Friday, August 04, 2006

Ten MInutes time at tha cafe is almost up..only 10 minutes remain before I pay the ten bucks and leave for the choching.
My net link at home is down!
It has been so for the past hundred years!!!!!
I keep calling those guys and they ALWAYS say"madummm, ek ghante mein aadami pahunch raha hai"

yeah right!
Its been soo many days since I surfed the net.
Yesterday I took a dayz break from padhai.
saw TV for 10 hours straight!!!
My Mum was concerned about potential bed sores(Was lying on the bed flipping channels)

Then I got thoroughly bored and by 8 at night I started missing billi ki padhai real badd..
So actually comtemplated going back to padhai..but that is against my rules..
And no matter what one cannot and should not compromise on principles , right?!

So , I didi not study one bit.
My AIMCAT result was declared yesterday and with no net ..chee chee..what a amess..Callled up latika and got her to check my scores..
I need to push my percentile by atleast 3 %ile by the end of this month before I can be in a a safe bracket*sigh*....

Apart from mailbox has 125 unread mails and I am too petrified by the heavy duty deleting that will have to be done to even open my mailboxxx

Inna paap padega broad band link waalon ko!!!!

sharam bhi nahi aati!
I have missed so many of those 'question-a-day' thingies PG parr:(
I need to calm down.
The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people and how someone treats your broad band link is immateial...


okay poeple my choching beings in 10 minutes...
One hairy guy has been leering long enough and I shud eggjit the cafe now.
I dun even know if I have any money!1
gotta rush!

p.s. mebbe i will give the leering guy a smile
chee i wont!
enuf of rubbish
over and out!

p.s. I have the moeny!!!!!!!yayyyyyyyyyyyy..the leering guy wont throw me outa the cafe now!!!yayyyyyyy

p.s. inafact, just for ur info, i hve 200 bucks !*superior luk*

p.s. and for your additonl info , that means 400 ,50 paise waali chewing gums!

ps : aab gyan baat hi rahi hu toh..lemme add that my Tee reads,'if ia m not happy, no one shall be

p.s. final waaala bye


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

'breaks' are dangerous!!

dont take breaks. one hour will change to a day, a day into a week, and a week into... (yup! you are supposed to guess!)


Losty said...
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Losty said...

Hodson, Lko....What abt u?
& abt the net...looks like its the strike month for the service providers....many of my friends' net have also been down[thankfully not mine :-p].....join the party!!

Shekhar said...

Well guess what ?? My net access was banned by this seedy guy in the college 'coz i downloaded 90 mb of Vinod Khosla videos from a Stanford site.


Priyank said...

quite correct, now a days Bits Bandwidth and Bijli are basic necessities, thanks to elec engineers!

Suds said...

Hey sis yeh kya haal bana rakha hai, I can;t even imagine without internet. U know today is my last day in this company soI have to return my laptop and I am so sad because I will not have laptop for 2 days now...:( ,,, Without internet toh mein mar hi jaunga..:((

Anyway.. But u know I am going to get a tablet PC on Monday.. yeyeyeyeyeyeyeey in MS that is what everyone gets.. yeyeyeyeyeye am so happy...:) yeyeyeyey

ranjan said...

Chalo bechare champuter koh thoda aaram toh mila :P, but oh yea ! U never showed me ur comp !! so mean !

Kishley said...

:) me too was sooo tired of doing nothing on my no-net laptop :( it was closed here in my college for maintainence.. thank goodnes its up now.. kya zamana aa gaya hai.. instead of missing ppl we hve started missing internet.. lol..

Adarsh said...

wahi kahan gayab ho gayi aap inne dino se !!!
Broadband....or rather..Broad-bund.... or rather stil...Bored-n-bund.... ha ha ha

Jai ho billi ki....

How do we know said...

hee hee hee!!!!

Anonymous said...

'if i am not happy, no one shall be'
Sahi baat hai,we re missing u too:(..Ab to paap lag gaya broadband waalon ko :D!!
Arre wah! 200 bucks??..umm..yani 800 pachhis paise wali orange toffees :O :O :O!!
10hrs TV??..arre i was too bored of flipping channels,i even tried watching aastha sadhna channels to pass my time.I understand ur feelings:)!! May ur broadband gets well very soon:)!-Creepa!

Rebellion said...

Ruchi !!!

You finally posted on your blog, which I missed by a day again :(

Nice post, I agree.. Bohot paap padega broadband walon ko :P
Btw, your tee reads perfect, I like it :)

And Creepu said almost everything above, which I wanted to say!!! :P

Take care,

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Rampiyari atleast tune CAT ka coaching join kiya hai...and sometimes padhne ke liye sochti bhi hai...yahan toh main ghode bech ke sota hoon....CAT's terror has not been able to move me.

Akhri wala bye from me too.

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