Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I was wondering how it would be like to be Tauji right now.

He is the one doing the most – running helter skelter, taking decisions and all that

I admire him for a number of reasons.

Not cuz he , even at this age, studies till 2 at night and gets up again at 5 to go back to his books.

Not cuz he has authored innumerable books on Neurology which are of international repute .

Not cuz there has been more than one case when a family member has come to tauji with no hope of seeing another day and has gone back hale and hearty.

Not cuz he refuses to make personal use of even the hospital cars.

Not cuz Baba had to finally cancel his hospital account cuz tauji would invariably give all the money there to some poor patient , in dire need of monetory help.

But more so because

I have often felt that there cannot be a better son than Tauji .
Never more than now.
I hope I can be 10% of what he is.


aMyth said...


Sudhir Hasbe said...

Ur Tauji is great yaar.

Hey sis, Happy raksha bandhan...:)

satish said...



niv said...

hey hi!!!!!
i am leaving a furtive comment on ur blog from my dad's office(im not supposed to!)
just wanted to tell net got upgraded, ran for a day and then the comp crashed..wud u bliv it? my dad was horrified..every single thing on the comp went tata bye wudnt switch on.
neway, so we've been netless for like forever now. we asked for the comp guy to come in and fix it but basically, we had to get an appointment and the guy came ystrday.fixed something least it switches on now. sometime for the net to get fixed.
just wanted to let you know.ok?
(if we were in lko,it mite hav been fixed asap maybe??)
sorry for the ram katha but i had to tell ya

chalo..bye for pata nahi kab hates me.

i hope ur dadi's operation goes wishes to her.
take care..

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Rebellion said...

You look at him as you idol!
You wanna be like him is the first step which you've crossed.

Btw, is the story on the latest post about your tauji?? Hats off him :)

Dont worry bacha :)
God Bless You,
Take care,