiI like ur blog;)

niv said...

hi janeman..(oopz)
sorie yarsorrieee,aajkal no kaam on the comp so main sidey hokar comp kholti hi nahi hoon,agar koi kaam kar raha hota hai toh bas tumahrey blog ko chek out kar leti hoon..i told u na ki mere internet ki kya durdasha hai??please gussa mat ho..tumhe bahadur ki kasam.
lekin i'll be on soon..i promise i promise..hey do u wanna fix a time?blog par msg chodd dena.myb 2mrw..ya myb aaj lekin thoda late ho sakta hai.
rite now in colg,nd no mesenger over here so..

Shekhar said...

arre bachchi...uth jaa..subah ho gayi..get back to doing what you're best at..working hard, and stop daydreaming !! :D

pandora said...

haha..kya idea hai!
ab aap typical raam pyrari type bol rahe ho! :P

good luck for ur ..err..bahadur..:))

Raam Pyari said...

niv:*dramatic luk*
toh u'll meet me only when u have some work on the comp?????????????

shekhar:hhehe....APJ Abdul Kalam says...
to dream small is a crime.

*clears her throat*

chotu singh: oyeeee!!!
toh kya!!
mein raam pyari hi toh hoon!!!
koi shaq??
koi sawal???