Friday, September 29, 2006

Arbit post.

Today I was told that I am 'timidly determined'.
My friend said that I am timid and harmless but I get my way. She was saying this in context of this proff at college who refused point blank to supervise our project, and according to her, I just kept smiling sweetly as I kept on asking him to please reconsider until it became difficult for him to say 'no' anymore and he finally agreed.

So, that got me thinking.

Some things are predictable now.It started when Btech had just started and we were just begining to get to know each other. The most common question any girl would ask me would be if I had a boyfriend.
When I would reply in the negative most poeple would be genuinely surprised.
They would claim that I was lying and that I did not want them to know about him
Now , when this would happen, I alwayz wanted to know if they were surprised coz I am sucha a babe that it is impossible fr me to not have a bf or that I am sucha gundi that gundiz like me do not exist on this planet for two decades without a couple of guys drooling after them.

Apart from that , I speak a lot of rubbish. I genuinely do and I have realised that it can be so much fun provided, provided that the person you are talking to is as much of a dramebaaz as you happen to be.Apart from Niv there is just one person with whom I can do all my nautanki w/o being chided for being so silly. I met him through this blog and today he happens to be amongst my bestest friends . I have never met him and he has promised me that we shall never either !!But like if we speak for 30 minutes on YM we spend half an hour of that time talking nautanki. There is no sense in what we speak , none what so ever, but yess, a couple of thousand laughs are exchanged and I log off completely refreshed!!If it were any other person I were talking about my next line would have been, 'and , so , friend, I would like to thank you for being sucha grand friend' but but but but not with him :) There is no need for that. He knows what he should know!

My mid sems got over today at one , and now it has been four hours since and I have been to the beauty parlour and have visited a frend for 5 minutes ; so I think it is time I went back to padhai for billi ji .
Samachar samapt hue.


dotty_pixie said...

yello! sucha apt post since i just sent u a mail today ..the whole point of which was that u are the one person whom i can talk crap to widout u hitting me over the head!!
wow..hamari telepathy zindabad!!

Rebellion said...

Aila!! I missed the gold on your post bacha!! But its ok, since it goes to your best frnd :D

I take the silver
And now I go to read the post :P

Take care,

aMyth! said...

hmm.. well.. i think i know who u talkin about. anyways.. that's something u can b really happy about.. u know, having a person to talk to, about anything, without being judged. someone we call.. THE friend!! :)

Rebellion said...

Yeh kya hua?? I couldn't hear the lovely DD news ka melodious tune after samachar samaapt hue?!! :P

Nice to know you got great friends around dear, its very very important. At least one such frnd, who can make you forget everything around, make you smile & refreshed.. Glad to know you got such frnds around :)

All the Best for aapki pyari billi jee :D

Keep Smiling,
Take care,

Shekhar said...

Mazedaar post. :)

Yep, and sometimes, you don't need to see the face of the person who can make you laugh or cry with a few words. They're just.....friends. (a sigh and a smile)

!xobile said...

you have weird frndz, dont you ?

!xobile said...

oh! and the 'weird' is not demeaning, mind you..

Adarsh said...

lage raho raam pyaari.....
jai nautanki...
jai billi...
jai DD news....
jai bharat...

Creepa! said...

"Dekho mera blogger id" :D heheh..aapka hukum sar aankhon par :P!

NO BF?? :O :O :O
Ailaaa......mera bhi main ye rishta pakka samjhoon? :P hehe..howz u di?
Its fine to talk rubbish..n frndz lik tht re hard to find :).. lose them never!
Take care!

amit said...

It seems ki u hvnt slept well fr sum days now... slept well matlab woh 10-12 ghante wali neend... u do need sum rest :)

vaise me too added sumthing on my blog after a period of 3 check out

Rebellion said...

Where are you gaayab Ruchi??
No update, no news :(

Hope doing good, jaldi se update karoooooo

Take care,

Rebellion said...

What happened bacha, why did you delete the post?? Sab theek hai na dear?? Please reply asap.

Take care,

aMyth! said...

hey.. what happened? the post is gone!! hope all is fine.

Raam Pyari said...

yess yess, sabb theek hai..:)

The post was too real and ..i had to pull it down..

nakko chinta karring.
Bhai is okay.

p.s. main sabkoh pareshaan karti hu agar khud parehsaan hoti hu!!
chee chee

Shekhar said...

Arre bacchi, bilkul daraa diya hamein.

Rebellion said...

No chee chee dear, thats what friends are for! Sitting far away from you we can't do anything else but hope for the best but at least it feels nice to know that you feel better by blogging it out in front of us :)

Fir pray toh hum kar hi sakte hain, agar aur kuch nahi toh :)

Glad he's feeling fine and hope your fine too!

Take care bacha,

aMyth! said...