Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yeh meri galati nahi ki I end up ritng stuff I did not intend to write X(
It has been a longg day for me....there is so much of work to do these days..there is alwyas something more ot be done..but heyy I am not complaining.I am happiest when neck deep in work.
I had another of those wretched Midsems today.Computer Networks.And even though I had not prepared the subject(the course was VAST) I just did not feel like studying yesterday..I mean ..I mean I dont know what I mean! I got up today at 4:30 on the morning, thoroughly scadalized by my careless behaviour!!!!
Studied non stop till 1:30....and by this time the entire course had been revised twice.
Done and dusted.
I felt sooooo nice about it.Then wrote the test from 2:15 to 3:15...Was amongst the last people to submit the answer script.Infact I submitted my script only when the ticherr threatened to leave class without the answer script of the 'lady sitting in the back row'.
She knows my name, age , date of birth, time of birth types...but she was acting oohh--soo--angrez types!!
I just finished 'To kill a mocking bird'. Its a nice book and it is after such a longggggg time that I have come across a book I really really really liked.
This is so totally the kind of book I like...sans any sleaze, sans and of those'my hubby is having an affair with his secretary' type of rubbish.
I began Mein Kamph a few days ago...infact I re-began( allow me to coin this word)Mein-Kamph...I had started rading it sme time back but somehow the book failed to make me want to continue reading it....but I think I shud give it another try...I should...the next book I will be reading is going to 'Indira' by Katherine Frank.

You know there is this book called 'Catch-22' by some Heller guy.Now this is 'supposed' to be good. I have tried reading it atleast 7-8 times and never have I been able to read beyond the first 70 odd pages.

Did I ever tell you guys about my book collection???
no??? :O :O :O
Okay..I have a collection of approximately 200 books at, no not those padhai likhai waala books, novels...fiction, philosophy and suchlike.Infact there is this one tiny room thats got books lined all along the walls....Its my own teeny-weeny chotu sa library.

My brother left for his colg a few days back.And for the record I must add that I was very brave this time.I cried very little. I tried to not cry at all and all that but you know naa..when he mum and dad go to the station to see him off .I never do that.So me and bhai say our good-byes at the gate only...and in those last few minutes as dad backs the eyes just keep looking at him, trying to drink in everything....trying to memorize his face..he has the naughtiest smile on this planet..but he smiles that half kind, half sad, half amused smile of his when he is about to leave....You know how thousands of words are exchanged without a single word being exchanged.Most of the times I just stand at the gate , smiling and waving, trying not to cry....though we don't say anything...but I knw he knows that I hate seeing him go.You know how funny it those few minutes evrything is forgiven .Everything.
All that pulling of hair, all those-moti didi chants( I am btw 47 kgs!!!), all that pretending to be a detective and wearing gogs so that I would not recognise him,all those loong drives,him finally buying whatever I pick for him at the mall...aah nevah know when you are making one:)
Sometimes I feel so lonely without bhai...the biggest things sound so trivial as I pour my silly troubles to him.You know, when I get too frustu about things I cannot share with most people I share them with bhai. And his answer is almost always the same.
A very serious and very filmi tone mein bola hua-"Mein hoon naa..abhi aaonga toh sab theek ho jayega".
I start giggling when ever he says that.He says it inna funny way mein, but at the same time I feel oddly relieved.I start believeing that things will be allright when he comes....they almost always do also:)

arre mein toh senti ho gayi!!!
Why can I never write what I intend to write??
why?why?why? milarrrd???why!!!
yeh kannon kyuun andha hain!!! milaard?!!! kyunnn!!!

okay thats me going crazy again.time for me to say buhbye.

Buybye and if I do not get thru CAT this year I shall be starting my own business.
MoonWalker Jaaliya OBC certificate printing press.
Ek nakali certificate kharidye aur ek free payiye.
Arre jaldi kihiye bhai sahab, kahin mauka haath se nikal na jaaye!!

P.S.I think I can arrange for a revolver.Can anyone tell me what time a particular Mr.A. Singh goes for his morning walk?


Priyank said...

Couldn't resist to write comment on the the post by "the lady with 22 comments in the last post"
This was really nice post....senti types. I wish, kaash I had a sister like you!

amit said...

200 kitabein.... ghar hai ki library hain..... aur certificate ke upar to maine apne latest post ke baare mein bahut likh diya... so dont want to write over it again :)

Shreyansh said...

I have the same problem with Catch 22. :P

But hey 200 books...phew!!
That is one highly enviable collection.

!xobile said...

:O 200 books!
kinni jackie hai tu!!!!!!!!!!!!

aur RDM bhi

Sumit Tada said...

Mein kamph to maine bhi thodi si padhi thi,papa kahin se uska hindi version le aaye the and I was in train....20-30 page to theek they uske baad to saara same-same hi thaa, jews are this jews are that etc.etc. though I have serious doubts about guy who translated it, but still.........
200 books!! Mere ghar mein to itni jagah hi nai hai!! Thats why I read PDFs on PC, currently reading World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.....but I think usne sapne mein bhi nai socha hoga ki Indian leaders can make such weird rules!! Imagine, he says India is the world's luckiest country in recent times!!

Anonymous said...

priyank: EWis youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!
mujhe laga tha , pata nahi kuan hai

amit: :O :O: O
inne dinoh baaddddddddd
kahan the???
*stern luk*

x: *sings* mein jackie toh nahiiiiiiiii,
magar,e mani..

sumit: arre yaar..yeh tum e- books ki baat kare ho kya???
kaise milenge plz batao!!

Raam Pyari said...

as usual!!!
as usual
*deep, deep sigh!!*
I am blind or something.....


shreyansh: sorry rahega...i missed ur comment abhi....
this screen is just soo bloated rite nw and scroll karne mein miss sa ho gaya:D
maafi deh dena sarkarrr....

my collection( i mean nt exactly my,Dad aur mera donoh ka hai) is nt very update, in hardly any of those latest ones.....
I need more pirated books ki shops around yaar...
piracy rules!!!

dotty_pixie said...
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dotty_pixie said...

hey i like the idea of the OBC certificate shop..I wana be a partner too..we cn become millionaires...hahaha..(evil laff)
lekin itni jaldi ek ke saath ek free mat do..!abhi toh hi demand rahegi na

ruchi said...

okay okay...
thanks fr the advice yaarr...thankooo

Rebellion said...

That was a great post Ruchi :)

A perfect blend of many emotions :)

//"You know how thousands of words are exchanged without a single word being exchanged"

//" nevah know when you are making one:)"
Excellently Expressed!!

And you ended sooooo sweetly in a funny note :)

Loved reading your post over & over again :D

Take care dear,
Aarti.. dost :D