Tuesday, August 08, 2006

So Friday it shall be.

My grandmother shall be operated upon this Friday. They are going to operate her heart.It is one of the most complicated surgeries that can be performed in this day and age. There is some kind of calcification in her aorta (the main artery that comes out of the heart) .The operation would require her to be on a heart and lung machine for six hours and in the I.C.U for 6 days. For three hours neither her heart nor her lungs would work and for the next 6 days we will have to wear funny clothes to just go stand next to her.

My Tauji is a doctor and the (youngest ever) H.O.D of the Neurology Deptt. at the very reputed post graduate Institute where Dadi shall be operated upon. He has not been eating properly for the past many days and the fact that he is tense is very very visible.Tauji shall be inside the O.T when Dadi willl be operated upon.

Apart from that, Tauji is reading up stuff on cardio just so that he has a good idea of what is going to happen.

Medical tests have shown that Dadi( who is actually 80+) has a biological age of 60.This is means that her organs are working very very fine .Her haemoglobin level is at 12 which at age 80 is very surprising and also obviously very good.So, the doctors are saying that she has a 95% chance of pulling through the operation.Dadi can hear the cell ring in the farthest room when even I have to strain my ears. And yesterday she challenged Mom to write 25thousand in Roman numerals and has told me to explain logs to her as she has some doubts .

My Dad and Baba are also both doctors. And as per Baba’s strictest orders the clinic shall NOT remain closed on Friday. Dad will go to the clinic and Tauji will stay at the hospital(which is also where he works)

Even as I type, my Dad is donating blood that will be needed during the operation.

The doctors who shall be operating have been decided upon after considerable deliberation .The operation will be done by one of the youngest and the brighest doctors that they have but at the same time the most experienced cardio surgeon shall be present as well.

The doctors concerned shall not have any engagements for 75 hours after the operation so they will be available in case they are required .

After the inital shock at the unexpected news of the operation we are all okay now.
Today, Dadi has gone for some essential tests, Mummy badi(my Taiji ) made sure she wore a nice new saree today.
Two nights ago, I got extremely anxious about Dadi and paced a dark drawing room for one whole hour at around midnight.The next morning I called up Dadi and told her about how I felt .What she replied has clamed me considerably.

We have, as a family, decided to go in for the operation with a positive attitude.We know that whatever happens will happen for the best.

And I hope and pray to God that when I get married 4-5 years down the line , all four of my grandparents are there to bless me.


Losty said...

Will pray for your grandmother's operation & quick recovery...u tc & keep
smiling :)

satish said...

everything will work out just fine.


and why are you in engineering?? :-s

Shekhar said...

I'm praying. WE'RE praying. *big, positive, heart-warming, sincere smile*

anon said...

best of wishes for your dadi's operation....


Sayesha said...

My best wishes for Dadi's operation.

Anonymous said...

Do not worry dii..the health status of dadiji sounds excellent..it sounds as if "abhi to wo jawaan hain :P"..so,wish her Gudluck n send her to O.T cheerfully!! N dnt u dare to cry in front of her,u silly emotional girl:)!!
And yes! wen u'll marry n hav those 10-20 nanhe munne raam dulaare(heehhe! 4 ke naam to soch liye maine:D),she'll b rt thr massaging them n giving them mughli ghutti 555 :D!
Best wishes!-Creepa!

Rebellion said...

Don't worry bacha, all will be just fine :) Many people to be praying for her and she too, with your other grandparents will be there to look after their great grand daughters too :)

All my best wishes for her and you too :)

God Bless You All,
Take care,

Anonymous said...

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Shreyansh said...

Hey everything will be just fine.
My wishes for your Dadi.

arpz said...

all the best , you are a lucky girl to have the full set of granparents & Im sure it will stay that way .. **prays for ur dadi**

Raam Pyari said...

thank you all:)

thank you so much:)

aMyth said...

umm..i can sense the tension.. have experienced it myself..
everything will be fine..
dont worry..
and may God bless them all.. :)

Anonymous said...

hi ruchi,
obviously u dont know me.. i just happened to stumble across your blog... everything will be fine with ur dadi... and by what u have written she seems to be one positive lady... and trust me that matters... especially at her age...

my prayers and best wishes are with u.... take care of ur dadi ( i lost mine last year... and it still hurts)...

this is rahul @ rporwal@gmail.com

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