Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The P.L.A.N.

*maxx sinster, gunda type luk*

The unsuspecting victim : Mum.

The gundaz working in collusion: Dad, Bhai and I.

The plot:
So, Mum turns a year older on the 17th of this month . She thinks that it is going to be another of those birthdays when we do nothing and nothing happens.
She is wrong!
The Gunda committee here has a plan up its not so respectable sleeve . If all goes according to plan , this is what is going to happen on that day:
On the 17th of september ,at around 2:00 pm, Dad is going to call us at home and suggest this brilliant idea of eating out.I shall act all enthusiastic about it and goad Ma to dress up well(God knows she does not need any kind of goading for that !).
By 2:30 Mum , Dad and I shall reach the restaurant.
Waiting for us would be two of Mum's bestest friends!!! Mum should be pleased (if she is not she should atleast pretend that she is!) and after the initial excitement has quietend a bit ,we shall settle down for a quiet lunch.
I shall have to make sure that Mum's back is towards the entrance.
Just before, we start lunch, I shall say something like," Okay, Ma , there is one tiny surprize waiting for you, lemme make the essential call"

The call that I shall make would be to Bhai who would be somewhere in the vicinity of the restaurant at that time.
The essential thing here is that Ma has no clue that Bhai would be in city. For all practical purposes, for her, Bhai should be trekking his way to the sacred caves in Vaishno devi with his friends.
So, I make that call and say something like'Yess, please" and that call would be the cue for bhai to head for our table from where evr he is.
and sometime later, as soon as Bhai has reached close enough to our table, Dad will ask mum to turn around!
annnnnnndddddddd Voilaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Bhai shall be right there, not hundreds of kilometres away!!!!!
Along with two of his bestest buddies ,with flowers and gifts and loads of shorr sharaba!!

That is our plan.
Ma thinks Bhai will return on the 27th of september. And right now Ma is not speaking to bhai coz instead of coming home he is going to spend more time with his friends .So, she is not talking to him.

Bhai must have had a gala time today when Ma asked him the exact details of his trip, which train is he goingt o take? when will he reach where?! And so on..

Bhai and I speak in hushd tones these days as we chalk out the details of the plan.Bhai shall reach here on the 16th itself.He will stay at his friends place for the night, though bhai and I plan to meet up on 16th itself, mum shall get to meet him only on sundayy!!

I hope we can pull it off!
I hope we can do something nice for someone who does everything for us.

Will keep you guys updated on the PLAN.


aMyth! said...

It's always great to plan up small surprises and to see that it worked and the person is really happy to have had a wonderful time, just like you wanted them to.. Especially when that person is someone you love a lot.

All the best to the Gunda committee.. and wish your mom a very happy b'day from my side too :)

Raam Pyari said...

thank you amyth!
I will wish mummy happy budday from ur side too!:P

cardamom said...

oye ye restaurantkaun saa hai..kahee rampyaari's to nahee hai..
bhaai ko bolnaa kki aisee dress pehen ke aaye jaise waiter ho...aur bolna ki jaake ma ko puche "Mam kyaa order hai??"...
shaayad thodaa jyaada mazaa aayega....
P.S. : agar bhaai thodee waiter jaisee dress pehen ne ko maan jaaye to hi ye possible hai..;))
Haipppe buddday to your mum frm my side...

shekhar said...

Hey....SUPER plan !! It is such moments which make great memories. Ok, me getting a bit philosophical right now...but where was it that I heard this line.."Go, live your life; go, create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime !" ?

Surprise Birthday Plans for your MUM is one such memory that you will create this Sunday..

May God bless each one of us with MANY such memories...after all, what is life other than 'yaadein...sirf yaadein...'

sunmay said...


Kishley said...

:) thats soo sweet of u.. nd hope ur plan works.. do write a post o this wen u ve celebrated her bday.. that wd be nice :) and wish her on my behalf too :)

dotty_pixie said...

oooh yay yippppeeeeee!! i looove surprises!!
happy budday auntie:)
hey temme how it turns out..
sounds sooooooo much fun!

Poornima said...

Thats a beautiful plan. All the best.
And do write a feedback on the plan's success.

Red Curry said...

All the best with your plan. Hope you execute it to the perfection.

Shreyansh said...

Good luck.
Hope ur mum have her best birthday this time.

Adarsh said...

kya gazab ka plan banayela hai bidu... bahut sahi.... 17 taareekh ko mom ko inna badda waala SURPRISE dene ka... bahut sahi... lage raho.... bole to ALL THE BEST

Sayesha said...

Awesome! Masi's gonna be super surprised! :D

!xobile said...

maine teri mummy ko message kar diya hai


*nefarious laughter*

Vivek Pabari said...

Wonderful plan!!
I can imaging the happiness on your mom's face!

Happy birthday to Aunty (and same to me :P)

Di said...

wow!! sounds like sooo much funnn!! would love to know wat happened.. :)