Friday, April 14, 2006



So, this makes it three days and three posts.I don't know what has happened!!!I think it is just that since I have recently stopped ritin in my diary, I have started treating this place as one.

I woke up some time back and there is no one at home.It is quiet here..and a bit dark outside right now.Ma and Dad have gone for a morning walk , i gather..which reminds me that I need to do a bit of stretching myself!
*deep sigh!!!*
Anyways...I have a longg day in front of me.A friend is coming over and we are planning to brush up DBMS ,CO and a bit of programming for the placements...then in the evening its gonna be all billlliiiieeeee.

For the first time in my life I am optimistic.I have, for the first time, a positive outlook.Those who have known me long are shocked to the extent of having a heart attack!! But well, all I do, is smile a superior smile .It is such a refreshing change to look at things optimistically.

There is some distant relative.She is around my age.One fine day, she stared foaming at her mouth and has been paralysed since.She cannot walk , sleep, recognise anyone...
I am happy because God has been very kind to me.I am reasonably healthy, my mum and dad are mostly okay, bhai is friends are okay..
I have hands that are willing to work , a mind that is willing to learn. *tw for the entire paragraph!*
What else can I ask for...

A few days ago,I we went to meet these people.Their daughter-in-law had just had a miscarriage and since Ma is consulted for things medical by all and sundry, she had to pay a visit.
They are not an affluent family.But as I looked around I saw nothing but love and love and some more love.The girl's husband was perepetually at her side, peeling apples for her, insisting that she eats another fruit.Just one more, he would plead, for him,pleaseeee .
The mother -in-law would hover around, the woman's daughter wud come running and try to sit in her mother's lap, but the father would shoo her away with a 'abhi ma ko arram karne doh, beta'.
She might not be able to buy that fantastic Revlon lipstick, but if I were given a chance to choose between the lipstick and this, I so totally would have chosen the totally...

I gather too much money is as badd as too little money...earn as much as you want but one should have time for one's family,it is so important that there be love amongst people in the family.Itis so important.Why don't people understand that??
why don't they?!!!



Flowers in my garden...there dying now, cuz of the heat...but ain't they garden becomes a riot of colours in the rite they are all dying..:(

P.S. For all those wud be mums-in-law, who think I am a potential winner of the Star Parivar Yogya Bahu Award, kindly reconsider.Keep yorselves and your sons who happen to be money minting machines ,away from me.Else, as I told Mum , I will run away.*kind beatific smile*

P.S.#2: You know what!!! Like my Ma and dad were not at home naa, but they had left their room very verry messy.My mum, the clealiness freak ,would have hated coming back to an untidy room.So I cleaned her room real real gud rite now.Managed to finish just before she returned.
She was soooo happy and surprised to see her room clean.She wanted to know who cleaned her room(as if there are 100 poeple living in this house:D ) and I kept saying an angel did.hehee
I have to do precious little to make Mum and Dad happy when they have done the biggest things, made the greatest sacrifices for the two of us.
Maybe , as Ma says, I won't understand it abhi....
My Mum is happy.So am I.:)


Sumit Tada said...
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Sumit Tada said...

ebooks mujhe to zyadatar apne hostler frnds se milti hain,but they are easily available on any peer-to-peer network. Try limewire/sharaza/edonkey etc.etc....BTW currently my "virtual liberary" stands close to 10GBs,koi specific buk chahiye to batana!
And its nice to see you happy again. I heard somewhere, if you want sucess look at people above you, and if you want happiness,look at people below you!!
I would prefer happiness, coz whats use of success if you are not happy??
End-sems abhi door hain kya?? Placements ki preprn??
Mujhe bhi koi motivate karo yaar padhne ke liye........Analog electronics is too boring!!!! aur woh hi mujhe aati nai hai!!!

dotty_pixie said...

true true..
i wont say anything about it as you know all the gruseome details neway.
and hey,i bliv my room is messy as well, wud you please clean it??
btw,i don't think i understand anything nowadays,or have evr for that matter.
does this comment make any sense?
at all?

Raam Pyari said...

two of my blog's most faithfulllllllllll readers
*loving luk for both of you:)*

sumit: arre!!! ruko mein tumhe abhi inspire karti hoon!!!!
dekho yaar...simple si baat hai..apana work njoi karo...maxxx maxx mehnat se kaam karo,cuz menat ke w/o kutch
1.milatan nahi.
2. milta hai bhi toh achcha nahi lagta!!!
toh jam ke padhai karr yaar....jam karr...
"yeh janm hua kis arth aho,
samjho jisamein utch wyarth na ho!

niv: *clears her throat*
no its does not make any sense...

Sumit Tada said...

Yeh hui naa sai pic.........ab no one can ask why moonwalker!!!
Aur haan me thoda-thoda inpired by ur words,lekin ab to sone ka time ho gaya,kal subah tak dekhte hain asar rahta hai ya nai ;)
Waise yeh sanskrit hai ya hindi?? I thot i knew both lekin still i cunt get what you "exactly" meant, matlab ki waise to general meaning pata chal gaya lekin........

ruchi said...

here we go:

yeh janm hua kis arth aho

What is the meaning and purpose of coming into this world...

samjho jisamein kutch wyarth na ho
unless we live a life in which we strive to utilize every momnet and achieve as much as we are capable of....

this poem is wriiten by mathili sharan gupt, our national poet:)

!xobile said...

as if there are 100 poeple living in this house:D


mast hao tu

Raam Pyari said...

haan ab jab ghar mein mein hi hoon toh obvio theek bhi meine hi karah haoga naa!!!

Rebellion said...

Ms. Moonwalker or Raam Pyari behen?

I'd stick to Ruchi.. I like your name :D

Nice post! Still wondering whether you were really optimisic or trying to persuade yourself by those words?!! Probably senti or nostalgic?!?!!

Loved the PS, both of them :p

"My Mum is happy.So am I."
That was chooooooooo chweet :)

Take care,