Tuesday, April 25, 2006

whats going on??

I am becoming mujeekally inclined!!!!!!Did you see that!!!!!!!

This is again going to be a 15 minute post..I have to start padhai at 8:30..I thought I'll blog as the next few days are going to be a bit hectic *pause * again
I mite have to host a computer gaming fest to be organised in college and for that an entire team has to be made.This will take a considerable amount of time and energy.Apart from that, my gareeb university has decided to finally bestow on me something that they have decided to call a scholarship.Now an account has to be opened in the college bank for that And this calls for a couple of thousand sighs!
Any of you who has gotten work done (or tried to get work done) in a government college shall know the reason.There is so much of crap involved that I am wondering if I should let the silly 'scholarship' be!

With due respect to the honourable and venerable BTech degree, I find myself giving less and less time to the equally honourable and venerable pursuit of getting 80+% this sem. But there is a problem.I hate not doing well!!! Simple as that.I really need to work on that, you know...aise kaam nahi chalega.My end sems begin on the 16th of next month and the companies for campus placement shall start poring in soon after...so well...loads of work to be done and things to be completed....

ohho..okay okay..enough of my dukh bhari kahani...

What apart from that then??? ahem
good question.
lets see....

*I ate Pringles, but since there was no one to share them with, maza nahi aaya:(

*Met a dear dear friend and I hope that we remain good friends no matter what.I hope Friend agrees as well;)

*Had a 'dharti phat jaaye aur mein chupp jaaon' moment when mum casually mentioned to Friend that as a little girl I had decided to commit suicide cuz i had done badly in a maths test. ( see, i say naaa, quant meri jaan le karr hi rahega;P )

*As Friend was leaving I offerd to run, melodramatically, after the car.Friend politely but firmly refused.

*and yessss...loved the chotu si story Friend told me about Aurangzeb.

*Apart from this, another friend has given me homework which I have not completed as of now.And this frieNd means business.I will read the book ASAP!!!Monk jee jinhone apani ferrari bech di, mein aa rahi hoon... *dramatic luk*

*Anuther blogger friend sent me links to Wodehouse books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but..I cant open the links..what could be wrong, any idea?

*Its raining books for me right now and I couldnt be happier!!I am reading INDIRA, at the moment and it is so totally fascinating.Imagine being 19,frail and thin , in switzerland, alone while your mother slowly decayed.Imagine growing up without hardly ever seeing your father.Imagine loosing ur mother at 19.imagine your father having an affair soon after.
Imagine the destiny that awaited her.
Its the first biography that I am reading and I am hooked!!!!!

Its almost nine now!
gotta go...
adios amigos..
Raam pyari.


!xobile said...

ahh! tere kinne saare good frnds hain
(hw dene waale bhi wah wah!)

aMyth! said...

ditto to the above comment..
u have so many good friends...and a Friend too :)

niv said...

ummm...im lost for commentz..pata nahi kyoon.
main kya comment karoon?

niv said...

i mean i wasnt in comment mode..not that ur post wasnt good..hehe
just preventin misunderstandin

pandora said...

:O..raam pyaari..kitabe bhi padti hai? aaye haye..modern raam pyaari hai..kon kehta hi gawaara hai...:P:P

u have this habit of reading? mere se kyun nahi hota??? :(((

Raam Pyari said...

x: hw dene waale ke liye wah waah!!!

amyth: :)
I hopefully have friends who are true friends( gosh my english is dead, but I hope you understand!!!)

no misuiderstaning!:D
kya yaar...kahan se misunderstanding hoti??

chotu singh: haan yaar buks aur mera janam, janam ka saath hai...tu koi aisi bk utha jo tere type ki ho...
like agar phunny stuff pasand toh waise dhoondh, romantic to waise, iss tarah se..raed karr, chotu singh...maxxx achchi+maxxx important adat hai re!!

Alok Singh said...

raam pyari
gud name in this kalyug
u might be pyari as i searched ur blog
just wanna ask why raam not ram
alok singh

ranjan said...

Wow :), friends and all..kuchh toh gadbad hai...naam toh batao hum logon Koh :D ?

And juss saw 10 kms out of Varanasi.. "Ram Pyaari Memorial High School" :D, sachhhiii !

Raam Pyari said...

alok: arrree!!!
ekta kapoor!!!
wat else!!!

p.s welcummmm!!

ranjan:koi nahi ko nahi!!!
koi gadbadd nahi!!
aap chintah naa karein.
yahan sab kushal mangal hai.
raam raam.

Lotus Reads said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up on the "Indira" biography. Who is the author? I have "Mira and the Mahatma" by Sudhir Kakkar - can't wait to sink my teeth into that one!