Friday, April 07, 2006


I had two midsems today.
When the teacher concerned wrote the questions on the board during the Organistaional Behavior test, I realised that I had forgotten to study one chapter.
As in like I simply forgot.

I wrote loads of globe.If nothing else, I def am getting marks for creative writting.There were times when I got so carried away with the creative aspect of the whole thing that I became positively poetic..started using long words...then started using words that rhymed...
Ahem again.

I am reading a book called'To kill a mocking bird' and I love it!!!It has a brother and sister duo and at one point of time the sister says,"After all , Jem is all I have"
I was sitting in the public, nagar bus, a huge aunti sitting next to me in a bright pink saree, more interested in what I was doing than in her child who was trying to get himself killed.And believe you me my eyes welled up with tears when I read this one line.Like can you cry reading ANYTHING in a hot summer afternoon surrounded with pot bellied conductors who dont really luk at your hand when you offer them the money!???
I can!!!
I mean , like thats sooooo ewwwkkkksssss!!!!!!

I felt like murdering every OBC/SC/ST student in my class today!One of the not so good academically but reserved category friends of mine has started preparation for CAT.She started her preparation yesterday.Till day before yesterday she used to tell me how difficult CAT is.
"I think I can make it to IIM", she said today.
Aaah, I sure think you can, darlin!
Aaah, I sure dun mind blood on my hands, darlin*sweet smile*

I took a break from padhai today.
I was a gooooddd gurl ,I helped Ma in the kitchen today...and I read and slept in the afternoon.
I then went on to watch TV.
I watched the likes of 'kasam se'followed by 'dharam se'followed by 'sharam se'...err..actually I did not bother to figure out the names of most serilas I sw today.What fascinated me was that the 'bahus' of these tele soaps, wear off shoulder blouses with heavily embroidered sarees for a normal family dinner.
A kanjeevaram saree and a 'mangal sutra' that reaches your knees are essentials while boiling milk in the kitchen.
The wife might be wearing something more grand than what I will ever wear, but when she has to go out with hubby dear,she will say" mein abhi taiyyar ho karr aatin hoon"


You know, amongst other things ( including pressure cookers and speeding cars) the one thing I am really scared of using is ...
(I knowyou are smiling!..wipe that grin off your face!! Immediately!!!)
I am soooo scared of it!!But I used one twice yesterday. *brave look*.Two times.
Once to go up and the other time to come down!
bolo bachchon.....sabse bahadurr kaun????
bolo bolo???
jaldi bolo???!!!

Okay its 11:35 now...and my bhai just returned from a late night movie show..He is leaving tomm so, he needs the PC now to burn some CDZ or something..I could have written a couple of ten thousand GB more ..but alas.

(Wah! wah!)

P.S. wah kya baat hai!!!okay and yeah plz go here
the anchor tags works!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!*suddenly* Am I a genius????
I can make the anchor tag work!!! I have to be nothing less thana genius!!
aahh.Moon G. Walker.
Moon Genius Walker.


dotty_pixie said...

yes i was smiling..lekin i'm very very glad u wer brave and actualy went up and down..oooh! *encouraging smile*

also,whenevr i need a serious break..i just chil out watchin saas bahu serials,they're better than any comedy EVER!they're jus too chheesy..hehe:)

chalo then,bye for now!

Sumit Tada said...

Finally you are in good mood again (excpt that reservation part)
Mere mid sems monday se hain and I am also feeling similar to what you had written in last few posts
Lekin mere saath to hamesha yeh hota hai exams se pahle hi main sochne lagta hoon unke baad kya-kya lemme think what all i will do on thursday evening!!

Shekhar said...

Oye MGW..kaisi ho? :)) Me home in Calcutta...Balle Balle !!

latika said...

after that chat with u yesterday... i think u were in a much better mood while writing this post!!!!! good for u :-)
and so do these saas bahu serials... big time!

mw said...

niv: haan...see, i wz soooooooooo brave!!!
I am now going to apply fr the national bravery award fr 2006-7..
i knw i deserve it!
i so knw i deserve it!!!

sumit: hehehe..i used to dothe same..but ab i dunt plan abt wat i'll do after the exams..pata nahi kyuun...
aaj se axams hai!!
ATB rahega..
I have anudr minor too...but woh farjee types hai!!!

shekhar: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
me gud hoying!!!!!!
tum kaise hoying???
bolo bolo bolo!!!

latika: hmmmm..yaar abhi bhi I have faith in MMS...ok gosh!!!
i mean MM singh!
yaar...dekho kay hota hai..we cn only hope fr the best!!!
Will give you a call tuday!