Monday, April 10, 2006


Disclaimer#1: Reading this post is injurious to health.
Disclaimer#2: Any resemblance to any name , place,animal, thing is purely coincidental.
Disclaimer#3:The channel does not share the views expressed here.

There is this girl in my batch who is supposed to be this great palmist.So a few days back, with the help of someone's strand of hair and someone else's gold ring, she told me the following grave facts about my future.

a)I shall marry in 2011.
b)It shall be an arrange-cum-love marriage.
c)I shall have only one child.MOst probably a boy,but she could not be sure.

P.S. her area of expertise is obvious.

Apart from that, being the palmist that she is, she asked me give her my left hand...she peered at it for along time. And said:
"You know..quite stubborn."

Me(agast): arre!!! no, no! I am the last person on this planet who is stubborn.

Palmist Friend:nahiiii..arre baba..haath mein yehi likha hai!

Me:no, but I am nt stubborn.

Class mates standing by: arre yaar..maybe you think, maybe she is right.

me: noooooo, I am NOT stubborn.
I am not stubborn .
I am not stubborn.
I am not stubborn.

Girls standing around me were smiling....
Not stubborn, eh???

Anyways.I met my very first nanny(yeah yeah, I am very angrez types!).I did not know that Geeta was coming and yet as soon as i opened the door i recognised her from 15-16yrs ago ina jiffy!
There was something just so familiar about her.Her visit brought back to me the millions of hours I had spent with her.

Some highlights...err.....lowlights...

1. I used to hate peas. So when Ma used to make rice+peas, she used to take my plate and remove the peas.One by one.Each one of them . I would not eat rice till she removed each of them.

2. Geeta used to comb my hair.The worst that could happen to your hair at age 5 was lice!!!So she gave me the mantra for lice free hair.
Just remember one thing, bitiya,anything that is good for your hair is good for the lice.Specially oil.

I think after that I must have used hair oil about 2-3 times..the last time being atleast 10 years ago.

3. She told me that honey bees grow up to become tigers.

4.She told me that if you get bitten by a honey bee even once in your childhood, when you grow up, you become half woman-half tiger.

5.She told me that if , even by mistake, I ever happened to even tatse Rin sabun I will froth at my mouth and be dead within 2 minutes flat.
Till date I prefer buying paanch sau pachpan sabun than RIN.

6.She taught me to make tomato chutney.

7.One fine day, when I was a little bigger, a woman came over.When I asked who she was she sadi she was 'mamiji'.hmmm...she looked a bit uncool but well....mami jee she was and I promptly bent down to touch her feet.Happily she mutterd a 'khush raho beta".
I later found out that she was Geeta's mami.

She used to put me to sleep sometimes.I would sit in her lap, bury my face in her neck and she would start off with some silly brainless story...:) Iam feeling a bit sleepy myself....
I think I will sleep now...


P.S.I am NOT stubborn


dotty_pixie said...

arey..bhooli bisri yaadein..
yar..u toh know na..hamare yahan jo 20 years pehle kaam karta tha..woh abhi bhi karta hai..namely bahadur! hehe..i find it quite cool actualy ki he's been working for us for like sooo long now..
he'z a dude though.
aur tum 2011 mein shaadi karogi??itni der se??nahi nahi ..mujhe sari pehni jaldi karo..
P.S. you are not stubborn( LOL)

!xobile said...


bade din baad duffer wala post maaraa hai
and I agree!1

latika said...

haii.....u reminded me of Amma.....she always told me that my inlaws would be very happy with me;-) !!!!!! i miss her so much!and she always made a separate sabaji for me when she cooked loki/turai etc for the rest of the family!
and btw... u dont die if u taste rin..or hamam ....or even KMnO4 for that matter. ( trust me)

Geeta said...

Arrrrr Ruchi bitiya...tumne mere baare mein post likha :)
kaafi khushi hui.

tum yehi soch rahi hogi naa ki main netizen kaise ban gayee? To kai saal puraani baat hai. Main MIT se Biomed mein phd kar ke india aai thi. Mera plan tha kuchh naya banana. Par US govt ko mujh par shak tha ki I will make Bio weapons. Isliye maine tumhare ghar mein baby sitting kaa job le liya.

Vo madhumakhkhi vali baat (are vahi honey B + long time-------> tiger) hi mera reasearch project that.
I was trying to convert a HB to Tiger.

Guess who?

Raam Pyari said...

niv:*deep sigh*
yess even i remembr them..
bahadur and renu!
i also remembr SR..uska poora naam toh nahi yaad parr!!

x: R D M.

latika: yaar..Latika..even I think ur mum in law will be very happy with you!!
mujhe bhi aisa lagta hai!
woh sahi bolati thi!

EW*deep sigh*
aap apane ko introduce karne ka kashta karenge, plz?

Shriedhar said...

//Till date I prefer buying paanch sau pachpan sabun than RIN.

i can assume ur palms as rough a wicket keeper in cricket.

try using some good quality wallah saboon baby :))

Sayesha said...

What an adorable post! :)

mw said...

shriedhar 555 ke khilaffffffffff mein kutch nahi sunn sakti!!!
I am the brand ambasadr fr 555!!!!
inna bhi u dunt know:O:O:O

sayehsa: :) ur latest one is terrinly adorable as well:D

mw said...

shriedhar 555 ke khilaffffffffff mein kutch nahi sunn sakti!!!
I am the brand ambasadr fr 555!!!!
inna bhi u dunt know:O:O:O

sayehsa: :) ur latest one is terrinly adorable as well:D

Shreyansh said...

I have used this word for the two other blogs a few minutes ago.
I cant help using it here again .... A refreshing post!!

Shekhar said...

Ah..the debate arises again, do we believe 'em palmists/astrologers?

My reply..if the fellow tells me that I'm gonna be a multi-billionaire by the age of 50, have cars the size of football fields and go scuba diving in mountains of money (ala Uncle Scrooge, remember?), of course I'll believe him !! :D

Shekhar said...

And well guess what??

I'm gonna continue blogging. :)

pandora said...

=)) =))

555! cheers for 555 :)))))))))

oye tusi bhi bilkul hamare types ho. :P:P

chotu singh? :D

Sumit Tada said...

Oye,me posted on reservations.....chk karring and telling what do u think........

Sumit Tada said...

Wah itni fast service!! But i cant c any comments as yet :(

Raam Pyari said...

shreyansh: heheh..i saw, i saw..abhiz and sayehsaz:D

shekhar: wah! wah! tumne toh gud news di:P:P:P
*does a mini jig in honour of shekhar's return to blogger*

chotu singh: tu meri twin toh nahi???!!!
jaldi bol!!!
kya tujhe bhi panch sau pachpan sabun pasan hai???
jaldi bol!
*nervously bite her fingers!!!*

sumit!: yupp , here i go tu ur blog!

Sumit Tada said...

// my comment is bigger than ur post
iska kya matlab??
Actually, after commenting on ur blog, I chkd my Statcounter,and it showed that u hv already visited my blog......aur tab tak there was no comment,so..........

ruchi said...

iska matbal yeh ki meine inna wadda comment chodd diya hai tumhare bog par ki there is danger of my comment being bigger than ur actual popst

Sumit Tada said...

Arey sacchi yaar, I know why people like us dont vote lekin thats the only reason for such decesions....its like recursion in programming....getting worse and worse......
Aur haan definately such things will create hatred in ppl for SC/ST/OBC but kya fayda??
Either change the system...
Or leave the system...
Or learn to live within it....
Its a pity we cant do the first one and ppl like me and you will definitly prefer to go for the second one rather than the third one........let them complain about brain-drain, they deserve it!!
BTW, today the first news in local newspaper was "20,000 people in Chandigarh have licenced weapons"....hope its not the case in your city!!

Sumit Tada said...

How come you are still using Win98 and MS-IE?? Brand loyality or something else??

Aj said...

Hahaaa.. nice post.

I perfectly believe you are ! Stubborn
[where ! is the NOT operator of boolean algebra :) ]

Chalo leaving now. just posted about my wonderful trip to home


Raam Pyari said...

sumit: haan yaar..i knw all this is so pathetic yaar:(
bt I am nt gonna think much about.But yess..i think I shall vote this time.I so def. will.

98...arre yaar...lambi kahani hai....max dukh bhari kahani bhi ab shayd when I have some more time toh kutch bhala hi karoongi mein..:D

:aj: kahan the inne din???:O:O
inne dinoh baad aaye hai janab:D
nahi chalega nahi chalega!!!!

Rebellion said...


That was another verrrrry cute post Ruchi.. Dam sweet :)
Aap to seedha dil se likhte ho yaar :D
Love reading ur posts!
Got many to catch up with in your archives...

Keep writing,
Take care,

PS: Your NOT stubborn, right, i agree.. even am not :P

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