Thursday, August 10, 2006

Added later at 10:45,11th day of August:
I went to the hospital at 6 in the morning after having slept for 3 hours last night.Spent 2-2.5 hours with Dadi before she was wheeled into the OT..All of us were there and Dadi appared to like that. A heavy dose of a sedative ensured that she was mostly calm and drowsy . There was such supreme tension in the air at times..but mostly we cracked weak jokes at which the rest of the junta laughed real hard...
It was so weird...specially when she was put on a stretcher are wheeled to the O.T, with the rest of the family walking beside the stretcher...
After many many many many years I combed Dadiz hair today...She told us kids that she was sorry in case she had ever said anything that might have hurt us.
Ma was reduced to tears when Dadi said that whereas the rest of us told Dadi to kindly stop talking rubbish.
Right now the operation would have begun.Somehow it keeps coming to mind ..I am unable to concentrate on any thing else...after that we went to Dadiz place and it felt so weird..for the first tiem the HUGE varandah seemed so empty coz Dadi was not sitting in her usual place.
When she was beeing taken to the OT which was at some other floor there was this other woman on a stretcher too.She was gasping so abd for air and was moaning and groaning so badd..
I hope Dadi comes out of the O.T safe and sound.

Initally I was very reluctant to go today coz I was too scared to face Dadi when she would be so scared herself..but in all I am glad I went.
It was also nice to see Bhaiyya taking such good care of Dadi...And I was thinking having so many poeple so concerned about you....that is a nice thing , isn't it.

These days my posts are basically written not for my amusement but to relieve myself of complex thoughts..they would make terrible reads ..but I feel calmer after jotting down stuff here...
Any of you reading this before 3 in the afternoon, plz know that my Dadi is being operated and pls pls pray for her.



Part -One

Our story begins 80 odd years ago when a girl was born to a rich Zamindar in Calcutta. She grew up to become a tom boy and used to do very well in school. In those days when girls were not allowed to step near a school, her mother made sure she went to school till class four.
But after that even her mother, though very progressive when compared to the times she lived in ,could not do much . The girl cried and stamped her feet but her Mother could not do anything more no matter how much she wanted her only daughter to study.There was only that much power that a Mother had, in those days.

The Girl wanted to study real bad and vowed that she would do that no matter what.She decide to buy her time and all that, but study she would no matter what!

That was the first of the many problems the girl was destined to face .....

Fast forward to a couple of years when the girl was 20 years old. A boy was coming to have a look at her cousin.If all went well, the wedding would happen in a couple of days . The boy was rumoured to be very good looking and filthy rich and our girl spent a lot of time teasing her cousin about the boy with whom her marriage was as good as fixed.
The boy came , had a look at her cousin and was just about to leave when his eyes fell on our Girl. With a peaches and 'tubelight' waala white complexion and charcoal black thick hair that reached her things when she stood up she was nothing short of a striking beauty.

The boy's family sent their reply through a letter in the next couple of days. They would love to marry in their family...but the boy liked the Girl better than the cousin. If that could be arranged the marriage was on!

And so, our Girl got married to the good looking super duper filthy rich boy from a far off place.Her dowry included amongst other things,two elephants !!! .

The Boy was as eccentric as they come!:) He had come to okay one girl , chose another.
Everyone wanted him to take care of the HUGE amount of family property but he had other plans
He wanted to become a doctor and no one in his family agreed to this.So, a coupe of months after his wedding when the Boy expressed his wish of sitting for the Medical Entrance Exam, his father put his feet down.
Either stay here, with all of us and be a part of the family and its tremendous wealth or go to your city and become doctor but if you do that you shall not get a penny !

Boy was told that if he were dying of hunger he should not expect any one from the family to get food for him , in case he decides to become a doctor.

Boy was , as I said , as stubborn as the rest of his family.
If they would not budge, neither would he.
So, after about an year of living together the Boy left his new bride and went to another city to write the Exam.
Girl, who had never known any kind of poverty suddenly found her self in a pathetic position.She was the bride of a son who had hurt the feelings of everyone in the family by sticking to his decison.
She was also now married to a penniless man.

Boy's family continued with different tactics to ensure that he did not clear the Exam.
A day before the Exam, Boy's mother sent him a message saying that she was very ill.Boy panicked and immediately left for home only to find his mother in the pink of health .
He had missed his exam.

The Boy's family provided for his bride but not for him .Anywayz , Boy had too much of self respect to go ask his family for any help, though he was in tremendous need of it . Boy himself had known only the supremest of wealth and affluence and being penniless was new and strange for him but he knew he would do anything, give up anything to become what he so badly wanted to become.
A doctor.

Have a look at our Girl at this point when we leave her and take a break.
Her husband is an outcast.
She is penniless.
Her husband has no money either.
She constantly listens to innumerable taunts.
The tomboy of yesterday , she makes food for all the 20 odd people in the family and maintains the 70 odd rooms in the palatial house that she lives in.
She has been married for some time now and is still without a child ,a big thing in those days, and would remain so for the next 8 years..listening to couple of thousand more taunts .....

The next part of this story about our Girl shall be typed when I take a break from padhai tomm . For those interested, if all goes according to plan, the next post will be out by around this time tomm.


aMyth said...

Woah! A suspense story!!! :D

am waiting for part 2 :)

Shekhar said...

Eagerly eagerly awaiting for the next part.. :)

Priyank said...

The girl is your daadi, right?

amyth said...

we are all hoping and praying everything goes fine.. :)

Rebellion said...

WOW Ruchi!!

That was an awesome story! I had my eyes stuck to the PC all thru.. Waitin for the next part and also kindly open the suspense whose story is it, you daadi or parents or someone else?

Now for the main part, sure the operation would be done by now and though am sure it would have been a successful one, I'd love to hear this good news from you :)

Please reply soon bacha on that, am very eagerly waitinggg!

Take care,

Shekhar said...

Hey, I prayed for your Dadi the first thing in the morning. Do let us know how she is doing as soon as you get to know.

Anonymous said...

hi... this is rahul again... u will not believe it but i read your entire blog ( yes... entire blog .. rite from day 1 ) .... u have an amazingingly creative mind... u can say u have got one more loyalist now...


niv said...

praying hard..

Raam Pyari said...

@the myth: plz read the post:)

sab info wahi hai!

@shekhar: update daal diya hai...all is almost okay..but the next 2-3 days are critical

@priyank: read on to find out;)

@the myth--thank you guys! thank you so much!!!

@aarti di: hehe..main isshtory riter ho gayi!!!!
haan jee , ho gaya operation..update bhi daal diya

@shekhar--I will amke it apoint to tell Dadi about you:)
she shud know how many ppl are praying for her!

@rahul:aww..thts sweet:)
plz keep reading and visitin:)

Raam Pyari said...

@niv: :)
thanks yaar!

Kishley said...

Is this girl your dadi? And may your dadi come out of the OT fit n fine..