Saturday, September 16, 2006

So, I blog about him today
And let me begin from the beginning.
And let me call him P.
When the results of the first semester were declared , I for the first time actually noticed P. The reason was simple. I had a measley 84.6% and a class rank of 3,P had 87% and an University rank of 7.

So, soon after the results were decalred, P got the honour of becoming the first boy in college to ask for my number.
As I gave my number to him, I heard a couple of guys behind us hooting .
I wondered for the whole of the next semester why he had taken my number, coz he never called, never messaged.
But then by the beginning of second, I started getting messages from him. Strictly related to studies.

Then we had a freshers party for the juniors . It was eventful day :) , two of the junis on being asked which senior girl they liked the most took my name and only two guys were asked this question !
Then we sat in huge circle and called the junis one by one and basically had fun at their expense.So, this juni was called and then he was asked to request a senior girl to come and stand in the centre of the circle.
So, he asked me to come . Next he was asked if he liked me or no.When he blushed and said yes he was asked to give 5 reasons why he liked me.So, the guy started of with," Ma'am stylish hain"
and the junta would be like'aaha..Ma'am stylish hain" and loads of 'ruchi is blushing guys, she likes this!" went on happening.
Poor guy he did name 5 things and if i remember correctly ,amongst the things he liked most about me were my gentle nature and gorgeous hair!
hehe..anywayz..I digressed.
When it was time for us to leave, I suddenly realised we had messed up that place real bad.It was actually quite shameful, so , since no one would listen to me, I started picking up the garbage with my hands and made a pile of it. Then a couple of guys noticed what i was doing and then the junis were forced to clean up that place.

So, I hardly paid any attention to anybody that day, I was getting too much of it anywayz! So, at about 8 when I reached home, I got a teeny message on my cell.It was from P.
I think it went like this:

"hey, I think you were looking very beautiful today, I admire how sensitive you are about the envoirnment and I really like you. I have told you how I feel about you. Do tell me if you reciprocate any of it.I shall wait for your message"

I went into a state of semi shock:D
It was so unexpected , and no I did NOT reciprocate any of those feelings, whatever they were.
So, I did not reply.Infact I just switched off my cell and put it away .A day later when I switched it on, I saw about 20 messages from him
And each was more frantic than the other.He kept apologizing again and again!I was again quite taken aback and then immediately wrote backa reply and this is how it went.
"Lets forget this happened, okay?"

So we officially forgot about this. But we did not speak to each other for the remaining part of the entire year!
Not a single word.
Both of us pretended that the other did not exist in class.

We were hardly friends so I guess neither fo us missed anything..but then towards the end of 2nd year, a couple of guys started planning this major tech event. It was supposed to be major and had to be kept secret till all was ready coz of some kind of problems.
Now, P is the tech-est guy in our enitre year[for his placement interview the guy gave him 2 choices , asked him to write any one of the two porgrams, P gave him 8 choices, asked him which language he would like him to use!] and obvio he was very involved in the event, infact it was his baby.Two girls from the entire year knew about this and I was one of them...Then started many rounds of meetings etc..making the presentation to be shown to the faculty, deciding on the banners, the finances etc required me to spend a lot of time in college and in P's vicinity.That kind of broke the ice and we were soon on speaking terms though we used to speak about very work related matters .
Then I started getting messages from him...albeit of a different kind.

They would be one line messages-"Class cancelled"
"Bring 3 black and white pics for the registration "
and so on .
And that was all of the communication we used to ahve.
I would never message him a 'thankyou' and we hardly even looked at each other in class leave alone sit and jab.

And gradually I found myself relying more and more on his messages . And more often than not, P's messages were the only way I would find out about stuff.
He , in his own quiet way helped me more than any one in college has . On innumerable occassions P has saved me from trouble .Innumerable times.
And never has he even expected even a 'thank you'.Hell I completely ignored his messages so many many times.
For gossake ,I did not even realise it till my mother pointed it out to me.

During the placement season, He would message me about the forms to be filled , registrations to be done and all that blah.
I have never, till date, sent him one bit of information .

I dont know why but he completely ignores me in class. [ and they say girls are complicatd] and yet anything happens which might be important and he is the one who sends me that to-the-point message.

For the past three semesters he has been the person who has informed me of my result..
Each time the message has been same:
"Results declared, You have topped, congratulations."

So much so that this time,I did not wait for some call from someone who would tell me that the reults have been declared. I waited for his message.And it sure did come.
The same message, the same to the point, no frills attached style of messaging, and the same result!

Of late we sometimes speak on YM, he knows very little about me..and he doesnt ask much either.we speak either about some important stuff about college, or about CAT. He just writes free mocks for the heck of it,and gets 99.xx%ile in QA and Di and messes up english real bad.So we talk about all that. He knows I freak out when I write bad mocks and he tells me to not get so worked up.
That is all we talk about.

Today I got a slightly different and a reasonably agitated offline from him:
" I ask you to do just one thing- not get tense but why why why why do you not listen to me!"
Apparently I had looked very tense in college today.

So, why am I here blogging about him ? I am surprised myself. Everyone says that after any kind of panga it is impossible to become friends. I hope real bad that he is just looking at us as friends coz there isnt anything else I have in my mind .
In retrospect, he has been the nicest person to me amongst all I have met here. He has helped me innumerable times. And I am truly grateful to him.

You have no idea, how many times I have wondered what would have happened had I not received that message/ offline from you at the right time.You have never expected anything in return for your help.Not even a thank you . You have just helped me out whenever you could .
And heyy, isnt that what a true friend is supposed to do?
Thank you, Friend.


aMyth! said...

interesting post. tells a lot about you :) u r indeed lucky to have someone like that. a true friend. o'coz u know why... but if u wanna know still, ask me and i'll post on mine :D

and hey, guys are quite complicated too. but girls rarely find them so..heehee.

aMyth! said...

oh..and's ur mom's b'day.. Do remember to wish her for me :) Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

Daroga said...

aur kuchh chamak nahin raha hai bolne ko.
u can talk to him if you don't mind too much.

BTW mom ko HAPPY BIRTHDAY bol dene ka apun ki taraf se. BHOOLNE KA NAHIN.

ranjan said...

//Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi sirf achhe dost nahin ho sakte// *sirf is the operative word, u know* :)),

Hehe :P, sorry, I can do nothing abt my corny, cheesy, filmy, devil's backyard kind of mind :D

aMyth! said...

oops! u took that a li'l too quickly.. heehee.. ok, ok, sure.. i'll write. and i'll tell u when i do. gimme some time ok? 'coz am goin thru a li'l hard time myself and it's indeed a time i have known the value a true friend. so, i'll definitely write about it :)

take care.. and thanks for wishing ur mum for me too :)

Kishley (Dolly Sapra) said...

such a nice fren :) I ve one such fren too an um so so glad to have him beside me in my thick n thin times.. :) and @ranjan.. its totally possible that ladka n ladki are perfect fren but yet not romatically involved.. ave such fren n its so nice to have him around :)

Suds said...


Kaala Kavva said...

hayye... u n ur 'unrequited love' istories..

Phoenix said...

complicated it is...this guy sure likes u it out or send clear signals about what u want and expect...and remember, guys are extremely bad at taking hints

good luck

Priyank said...

Lage raho RamP bai!
You should really talk to the boy. Any way, you have very few friends. To be must extend your friend circle.

Unknown said...


Thats the one word I'd give your post Ruchi, it was really well expressed and am really glad you have a true friend, who not only gives w/o expectations but the best part.. takes care of your happiness :)

God Bless him & you too,
Take care,

PS: Dunno why your posts make me soo senti bacha!!!

dots said...

im guessin..i know who it is..the same one who msgd u that eventful day when we were out ,nd the results were declared, and u topped (courtesy me obviosly)..
he sounds like a really sweet chap..