Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hi ,

So I post after a long time(as in rite a post thats going to stay)..Its about the longest break I have taken from blogging..

Things are becoming a bit messy and for the first time I do not know who to turn to..sometimes I think I should manage it alone but then I am unable to...I wish I had a magic wand which would put everything right..

Also I have gone back to riting in my diary..

Things may not be okay right now, but they will some time later, right?

I had finally begun having faith..but I seem to have lost it all..the reason thatI wish otherwise is that I feel faith makes you strong...
I dunno, if you have faith in God, plz tell me why you believe in him...
I am so confused about certain things right now..I have no answers ...the questions irritate and so does the fact that I am unable to find the answers to them..
Soemtimes these days, seeing other poeple happy has begun to irk me...but that is not inherently me and hopefully as things sort themselves out , I shall be back to being okay:)

Okay so it seems that I cannot think of anything other than my sob story which is exactly what I did not want to write.

Toh isiliye , lemme end this here...I might be taking a break from blogging for the next month or so..maybe I will write once in a while..but regular blogging will take break..:)

I shall resume it when I finish with CAT..

Be good:)


Stranger said...

The worst moment of my life has been of fear, of the KG teacher, when I did not get my dictation signed by my parents.

A few years hence, you'll be laughing at how silly you were.

aMyth! said...

God.. as in the photos u see at homes and shops and the idols in temples???? nope. Doesnt exist. but i believe in the one invisible force that's powerful enough to control everything from the cells in our body to the amazing stars and the black holes! i never gave it a form, but i always believe in it in my heart. trust me, everything will be fine.. :) and all the best to you.. take care..

Rebellion said...

God is nothing but Faith dear! Maano to Bhagwan, naa maano to patthar! Don't worry, just don't lose your faith and am sure everything will be jusst fine very very soon.

Though am not, il try to be good, not asking you for an update!

All the Best, for your CAT & Life :)
Keep Smiling,
God Bless You bacha,
=> Aarti

Adarsh said...

When u walk thorugh a long, dark tunnel.... stop thinking nething and just keep walking.... eyes focussed forward .... u'll definitely see the light coming.... sooner or later.
Take care
Hum intezaar karenge......

Raam Pyari said...

heyy, why do I get this feeling that I know you??
Do I?

@the myth---hmm, thanks for sharing your views with me:), Needed to see what other people think..

@di--thank you di! updates chotu chotu hote hi rahenge, kinne din rahenge hum blog se door!!:D


hopefully billi mausi ka asgerwaad rahega:D

Stranger said...

everybody knows strangers

Creepa! said...

Dii,dnt worry,everything will be super-fine :D!
all the verry best for CAT!
Miss u!:)!

Shekhar said...

:) Me too going through a phase of great imbalance where the world seems to have turned upside down. But, like you said, its bound to get all right after some time.

Best of Luck for CAT.

The Guy Next Door said...

Just ride your luck - The tide will change. Till then , keep the faith.

Good Luck for the CAT.