Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dear India,

In retrospect I realize that I loved you with all my heart.I think if I were born at the time when you needed me to free you, I would have gladly risen to the occasion, no matter what was demanded of me.But as you can see, I am using the past tense.
There are some people who decide policies the rest of us living here have to follow.Academics has been very important to me all my life.I have slogged as much as I cud ,been as honest as I could be and shall remain so as well. There is a particular Mr.Singh who has suggested 49.5% reservation for the OBCs +the SC/STs in many institutes that impart top class education....being the ultra emotional fool that I am, I am again looking at the entire situation emotionally.
I feel extremely let down by my own country.The politicians at the helm including Dr Singh, A.P.J Kalam, P.chidambaram are some of the most educated people we have ever had.And not one of them has said a word.


I don't wish to be part of something where such rubbish things happen so easily.Today I saw hundreds of doctors agitating against this move.The police lathi charged a few of them, used tear gas, maybe in some time a few of us students will set ourselves afire..but I know none of it will affect these politicians.

Cannot they think beyond votes????Cannot they think reason???Is everyone so power hungry??Is power so intoxicating?

What if one of those agitating today was Arjun singh's son.Would he still maintain the same silence he has over the issue??

The BJP too has nothing to say other than questioning the timing of the announcement.
Get an SC/ST doctor to deal with Pramod Mahajan!!!!!!!
No they won't!
why?? Cuz they need expertise!they need people with skills not someone who is a particular caste

I am feeling extremely disillusioned. Earlier when I would read/hear that ur GDP is improving or the markets are doing good or that companies from round the globe are flocking to the Indian shores, I would feel a certain amount of pride.You are mine, I would say to myself.
But now, none of it happens.The Sensex crosses 1200 and I say to myself,"what the hell...these people are taking us to the dogs, isase kya hoga".
I do not connect with you anymore.
I do not feel that I am part of you.
I hate feeling this way.I hate it.

For the first time in my life I am seriously contemplating going away from you.I dont want to belong to a place where everything is so unfair, where anyone will do anything to get power, stay in power.

I hate injustice and this is just so unfair.

I am reading about ur history, India, about those thousands of people who gave their lives to free you....their efforts have been so futile...

I read about corrupt officials, I read about girls being raped every other day, I see scams happening, I see corruption, corruption, corruption.Everywhere!!!I see you doomed.
I hate reading the newspaper solely because what some of us are doing to you.I hate flipping through the news channels because it annihilates any iota of hope I have for you.For us.
THings that happen around me have now started affecting me.I cannot remain indifferent simply because you are, after all my very own.
I know I cannot do much.So, like a coward ,I choose to hate you. I wish I could go to these people and beg them to please see sense , to plz not gnaw at my country in this manner, to please not rob her of all that is good.

I wish I had the power to do something.I have people around me who fought against a lot of this but threats from well known gundaz promising to abduct female family members have forced them to lead quieter lives.

Maybe I am too idealistic.Maybe.
Maybe I am too emotional.Maybe.
Maybe I am both.

But I want to love you.....but I find it becoming increasingly difficult.I know it does not matter to ANYONE whether I love you or no.But it matters to me.And before I live with anyone else, I have to live with myself.

I do not understand why I am directing my anger at you.I do not know.But it breaks my heart to see what is happening.
Maybe, because no matter how 'in' it might be to sing praises of other countries, I remain deeply attached to you.

I should not crib.I have no right.Simply because I have never execrcised my right to vote.Ever.
OKay ,I have the option to choose between somone who has raped 20 women and the other who has raped 19 and killed one.But still I should vote.
Maybe then only shall I have the right to crib.
I will vote this time, no matter what and plz if you are reading this and can vote but have not, plz do the same.
India needs us to vote.

okay, I take back something I said not so long ago.I do not hate you.Coz if i did i would not be so passionate about what is happening to you.
BUt I hope the politicians will let me continue liking you.I don't want to hate you.I don't want to leave you.

Yours sincerely,


Lotus Reads said...

Brilliant! I'm a transplanted Indian and so glad to have discovered your blog. You can bet I'll be back for another visit!

kshitij said...

had come hear expecting something but this is too brilliant an expression...speaks so deeply.
this has given words to so many of the concerned lot who aren't eloquent enough.
seriously i feel if this cud b published(even if with holding ur name wud do)... but plz give it a try... mayb wen these lines leap out of the cyber world n into print something might just hit the right cord somewhere...

Abhi said...

Kuch nahi hoga bunty baba . I know as sound as negative as an electron but that's how I feel about this.Nikal le yahan se , kahin bhee ja , chahe bhutan , but india nahi ! :p

Shreyansh said...

Some time back I used to feel as helpless as u r feeling right now.
But since I dont like that feeling, of late I have grown indifferent.
And no need to hate the country, it has already suffered a lot.
It is the people of this country (and that is not just politicians but a lot of common people too),
who manage to breed hatred some or the other way.
Anyways, I dont see any point in cribbing any more.

Though I am still optimistic that things would improve over the years,
right now I feel Abhi's advice is not bad at all.

pandora said...

..and therefore I say politics in India sucks!

//OKay ,I have the option to choose between somone who has raped 20 women and the other who has raped 19 and killed one.But still I should vote.

true. absolutely. :|

Talk of politics....Biharis are the biggest sufferers!..

Alok Singh said...

raam payari dis is extreme jingoism
i really appreciate concern for india
i m ready 4 another
its only we young guns of india can change the system
hats off to your concern
by theway may i know which college do u study

Raam Pyari said...

lotus: thankyou:)
aap transplanted ho toh kya hua, huamrein apane hi ho...
welcummm welcummmm

kshitij sir:yess...i dunno, as I told you, I have NO faith left in our system and am increasingly becoming very cynical....

abhi: oyyyyeee, tum kamaogena abb..plz bhutan ke ek ticket ka(bhutan aitlines ka) economy kilass ka ticket bhejawah doh.

shreyansh: yaar..i dunt want to leave India...i dunt i dunt!!!It will break my heart if I have to...:( :( :( :(
but yaar..aaj oth news bhi nahi dekhi jaa rahi hai...I do not know any of those med students protesting today but I am feeling soo apprehensive lest someone gets hurt...
They are right but they wil suffer also!!!
Arjun Singh koh khud woh sahi lagta hoga??
uska ocnscience usko kya kutch bhi nahi bolata hoga?? Ya usane sunana band karr diya hoga??

I am not going to watch TV for the next few days abb,, its gnawing at my insides too badd.

chotu singh: yaar chotu...yeh maxx sad state hai....
kya boloon mein yaar..I feel so helpless...
but I must say u biharis are the bravest of the lot..innna sab face karte ho yaar tum log..waise humarein yahan bhi drama kutch kamm nahi!

alok:yaar, mein toh khud hi iinni gussa hoon ki pistol mil jaye toh buss..
but as i was talking to a frnd yesterday only..that wud nto be a solution....

raam pyaari aur skullll????
naah re! mein gaon mein rehti hoon, chulha chauka kartii hoon!!!

amyth said...

i havent given it much thought, coz what's happening around and who governs has never made any difference to me. ignorance, is bliss indeed ;)

but yeah, i hate the reservation crap. sometimes, it's fine, but mostly it's for getting the votes. recently when some political leader asked the IT firms to reserve seats for whatever and whoever, I really admired the way the companies hit back. I mean, SC/ST, OBC or uppermost class, why bother? those who deserve it, should get it. simple as that.

niv said...

really well written..*clap clap*
got the message right across

Lotus Reads said...

I hardly ever comment twice on the same post, but thank you for the warm welcome, raam pyari!

Meena said...

Very well written! I was shocked at the announcement as well. I think by doing all these silly things, they are just encouraging people evn more to accept and exploit the caste system. We can never prosper with such narrow mindedness.

ranjan said...

Pretty strong statement :), but u know...koi nahin sunega :(, and to think we elect these fools :((..

Every election day is Indian democracy's fool day i think :(

Anonymous said...

Call it a political game or watever but they re just pushing our beloved country to darkness!We ppl hav no othr option left but to leave our country n go to sum othr place whr our talent is recognised n nurtured & is nt compared to our caste,creed or religion!

This is d sole reason for IMPORTING doctors etc. for operating VIP's!..Be it our ex-PM Shri A.B.Vajapayee,star of d nation Shahrukh khan or Pramod Mahajan,Why cant we just rely on OUR doctors?!!Simple!cz they were selected nt on d basis of thr talents but cz they had an SC/ST certi.!!

If u think voting will solve the purpose,It wont!! or the othr person will "RAJ" n the common ppl will just CRIB!

**The doc imported to treat Mahajan is INDIAN by origin n he has completed his studies in chennai but is serving sum othr nation!!..thr r many othr examples too..lik Hargobind singh khorana who has won the nobel prize for cracking the genetic code is one of thm!!** -Deepa a.k.a Ms.Happening!!

amyth said...

yeah, like ranjan says, every election day is Indian democracy's fool day. i never voted!!!

Raam Pyari said...

amyth:i knw..ignorance indeed is bliss, amit..but then it is MY country we are talking about here.
even though I wish to turn a blind eye to the entire issue i am nt able to.
You are rite reservation is crapppppppp!!!!


lotus: you are more than very welcome here:)

meena: It is sucha retrogade step X(..i mean whats the point of having ppl willing to study soo hard when u cannot even give them a fair chance...
it does not make sense
*shakes her head*

ranjan://Pretty strong statement
i know..but i knkw u knw that i can be this way once in a while;)

//Every election day is Indian democracy's fool day i think

sad but true!
*deep sigh*

creeeeeepppppppaaaa: areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bhellcummmmmmmmmmmm:D
maxxxx swagat hai aapka!!!!!!
chapat ke frnds ke liye welcum hamesha ishpecial hai!!!!
nice to have u here:)

and yess you are right yaar....yeh mera deemag kharab karr raha hai..maxx kharab...i feel so helpless....i feel so concerned abt the protesting ishtudents...
I hope they make sure that they remain safe....

Raam Pyari said...

amyth: yess, ranjan jee is rite indeed...but i feel we need to vote..its cuz u and I do not vote that maybe this happens...our apathy is the cause of this darkness...

i dunno.....i am feeling so low about this all...myb i need to pik myself up but i feel soo totally let down!
*deep sigh!*

sandipan said...

very good post!! i share the same view as yours. the only thing important to these politicians are their position and vote... and these same politicians then start debating about "brain drain". what a joke!!

Raam Pyari said...

sandipan:welcom !!!
i know i so know!!!
dare these ppl even talk about brain drain!!!!!!!!!!

Shekhar said...

Brilliant post !! Loved it. Of course, there are places where I beg to differ, but.. you definitely touched a nerve with what young India feels today.

Hey, did you manage to get the PGW books? If not, send me a mail, I have a couple of them in my Gmail inbox. Will fwd them to you.

India said...

ruchi, I need you.

amyth said...

yeah ruchi, i have been told that many a times, that it's coz we dont vote that these happens. but nobody says that if we vote things would be any better. and i really dont wanna be responsible for having help the b@#$%^&* to power. am ready to vote only when a real hero turns up, to save our country.

too much of fantasy, eh? ;)
btw, what happened to niv's blog? deleted?

Tejas said...

well said

Raam Pyari said...

shekhar:yaar shekharr..mein maxx tense ho karr mann mein joh bhi likhati gayi....
maxx dil se types hai yeh..
hence i ma glad u like it

abhi have sufficinet buks to read, jab aakal padega toh tumhe hum yaad karenge;)

i think i know who hehhehehehehe

amyth:// am ready to vote only when a real hero turns up, to save our country.

yess i can totally understand the sentiment.....
*deep sigh!*

no worry abt nivz blog.
its safe and sound.she'll be bak to blogging in sometime.She is just taking a achotu sa break:D

tejas thankyou tejas.
and welcummmm:)

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