Friday, September 22, 2006

Birthdays :)

So, I speak about birthdays today.
Two to be precise.
On 14th Latika turned an year older and this is what I did.
Landed at her place at 6 in the morning !!!! Okay okay before a couple of you khumbhakarans faint , lemme addin my defence that she, in any case , leaves for medical skul at around 7:30.
I called her at 6 and said," darwaaza kholo!!"
And she was like," WHATTT!!!, Tum bahar ho kya!!"

So, I spent an ossuumm one hour with her, I had bought a birthday cake for her and though I had decided I would get her to cut it in front of me but that did not happen.
Then , I fished out her birthday card and then came the presents. Now poor girl, she had been longing for sensible belts for a longggg time but could not go shopping for them coz of a buzy schedule so I gave her that as her gift[I had spent about 4 hours the day before shopping for her!!!!].We had that guess-karro-kya-ho-sakta-hai thing as well before she unwrapped her gift.
Then by the time she had finished squealing I was like' here, another gift for you!"
[yess, yess, I got her two gifts!!!]
And as predictable as it was, it was another belt!:D
So, she is now richer by two belts, one very sleak and sophisticated and the other cool and swanky!

Anyways, apparently she had been feeling low coz of something and she cheered up beeg time coz of what I did

Then came Sunday, the 17th of September.[ Date corrected to 17th of september , courtsey Mr Shreyansh Singh( my defence , Niv 's budday is on the 17th of september oopss I mean 17th of november, hence the kaanfusion . And no, someone has not missed his parents anniversary .And no ,some one has not missed CAT either! CAT miss kare aapke dushmann!!:P over and out]

And this part of the post is dedicated to niv, creepu beti and shekhar all whom wanted to how the budday surprize ( )turned out!

So, BHai, as per the plan reached the city on the 16th, Dad went to pick him up and he came to the test centre to meet me on the 16th.
On the 17th Dad casually suggested that we should go out for lunch and hence apparently at the spur of the moment, we decided to head out for lunch.

Now at around 1 Mum comes to me and says" pata hai kya hua!!!"
I was like" kya??!!!!"

Mum: " Bhai ki buss kharab ho gayi hai..woh Katra,Jammu mein hai!!!"

Me [totally shocked and ready to burst into laughter coz at that very moment bhai was right in front of our house at a neighbours who had been invited to the get together, to pick her up]: hawwwww, firr abb kya hoga???!!!

Mum: Bhai keh raha hai ki jahan woh hai, wahan se usse pahad bhi dikh rahe hai!!!

me: mountains!!! ooooo!!! how nice!!

Ma: what nice vice!!! seedhe ghar aana chahiye usse, pata nahi trekking ki kya padi hai usko!!!! Baat nahi karungi main usase!!!!

Me: haan, abbb yeh to hai, Ma!

Ma: Aur pata hai kya!

Me: kya ,Ma?

Ma: Usane 10 minute baat karri but birthday bhi nahi wish kiya!

Me[mentally I went 'awwwwwww']: aarre koi nahi Ma, abhi kitane tension mein hoga, bus nahi chal rahi naa...let it be!

Anyways.. so after a couple of thousand hushed whispers between me and dad, hundreds of knowing glances exchanged, dad ,I and Mum reached the restaurant.
A part of the restaurant which had been reserved for us had been decorated , and the seating arrangement was for 10 people.
Mum was a bit perplexed.
Streamers did not make sense.
The seating arrangement for 10 people did not make sense.
By that time , Mum's best friend and her hubby walked in!

Mum was like " arre!! aap log!!!"
Aunty : arre aaap!!!hum toh yahan aisehi aa gaye!! aap kyoon hain yahan parr!

Mum looked at Dad and then looked at me!
And before she could say anything Mum's other best friend walked in !!
By that time Mum understood and she blushed and laughed and accepted the flowers and the gifts and did all that is suitable at such an occasion.

After about 10-15 minutes when all had settled, I stepped away from everyone and called up Bhai , asking him what his plans were, as in when exactly did he plan to turn up!
Bhai wanted the details of where exactly we were sitting and whether Ma's back was towards the entrance or no.

So, as I pulled Mum's leg about the surprise birthday bash with the two Aunties joining in , I could see Bhai enter the restaurant, a wrapped gift in hand .
As he made his way towards Mum , Dad , who had also seen Bhai engaged Mum in small talk.
As Bhai covered Mum's eyes from behind, rested his cheek against Mum's head I did the totally filmy
" Mummeee!!! Guess karo kaun hai??!!!"

Mum was like totally taken aback and she could not even come up with a single sensible name:P
And then after a few more minutes of this filmy stuff , BHai removed his hands and Mum turned around to have a look at her son who was supposed to be thousands of miles away at that very moment.

To pull this off was quite an effort and at times I got so bugged with the details and all that I felt like scrapping the whole thing off but that look on Ma's face when it finally dawned upon her that the guy behind her is her son was worth every every every penny!

Somehow things had ,by then ,turned a bit emotional..I cannot put it in words actually..
All I can say is that as I looked from Mum [completeley taken aback at the sight of Bhai but totally happy ] , to Mums friends to Dad there was not a single pair of eyes that did have tears in them.
There was so much love around all of us there , at that moment .

The snug , comfortable feeling of being around people you love and doing things that make them happy is priceless.

I am so glad we did this for Mum.



Daroga said...

this must be the better B'days of her... hai naa. Priceless.

BTW Raam Pyari ji... aapne humaare wishes convey kiye ki nahin Mom ko... agar kar diye to :) aur agar nahin kiye to :((

Shreyansh said...

Awesome work. Congratulations for pulling off the surprise in style.

Wish belated birthday to Aunty from my side too.

Btw is it 17th Nov already. Did I just miss my parents marriage anniversary and (OMG) CAT?? :O

ranjan said...

Verry verry cute :), the K3G family urs is :D

Shekhar said...


God bless you, Ruchi !! Can't exactly put in words the joy one feels after reading this post. (I was kinda wondering where you vanished when you didn't reply on the shoutbox.)

Aur haan, Aunty ko mere taraf se wish kiya ki nahin ??

R said...

@adarsh---haan jee..sabke taraf se wish karra, naam leh leh karr and thode thode details bhi bata karr:P

aapke liye yeh batana ki aap iit-kgp ke hain kaafi tha:P

iit ki jai!

and aap ':)' mode mein aa jaiiyee!

thanks for pointing out the mistake , i do silly things like this..isiliye DI mein number kam ane lage hain:(

we discussed this the other day!

@shekhar---haan I know, actually I had been meaning to rite this post for a long itme now..isliye socha tha directly post hi likh du:)

aapki wishes bhi un tak pahuncha di hain:)

aMyth! said...

*//The snug , comfortable feeling of being around people you love and doing things that make them happy is priceless.*

soooo true...
n something i miss soooo much!!! :(

anywayz..congrats.. u pulled it off well.. and someday, am sure u'll be getting the same love and affection from many others..which u so well deserve :)

Shekhar said...

Didn't know where else to put this...(don't have your mail id, neither know of your presence on Orkut). Just received a mail from La-Martiniere Cal. The guys from the Computer Club have done a wonderful job. :) check out www(dot)lmbcal(dot)com

You'll love it, especially the school song and the school prayer page. There's actually an audio file for both these pages, so that you can hear the prayer and the song. :D And the pics are, in ur lingo, OSSUMMM !!!

Sayesha said...

Gosh! I got all teary-eyed reading this... well done meri bachi :)

Unknown said...

And I am sooo glad you shared this with us bacha :)

I just loooved your post. Sooo sweet of you to surprise your friend, wish I had a frnd like this too :)

And your mom's surprise b'day bash, it got me all emotional. In fact your post really got me emotional, awesome yaar Ruchi..

Keep it up :)

Take care,

Unknown said...

Btw, belated birthday wishes to aunty.. Since she doesn't know me, the wishes are conveyed to you only bacha :)

Once again, great post, keep it up :)

Take care,

Neha Sinha said...

badddu singh!!!! missed ya toooooo. :(((

haven't read the post and abhi padhungi bhi connection nahi hai.Am in cc... :(((

btw, when is your budday? :D

Neha Sinha said...

you didn't mind tha comment there na?...and err..this one too...:D:D:D

dots said...

fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!grrrrrrrrrrreat! ooooooh..i wish i could have been there.
happy budday aunty. and i bet the look on her face was reward enuf for all u guys efforts!
i love surprises!

Canary said...

The sweetest post i have read in ages :) :)

Inder said...

that was sooooo sweeeeet!!!!!