Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, the 6th sem results are finally out!There is good news and bad.
I topped again...but I just have 79%. Now an 80+% is like supposed to be supremely unattainable types but I used to get it!!!!!
I mean this is my first sub 80 score!
And boy, do I hate it!
I mean I am not even thinking once about the fact that I am the topper but am just feeling so wretched about it not being 80+
I know, i know, I am being supremely silly..but I cannot help it.
I am sucha bad looser!

Moreover I am not the department topper this sem either..though am if you take the aggregate scores. BUt that is not a consolation.

Okay..lets chill...I was studying for CAT till the just 4 days before the end sem began and maybe I deserved this score.
Plus I did top, right?
So like I should look at the good and not crib at the bad which is not so bad either.

Okay so I have let my steam and now am okay with even the stupid silly sub 80 score!

so, cheers guys!! and a round hamar ghar ka sizzling hot sudh desi ghee ke tadke waali daal, chawal and aam ka achchar for everyone here at Raam pyaariz!


Shekhar said...

Congratulations !!!! :)))

Kya baat hai...shudh desi ghee mein prepared tadke waali daal... aaaye haaye

Adarsh said...

Munni ne TOP kiyela hai..... akkha college mein.... party to magtaich hai.
aapka daawat kamenu sun k to gajab ki bhookh lag gayi hai... :D
badhai more time.

aMyth! said...

Hey! Congrats jee!
Have a cola!! ;)

Shreyansh said...

Mubarak ho!!
Aur koi nahi kabhi kabhi dusron ko bhi mauka de dena chahiye.
or else u might start feeling lonely at the top. :P

Obliterated said...


ranjan said...

Umm, blessed are those who can eat *sudh-desi ghee waali daal* with no qualms abt. their expanding girth :))...

Congrats :), donn feel too lonely at the Top, okay ?

cardamom said...

one step closer to attaining a doctorate in writing s(h)illy posts...

btw congratz

well the ultimate test is the CAT..prepare well..

Raam Pyari said...

@sherkhar--shekhar..I am not able to comment on your blog yaar!
As in I have not been able to since you changed the blog template!!!
And no shoutbox either!!!

thanks btw:)

@adarsh---yaar nee khul raha..uss din bhi haf an hour tak load ho raha tha...kutch nee husX(

@the mytyh--thaks.
ps I love my pesticides!!!!yayyyy

@shreyansh-thanks dost! yess it can be alone at the top:)
mebbe I will post about it someday!

@obliterated---welcumm jee and thank youu jeeee

@ranjan:hawwwwwww!!! tum maxx dubale ho!!!! u dun need to bother about your girth either!!!!
and yess
thank you:)
Hope you had a nice trip!

@cardamom--welcumm to u too jee!
and yess ,thank you for the wishes:)

dotty_pixie said...

hey congrats:)
top kara na?topping is all a matter of relativity..even if you get like 1% and everybdy has 0.2%..u still top;)
congrats babe..good goin!

shekhar said...

Ha ha...go visit mah blog now !!!!

Raam Pyari said...

@niv---yaar thanks yaar!!
abb just fer you I shall overcumm my email phobia and shall rite a mail!!


Rebellion said...

Alle bacha,

Mubarak hooooo \:D/
Yups its time for celebration.. Ummm, tade wali daal, chawal aur saath mein aam ka achaar??? Yummm, am feeling hungry.. Kab hai party?? Agar finish ho gayi toh mere liye ispechul lunch ya dinner arrange karo, mujhe aapke haath ka tasty khaana khana hai, abbhiiiii :D

Take care,