Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shilly post.

For all ye shilly poeple!

So, I gave myself a pedicure today before I went out for a family function(wore the blue saare as you can all see*bows before all*).I simply love wearing sarees!!!
It is a pity that I do not get to wear them often!

My feet are in a very bad condition. infact it was after 5-6 months today, that I spent some time on my feet..
Poor neglected souls.

It was OSSSUUMM to pamper myself.


I am about to complete my PhD in riting silly posts.I shall soon have a big 'D' and a tiny 'r' before my name.
Dr. R Pyaari.

P.S. I just realised that my feet dont look as if they belong to somone who can be soo stupid.
P.S That is again very stupid.
P.S Hence and therefore I deserve my degree. haah!*proud luk*


Priyank said...

Aaj to hum dhanya ho gaye, RamP devi ke Charano ke darshan ho gaye!

btw, soch raha hun pedicure ke baad charan aise hai to pahale kaise hoge????

Raam Pyari said...

//btw, soch raha hun pedicure ke baad charan aise hai to pahale kaise hoge????

isamein sochane ki kya baat hai!!!
isase maxx kharab they!!
ayr kya!

Adarsh said...

dhanya bhaag humaare jo devi ne darshan diye...albeit sirf pairon k .... :D

BTW i loved the way Sue says 'I was so Stupid' (in RDB,of course)...ha ha ha

BTW aapne humara video dekha ya nahin...

Anonymous said...

paaun laagu raam pyari jee! =))

PhD!! :O

chalo achcha hai, in a family where almost everyone else is a doctor you wud not be seen as an exception. :)


Anonymous said...

Charan sparsh!
Btw ek sandal chori ho gayi kya?;)
Nice saree!! color bhi mast hai! Aap par bahut suit karri hogi!!
"Aapke ye hasin paaon,..inhe zameen par mat rakhna..maile ho jayenge....aur phir wahi pedicure ka kharcha..:P"
Hehehe...Achha hai dii,Phd kar lo,Dr.Raam pyari...parivar ki parampara kayam rahegi :P!-Creepu beti! :D

Anonymous said...

Aapke pair..zameen par mat rakhiye..zameen maili ho jaayegi

lolzzzz ok bad joke.sorry!
waise ye photu kyun? get a facial done and then put up ur beautiful chehra in the pic instead of ur feet. What say ??


Anonymous said...

Pair itane sundar hai to fir aap kitani sundar hongi.


ranjan said...

Even though I am sick literally *as in down with fever in shilly bangkok*; I am rotfl, I hope u go on to gain summa cum laude and all dat care :)

aMyth said...

take a short break to go to my native, and what do i miss? a great post and a freshly pedicured pair of feet!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't mean that...I was high at the time I wrote the comment...your feet are....


Raam Pyari said...

@adarsh--kinni der koshish karri thi video kholane ki!!!!

nahi khula tha!

my pc sux!!

@satish--ahseerwaad, vatsa!

@creepu beti---aahaaa..sooo nice to read a agirl's comment!!!
girls rokkkk!!!!!

and mein doctorr ho gayi!
balle ballle

@n--joke karne ke liye mein hi milati hu!


@saket---no jee...lets nt even go there:)


woh bhi shilly bangkok mein!!!
shilly tum ho!
dhyan rakhana chahiye naa!

@the myth--tabhi inne dinoh se gayab the!!!!!

glad to have u bak:)

@supposed saket #2:---now, either my tracker has gone bonkers or you have shifted base from one part of the world to the other in a few hours time.
someone is juss fooling around, using someone else's name.
which is something I highly disapprove of.

@all including creepu beti and satish : guys, I did not wish to do this but I gess, I shall be disallowing anonymous comments.
Beti, nd satish! better hurry nd get blogger idz!!!!!
or better still

Kishley said...

hey did you lost your sandal?? hmm probably while hitting some poor soul with your chappal :P
vaise i am also thinking of giving my feet some royal treatment.. they too have been neglected for some time now.. some tanned n scaly..

Kishley said...

hey btw wat happened to ur girl story?? i came here to read that n there's not even a sign of the 3rd part..

Sayesha said...

Apne paanv zameen par mat rakhna bahinn... zameen maili ho jayegi! Muahahahaha! :D

Kidding kidding... mat ro baby... me just jealous because you get to wear sari :P

Adarsh said...

humra reply padh lijiye....kuchh jugat lagayi hai humne :)

dotty_pixie said...

niceee feet..
i would never do all this as you pathetic.
did you get a manicure as well?

Rebellion said...

Itne pyaare komal pair meri choti si behen ke hain?? Hai main marjaava :D

Nice posht.. If you call it silly, I love your silly posts. Don't dare to stop writing them okay?! :P

And yups, me is finally back bacha, gotto catch up with your latest posts and yes, I updated my blog today, finally :D

Take care,

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