Friday, August 11, 2006

Dadi Update:

Well...the operation went off smoothly!!!! No complications happened!!!
Dadi is on the ventilator right now and is in the I.C.U... we are not allowed to go into the I.C.U.!
The doctors are going to try to get her off the ventilator at around 8 o' clock..lets see what happens then..
Apart from that , she is giving slight responses when being tapped on the hand ..but mostly she is unconscious.
Tauji is the only person allowed in the ICU right now and even as I speak he is with Dadi....He shall stay at the hospital , in the I.C.U. overnight na d has given strict orders that no one is allowed to come to the hospital.
So,all in all, things are okay..the next 2-3 days are oging to be crucial..but with the best care possible being given to her we are hoping for good results.
Thank you guys for your in the morning I told Dadi about my blog and about you wonderful people..from around the country and round the globe who are praying for her.
She fell asleep as I was talking about you guys(due to the heavy dose of the sedative) but as she fell asleep she was smiling...
Thank you people! You rock!


Girl, Part 2

So, you remember where we left our Girl....lets pick up the thread of the story from there.
Boy was not taking any financial help from his family and it so transpired that when the Exam time came next year he simply did not have the money to buy the exam form and sit for the exam.
Another year wasted.
Girl, inspite of the problems that she was facing continued to support her husband but when next year also Boy could not manage to accumulate enough money for the fee that had to be submitted, things became quite difficult for her.
It had been three years and there was simply no money.
The fourth time, Girl took Boy to her own mother and asked her mother for some moeny.That was a big thing for Boy,for whom nothing was more important than his self esteem.
But the couple could not afford the loss of another year....they had to do something now.
So, Girl's mother lent Boy some money and after four years, Boy finally got achance to appear for the exam which he easily cleared!!
That was the first time, Girl saw for herself how persistance pays off and through the example of her husband Girl learnt the biggest lesson of her life.
No matter how terrible things might be, how bleak things might look, one has to just keep trying.If you try hard enough the bloody thing will happen!!!

This was one maxim that would help our Girl more than she believed it had the potential to.We shall see how in some time....
So, finally Boy was in medical school living his dream while Girl lived through her own little hell...
The irate family vented their anger on the young girl who had not as yet, even after 4 years of marriage managed to provide the family with a baby, leave alone a boy!

At the same time, Boy was working and studying to make ends meet but as yet he was not in a financial position strong enough to ask his wife to come and stay with him.He probably would have immediately called for his wife had he known how some of his family were planning to get him married again so that they could have a child---somthing with whihc Girl was being threatened with with amazing regularity by then...

By the time Boy moved into third year M.B.B.S he asked Girl to come and stay with him.Finances were still not very good but things could be managed and Girl was only too happy to leave her in laws which she did with amazing speed!

In the next four years nothing of great importance happened..Boy studied hard and worked harder for he had a dream and a vision. Adversity fuelled his passion for the medical prffession and support from his wife made many things very simple and easy.
Girl lived a quiet yet in most ways a content life..she had to cut expenses here and there but she was now too used to frugal ways to mind it any how....she cooked and cleaned for her husband, did a lot of stitching and sewing in her free time and was generally happy except for one thing.
There still was no child and rumours of Boy's family planning to get Boy remarried were becoming more and more real...

Maybe , God has his own funny ways of teasing us ..when all hope is lost totally out of the blue God will remind us how inspite of everything he pulls the strings!

So, it was nothing less than the pleasantest of surprises when after 8 long years of a childless marriage Girl found out that contrary to all popular belief , she was indeed going to become a mother.

The pregancy was rife with complications from the very beginning..since Boy could not manage Girl on his own, Girl was again sent to his family till the baby was born.
Now we have to introduce another person in our story.
We will call her the sister-in-law(SIL) and as is obvious, she was Girl's SIL.
Lets flip quickly through the pages of Girl's life and come to the 9th of April , 1950. Girl , as we now meet her, is in a bad shape .There have been complications, the due date for the baby is still a week away but things are not looking good.The Boy's family could see no use in taking Girl to the hospital for even a check up..but S.I.L , someone whose first born was literally brought up by our Girl, put her feet down.She insisted that Girl be taken to the best hospital around which was a good 100 kms away . When no one agreed to take the Girl, whose condition was deteriorating by the second , SIL took matters into her own hands and decided to accompany Girl herself.
SIL , being the sensible woman she happened to be, lost no time By 9th evening Girl and S.I.L reached the hospital , the doctors had one look at Girl and simply said that the case was beyond them.The baby cannot be saved, they said, and if you want to save the Girl's life go to the big hospital another 100 kms away.

S.I.L was a brave woman and I think she loved Girl with all her heart as well.

So, as we now leave Girl again, I would ask my patient reader to picture the two women, travelling by the night ,from one hospital to another,
One brave and another dying ..
One trying her best to save one life and another mourning the inevitable loss of another precious one..

Girl knew that no matter what the outcome of the next few days would be, she was indebted for life (if she would continue to have one) to S.I.L and even in that moment , as they made their way through the dark night , Girl wondered if it would ever be possible to repay S.I.L for what she was doing right now.

And just then, God, reclining amongst the clouds and the moon, looking down upon the two women, must have smiled his superior knowing smile at this innocent thought that crossed the dying woman's mind....

Part 3 of the story shall be put up on Sunday, after the AIMCAT


niv said...

im netted in bak on the net..why no reply to the last message?
Hope your dadi is recuperating well after the operation..

niv said...

shud meet you soon on the soon as i instal msngr.
i hope you're doing ok? everything will turn out for the best..big huge hug from me.take care of yourself and your dadi..

Shreyansh said...

This is turning into one helluva story.It s a pity will have to wait for 2 days for the next part.

And yes, I told ya Dadi will be fine.Dekhna , she will be out of ICU soon.
Good wishes for her.

Shekhar said...

Yeah !!! Dadi is fine. :)))))

I'm sure she'll be fine now. Just you wait.

Btw, after finishing reading this post, I turned to my roomie and said.."Bhai sahab, is ladki ne to ghazab kar diya hai...kya andaaz-e-bayaan hai.."


aMyth said...

glad to have been in the team who made ur dadi smile :) me waiting for the next part of the story, o'coz ;)

Suds said...

Thanks good Dadi is fine. Hope she gets well soon. :) Take care.

Abt the story.. That I will read over the weekend.

Rebellion said...

Nice to know that the operation went well. She'll surely respond to all the medications and will be out of the ICU in no time! Don't worry bacha, she'll be sitting in front of the PC reading your blog in a few days :)

As for your story, bohoot hi galat jagah par suspense chod diya yaar!! I don't have the patience to wait, this story is that addicting!!! Moreover, I also wanna know whose story it is?! Sunday evening, will do. As it is, I don't think il be able to log on for the next 2 days now!

All my wishes to your dadi and all my smiles to you bacha :)

God Bless,
Take care,

Adarsh said...

First of all.... Congrats to Daadi.
I dunno what happened but everytime I opened ur blog showed only till the Aug 4 waala post.So u see.... I am learning all this at once.
and allow me to convey a BIG waala YO !! and a BIGGER waala BOW to ur family.... really....I salute them.
and... I can't wait till sunday evening for part 3..... u left it sooooo critically poised .... :(
waise.... extremely nicely written is this story.... I m not guessing who the girl is... I think I hav guessed it....was an easy one....right ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear tht dii!! And dont worry,she'll b out of O.T very soon,take verry good care of her n urself!!
And d story is verry tempting..aage kya hai..batao naa..batao.batao.. :P!

Anonymous said...

Arre..ALL THE VERY BEST for AIMCAT! :D-Creepu!

Losty said...
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Losty said...

Congrats yaar.....good to everything went of without a hitch :-D
& BOL fo ur AIMCAT

Kishley said...

hey its nice to know your dadi is getting on well.. and best of luck for the AIMCAT..

and abt the story.. well i think i dun wanto wait more to read further.. so as soon as u come back after givi exams, pls post the 3rd part.. 4th part or watever parts there are.. :)

niv said...

i can't get messenger to connect..says some firewall problem.what do i do:(