Saturday, August 26, 2006

wohhkayyy more rona dhona,
Atleast for the moment.
ha ha ha ha

Okay...I shall cut the crap..anywayz...gave a mock SNAP and the centre incharge spent a good 15 minutes trying to convince me that with the kind of percentiles I am getting right now, if all goes well, I have a good chance of getting some calls.
Ha ha ha!
I spent the next 15 minutes trying to convince him that unless some miracle happens, I shall be another one amongst the millions of thoroughly exploited s/w enggs one hears about , spending days and nights coding crap.

I hope he is right and I am wrong!

Anaywayz..another of the aunties came along today...there is poor me sitting with a TIME booklet , struggling to understand what' 3 dozen apples' means[ I swear i could not understand head was soo fuzzy!]..when saunterd in Mrs T.
After the not-at-all essential formalities were completed she put up THE question.
"toh, Mrs Misra[meaning mum] kya socha wocha hai apne apani bitiya ki shaadi waadi ka"

My Mum is sane .
Most of time.
BUt then my Mami whose daughter has just moved into 2nd year Btech is looking for boy and I am about to wrap up my degree and there is no sign of any boy, I can understand her situation at times...I mean, Mum on her own is okay and super chill about stuff...but then the bad influence the Mamiz and the chachiz have on her..*sigh*

So, coming back to Mrs. T.
" IIT-IIM combination market mein sabse hot hai is waqt , usase kam ka ladka mat dekhiyega"

*three, four sighs*

I dont know if people who talk about guys from IIT-IIM being hot property are worth blogging about but still when she said this sentence, I dunno why but the picture of bread on a red hot tawa came to my mind.
In my family, the trend per se is to go in for guys with IIT+IIM degrees.

As in that is the bare minimum.If you wanna marry a girl from our family you'd better have these two degrees tucked under your belt.

And as I see one cuzn after the other being married off to a 'hot property' I have often wondered what these degrees signify.
Yess , it means that the guy has a grand 100 digit IQ.Agreed.
It also signifies that the guy is a hard working chap, atleast can be once in a while.. Sure thing!

It almost ensures that you will go to Switzerland for your honeymoon and live in the poshest of places round the globe all throughout your married life.

Anything else?
No, for me nothing more.
And before you jump to conclusions let me add that I have nothing against any insti or is just the way these degrees are being spoken about these days that is irking me.

Is not , very pragmatically speaking, the temperamant of the guy of greater consequence?
You might be from the bestest insti on Pluto[ poor pooor ex planet!] but if the guy is a ..say a big time flirt which girl will be happy with him.

I also do not understand how suitcases full of money ensure anything on this planet??!
On the contrary, too much of money can be extremely bad!!!!I personally would much rather have a sufficient amount of money than be filthy rich!
If I had a girl to marry off I would look for a guy with his heart in the right place, someone who values traditions and has certain principles he lives by.And then if , added to that he hails from the bestest instis we have here, that would be very nice....Dunno why people think the way they think!
*sigh*, coming back to the Mrs. T.
So, then Mum said that I was preparing for CAT and nothing about any guy will be discussed at home untill I go to mum and say that I am done with studies .
But Aunty was insistent.
she knows a boy.
And she started off , telling Mum about the guy.
1. he is from IIT-dunno which one.
2. is from IIM -dunno which one
3.Does not drink
4.does not smoke
5.Father is an IAS officer---hence loads of doh number ka paisa at home...(ewwwkkksss)
6.iss ladke ko chodiye matt.
7.aisa mauka baar baar haath nahi aayega.
8. bass ek baar un logon se mil aaiye.
9.arre, koi baat Btech khatam nahi hua..boht padhai ho gayi..chudwa dijiye Btech abb..
My Mum was looking thoroughly fed up with her and so was I ..and we spenta lot of time exchanging sly glances!
Suddenly it struck me that 3dozen =3*12=36 apples!!!!

I mentally yipppeeeed. Got up with a biiiggg smile and left the room to hurry back to the TIME booklet.
As I left Mrs T, in a not so inuadible whisper said to a completely taken aback Mum,"lagta hai sharma gayi"


So totally 'ewwwkkkssss'!


Sumit Tada said...

Reading ur blog after soooo many days makes me feel that I am not the only one going thru such things(yeah m talkin abt previous post even tho u may not want ppl to talk abt it).........

Raam Pyari said...

tussi kahan they!!!!
inne din ho gaye!!
I am nt able to leave comments on ur blog and u stop visiting mine!!!
chee chee
sudhar jao!

Shreyansh said...


//"lagta hai sharma gayi" was the perfect clincher.

Di said...


Adarsh said...

IITians...utne bhi kharab nahin hain BTW :)
All the best in ur search....[& Mrs. T's too ;) ]

Anonymous said...

Hi ruchi
I've been a regular here frm a long time.Just want to say i find ur posts interesting.Please never quit writing..

Rebellion said...

hehehahahaha.. WOW Ruchi!!

//"lagta hai sharma gayi"
LOLLL.. This was the ultimate one :P

Wish I was there bacha, would have teased you like hell :P:P

On a serious note, don't worry.. Am sure along with IIT+IIM degrees and great IQ and truckloads of money, am sure your guy will be one of substance.. with a heart full of love for you :)

God Bless You,
Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

these aunties naaa!!!
maxx rubbish ho sakti hain!!

@di--ur first time here?

@adarsh---haan jee, i know jee..I some very nice frnds who are at IIT..but my point is that a degree alone doesnot ensure compatibility...other things have to be taken into account and not just that one piece of paper!

other than that toh IIT ki jai !

@anon---nice to know that..if poss leave your name:)

@aarti di--dekho dii!! ek aur 'di 'hain upar commments mein!!!!

Anyawayz..i know aap hote yahan parr toh meri maxxxxx khinchayi hoti!!!
maxx waali:P
abb mera koi guy abhi toh hai nahi, inafct abhi tak kabhi koi bhi nahi raha hai..dekhiye aagey aagey kya hota hai;)

p.s. aapke fiance ka koi bhai-shai hai kya?err..aisehi just asking!


Anonymous said...

as interesting as ever!

you write really well. i laughed a lot.


Anonymous said...

" @anon---nice to know that..if poss leave your name:)" me N ;)

Anonymous said...

you made a poo poo !

""If I had a girl to marry off I would look for a guy with his heart in the right place, someone who values traditions and has certain principles he lives by.And then if , added to that he hails from the bestest instis we have here, that would be very nice....Dunno why people think the way they think! ""

ahem good thought .. but seldom happens in reality !

and btw .. ur CAT travails might leaving many "on the verge" aspirants dejected. Ek din ka khel hai ... give it your best shot ! AND you might contact the Mrs T wala guy for further GYAN !!!

good post keep posting :)


Raam Pyari said...

so mannnyyy anons!!!!!!!!

@satish--hehhe..hass loh..hass loh...

@n--waah! waah!

and yeh sabko anon rehne mein kya maza aata hai?!!

Priyank said...

You should have written this post earlier!!!
Maine CAT kaa form nahi bharaa.
Ab kya pata mujhe koi ladaki milegi bhi ki nahi!!!

Anonymous said...

The point is, by remaining anonymous i do not run the risk of being thrashed and my comments could be taken in a more unbiased way .. nothin much tho ... and btw i blog and ain't new to yours... you have read some of mine...

ps: its ~S

and certainly not the other way round ....


Raam Pyari said...


aab kya hoga, priyank!!:O:O:O
ro mat....aise bhi tum half hot property toh ho hi(iit-b naa);)

@~s---as you wish ,~s jee

Anonymous said...

Hehehe..shaadi mode zindabad!:D
Dii,Aye haye,ladka to achha lag raha hai vaise :P,ek baar soch lo phir se(na na not bout the ladka,bout the APPLES :D)!!

Another filmi aunty ;).."lagta hai sharma gayi" hehe..ultimate line..Agar thodi der aur rukte to shayad "to-phr-main-ye-rishta-pakka-samjhoon?!" bhi sun kar jaate :D!!

All the best aur inni jaldi child marriage mat karna :P!-Creepu beti!!

P.S.-shadi ki shart-Mere saath saath meri creepu beti ko bhi apnana hoga!! hehehehhe :D!!

Rebellion said...

LOL Ruchi!!!

Hai hai, mere do do cute se devar hai.. sirf ek pirobilem hai, no IIT + IIM degrees :P

Uske alava all set ;) Chahiye to baat chalaun??? :P:P

Take care,

Kishley said...

*sigh* these aunties will never ever let us live our own lives.. sometimes i think unko is zamin pe utara gaya hai humein tang karne ke liye.. they are sooooo into getting every other girl married..

dotty_pixie said...

mention shaadi nd i get a heart attack..almost had one in frnt of ya..
crap..bosh..rubbish..shaadi is all that nd more.

gaurav said...

hi cant' say abt ur situation but could be a good writer .. forget cat be a writer ..