Thursday, April 20, 2006

20th April, 2006
*clears her throat*

Now, there is one problem with me.If a project has to be submitted then I usually begin the important work a day before, presuming that everything will obviously go according to plan.
So, tomm we have to submit our project(It is rubbish, btw) so today, the hard disk of the PC we use collapsed, then after behaving like 3 mad women when the three of us redid the ENTIRE project in 4 hrs flat, the light went off.With the CD inside the PC.
Then the back up floppies simply refused to open in any other PC....and then nothing would open anywhere.Simple as that!!!So now, lets see what happens tomm!!!
In case I am kicked out of college kal, toh plz plz plz bear with someone who tried real hard to get her Btech degree but failed miserably cuz of PCz and the State Electricity Board which refused to co-operate.

Anywayz, the ticherr concerned gave us a fantastic treat today!!
she took the enire class to a mall and treated all of us there!Imagine 40 of uss!!!

The mall...

It was a considerable amount of funn. A friend and I spent a considerable amount of time roaming in the mall discussing the apocraphyl 'true love'.
The friend and I also spent a considerable amount of time on the escalator.
yess!!! You heard it right!!!I went upp ,using the escalator and then came down using another escalator!!!then went upp again and came down again!!!!!then upp again and down again!!!!!
yess, I did it!!!
But before this happend my friend had to sit me down and clear the nebulous and hazy concepts I had of the art of stepping onto and from an escalator.And then I had to give a small quiz followed by a small practical exam, then many big ones and finally the major Exam!!
And I passed *wipes off tears of absolute , unbriddled joy*

Maaaaaa, mai passs ho gayi !!!!

Big bazaar fascinates me.It really does when I see people come out of it with bags the size of a not so mini Sumo wrestler.Today , for the first time I went inside one.
came out with a bag as well. *sad,dejected luk*

I know i know....I should not have done that...but...but a pair of pink and white slippers with cute flowers and cuter hearts and an even cuter teddy literally called out to me from amidst a pile of similar but not half as pretty did, you know, I could hear it speak to me...oohhh and its got this terribly cute flower on the strap as well!!!
Its lovely, its lovely....

It was for Rs 99, and yet I instinctively wanted to bargain! I mean its such a habit now...but I am yet to acquire the brilliant bargaining skills my mother has.

ma: yeh kinne ka ?
shopkeeper(SK) :300 kah, madummm!
ma(who happens to have begun her days shopping from this shop only): arre!!!! inna mehenga...pass wala 200 ka deh raha hai.
SK: ohh, okok...arre madumm, yeh lijiye aap kkya yaad rakhengi, 15 rupaye ka leh lijiye.

me: yeh kinne ka ?
shopkeeper(SK) :300 kah, madummm!
me: arre!!!! inna mehenga...pass wala 200 ka deh raha hai.
shopkeeper:toh usi se leh lijiye.

*hurt luk*

ma: yeh kinne ka ?
shopkeeper(SK) :300 kah, madum!
ma(who happens to have never been to the shop before) :arre bhai sahab, mein aapke yahan se 5 saal se saman le rahi hoon, poorane customers ke liye toh daam kum karte hi hain naa??
SK: arre!! jee haan!!! zaroor...madumm, aap 50 rupaye deh dijiye.

me: yeh kinne ka ?
shopkeeper(SK) :300 kah, madum!
me:arre bhai sahab, mein aapke yahan se 5 saal se saman le rahi hoon, poorane customers ke liye toh daam kum karte hi hain naa??
SK: *smirks* achcha???? *points to the board which reads..'established, Jan 2006' *

Some times it is difficult to get the hang of something tricky and extremely complicated..but just as I mastered the esoteric art of stepping on an escalator today ..someday I shall be THE greatest bargainer on this planet.
I just need someone who would clear my concepts.

Love ,
Raam Pyari.


latika said...

hi raam pyari..... had a gud time na !!! i told u !!!
i c u've put up somebody's pic on ur blog.....bravo !
and i c the lipgloss too...he he !
u know i too use that 'purane customers ko to discount dena chahiye' line so very often.. but i guess the ever so chalu shopkeepers have become more chalu now
neway that site i was talking about is
listen to.... 1.Control myself.....LL Cool j featuring JLo
2. Hips don't lie.....Shakira
3. stickwidu...... pussycat dolls ( i know i know!!! what a name.)
infact all the other latest songs too r there!

Shriedhar said...

pray for u again to get u smone who clears ur conceptional doubts :))

dotty_pixie said...

hello hello
as always, i shal be very very proud u have learnt to step onto the escalator..*pat on the back*
hehe..and i liked the bargaining bit,waise seriosly,bargaining is an art..there should be some 3year course for it..!more often than not,i end up falling on my face.
hey i like the white top ur wearing..very summery!and the chappalz sound so nice..sigh...wishing for summer..:)

Sumit Tada said...

I never trust floppies!!! and even if the light goes off and ur CD is inside,you can still take it out....theres one small hole in front of CD drive just near to the headfone jack,put some pin etc. which is thin enuf to go inside but not too sharp....though it seems a bit dangerous when doing first time.but this method is approved by the CD drive companies and they have made this feature for such emergency cases only...
The mall looks nice and similar to the only one that we have in chandigarh but the date of ur cam is toooo old!!!!
And finally u have unveiled the great person behind this blog..........u are looking great,but no comments on the liploss or ear-rings or top or slippers......not my cuppa tea!!

Sumit Tada said...

Aur haan it took me 2 minutes to realize that the person standing next to u is wearing normal white-blue first instance i thot its something like aluminum foil or any other sivery mettalic one..that used by ppl when they go to chemical and biologiclly hazardous places!!!Sachchi!!

Priyank said...

arri Raam pyaari!
e mall ki hota hai? tumhare gaon mei mall hai?
tum shahar gayee thi kya?

amyth said...

hmmm.. i get to c raam pyari :)

and congrats on the great victory over those mean green killing machines...the escalators :)

Sayesha said...

Ram Ram! Raam Pyari! Yeh kya shahek ki chhokriyon ke type ke kapde pehen liye???? Bigad gayi tu hai raam! Abhi mausi ko likhti hoon chitthhi, aa jayegi bail-gadi lekar tujhe waapas gaaon le jaane ko! :/

ps: :D

!xobile said...

X-( Bargaining is bad!!!
But escalators are goooood!!
ab to treat banti hai!!!
treat treat treat!!

Sayesha said...

Arre photu kahan gaya bahin??

pandora said...


badu singh is very phunnnyyyyyyyy


waise..bargaining hame bhi seekhni hogi! :((((

Priyank said...

RaamP Check this out
some thing

Ankit said...

So true..
I m sure if u will send my mom to pak she will bargain a way out of the kashmir issue. I wish i had skills like her.

ranjan said...

Haha :),

Jhansi ki rani :P, bola tha yeh pic lagana aapke bas ki baat nahin hai :)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Waah Waah
Ram piyari, mall mein toh teri nikal padi. 99 Rs ka sleeper kharida tune wow. yeh toh mere mahine ki kamai hai.

Main bhi escallator pe joy ride karke aaya. Itna ride kiya ki watchman ne danda marke bhaga diya.

Bahut maja aaya aapke balag par. Bahut achcha likha hai.

Raam Pyari said...

latika: oyee!!!
mujhe yaad nahi aa raha ..yeh lip gloss kisane diya tha mujhe???
do u remebr anything???

*puzzled luk*

shriedhar: thankyou, shriedhar.
*grateful luk*

niv: wishing for summer???????????
wishing for winter here yaar...
*deep sigh*
and am glad you like my top:D

sumit ab tumne bola toh i noticed the guy next to me!!!
really even i cud nt unedrsant ki woh kya hai!!!!!
talk about dressing sense?

priyank: heheheh..naah naah, toh humar judwa bahiniya hai....wohi yeh sab sharhi logon ke tarah kaam karti hai.
raam raam

amyth:yess u do get to see her:)
ab no darr escalators kaa!!!

sayesa bahin: *scared luk*
arre bahin!!! amma ko chitti na likha!!!
aagey se aisi galati naa karenhe..
maafi maafi...
bahin ho akhir tum humaar...amma belan se marengi,...aisa naa karoh..chitti mat likho, bahin!

*pleading luk*

x: harr cheez parr treat mani????
sudhar jaa!!
achcha okay!!
teri treat pakki!!!!!

sayesa bahin chapalwa ki lagah di, bahin!

chotu singh aarrre koi nahi!!!
tussi chotu singh ho!
badu singh kabb kaam aayenge????
mein sikhangi tujhe bargainging.
*determined luk*

priyank: THANKYOU!!!!!!

ankit: hheehhehe
I think thats a great idea!!!
mummies ki team bana karr bhej dena chahiye!!
infact brilliant idea!!!

arre mein maxxx brave types hoon!!!
maxx maxxxxx!!!

abhishek: wah waah!!
yeh jaan karr ki aapko mazaa aaya, humkoh bhi maxx mazaa aaya..
aap aatey rahiyega:)

Rebellion said...

Raam Pyari behen...

Tusi to bada changa likhde ho :D

Loved the bargaining part.. lol :)

Keep writing,
Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

arre aarti bahin!!!!!!!!
bhelcumm bhelcummm!!!!!
aayiye, baithiye..khana kha karr hi jayega

Rebellion said...


Us lovely bhelcumm ke liye to Thanku hai ji :D

Khane mein kya hai??? :P:P


Thanks for visiting my space & signing my guestbook.. Glad you liked it :)

Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

daal bhaat pyaaj aur aam ka achaar.

Rebellion said...

Yummmmm.. *slurp*

Kya yaar.. ek hafta late ho gayi.. abhi bhi kuch bacha hai khaane mein?
Mujhe bhooooook lag rahi hai :(
Its past 3 in the night and mujhe bohot bhook lag rahi hai and your foodie talks :(
heheh :p

Take care,