Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kutch shilly-ishtupid ho jaye??

Ok, yess I know, I said I know!!!This should be about Girl, but you see, it is 11:30 right now and I do not have any deemag left that can be used to wrire a sensible post which actually has some meaning..so something meaningless it shall be:)

Now, the thing is that there has been loads of haevy stuff on this blog for some time now..toh I thought, it was high time I went back to my dear old rubbish and wrote maxx rubbish to entertain myself.
Now, my mind is blank and I cannot think of a single thing to write!!!

Okay...I have been dying to catch a maxxx istupidd for so long now!!! and the two recent ones that I watched have included Coporate and Omkara!!
I think the Akshay Kumar type of comedy totally rocks! I dunno why ppl go to thetares to catch some serious rona dhona...gosh..I would much rather be falling down my chair laffing over something supremely isshtupd than watch Ajay Devgan stifle Kareena Kapoor to death!

'Ajay Devgan' brings back sad, depressing memories..
My maid's daughter told me recently that I look like Ajay Devgan...that has had a profound effect on my delicate brain.
Will somone pls tell me honestly if I like really really look like Ajay Devgan ?
Well..for starters I do not have a moustache!
neither does Ajay !

Anyways...there is this girl in my batch at TIME, who like puts on 10 kilos of makeup for a stupid EU class..
When she is about to enter class the guys start leaning forward to catch a glimpse of the golden haired goddess ..the girls..they exchange glances as they keep a close eye on their respective Bfz...

I dunno...even when I am like totally dressed..rearing to go types..I generally go in for a tiny si bindi (in case I wear an indian dress) , some kajal and a little gloss..thats it..
When i dress up properly ppl get shocked.
I receive compliments like" aaj toh sundar lag rahi ho!I simply could not recognise you"

yeah! yeah! right right !!

what a compliment!

dadi is okay.
Do I look like AD???


Shekhar said...


Great to know that Dadi is doing fine. :))

As for girls who use make-up for such everyday events...."get a life !!!"

Adarsh said...

No....U don't look like AD....He doesn't look crazy...ha ha ha ha ha

(U may well look like AD whom I had mentioned in my post abt dost-wost n all tht)

Dadi ko hello bol dena.... :)

Anonymous said...

hey rahul here... glad to know that ur dadi is fine...

hey by the way ... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY... no mention of that in ur post... bhool gayi ho kya?

Anupam said...

Ramm pyari suna hai ye naam kahi,oh in the movie made by myself when i was in class 6! Anyway nice dais to lay down, i mean ur blog,funny,and readable too!

Raam Pyari said...

Ms golden hair goddess, needs a life!

@adarsh--pulling moi leg???
sudhar jaiyye aap, janab!

@rahul-HAPPY INDEPENDENCE Day to you too!!:)
haan iss barr kisi koh offline/msg bhi nahi kiya..too bugged with other things this time around!

I hope u have a nice time here!

Sayesha said...

You look like Ajay Devgan??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ajju yeh sunkar khushi se bhangra karega! :D

Golmaal dekh le... bahut sara brainless fun hai. I toh loved it! :D

Rebellion said...

LOL Ruchi,

Ajay Devgan?? Yaar, koi cute, Shahid Kapoor type hero ya Amrita Rao type gal kehti to theek hai but AD??? LOL @ Sayesha's comment, that was so cute.. Ajju yeh sunkar khushi se bhangra karega!! hehehe :)

And your post bacha, as usual, cute as ever :D

Now time to give us an update.. Hows your dadi? "ok" se kaam nahi chalega okay! And also waiting for the story update :)

Take care,

ranjan said...
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Anonymous said...

ey grrl :),

U will always be beautiful each step of the way you choose to tread :)..

*U can almost guess who I am, but for controversy purposes, I would rather stay annonymous, correct :) ?*

btw, what about the "vibes" now :P ?

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..naah! u do not look like ajay devgan!May b she wanted to say ki u re good at acting :D..u silly melodrama queen :P!!
And 'Simplicity is the best policy' is my funda!! :)
Wishing a very speedy recovery to dadiji!:)!-Creepa!!

niv said...

hey..listen..would you please reply to some comment of mine? becoz i have no other way of contacting you..my msngr isnt working and i dont see any point in mailing u since u dont chek ur mail.

i have no clue if ur pissed or not but nuthing is really within my control here.

ranjan said...

Between "AD" and "RM", u can have the whole DRAMA thing, u knww :), suits u !

Raam Pyari said...

ajju ka bhangra!!!! aare bahin..CD waley ki Gangster 3 mahine se padi hui hai..uske pass jaongi toh pehle mujhe maut ke ghat utarega firr koi nayi CD dega

@aarti di---hawww..nayi post bhi likh di but dadi ke baare mein kutch nahi likha..Dadi is doing good now, hota yeh hai ki dadi ke baare mein din bhar inna ho jata hai ki jab online aati hu toh dadi se break le leti hu!

@anon--:) tum bhi naa!

@creepu beti--theek hai re..teri wishes bhi dadi tak pahuncha dungi!
and yaar tereko maine inna wadda sa offline bheja tha..tere creative riting comptt jitane ke liye...tujhe nahi mila kya??koi reply nahi kiya , beti tune.

@niv---naaahhh jee
not pissed off at you yaar!!
abb tumse bhi ladane lagi fir mera hoga kya!!!!
anywayz..happy project work karring...:)
cuz i know that even as i type thats wat u r doing!

main drama queen???!!!!!
mein toh seedhi saadhi bachchi hu, jee!!!
yeh kaisa ilzaaamz!!

Anonymous said...

haww..mujhe nahi mila aapka amulya offline:(( :((!!-Creepa!