Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Marathon

Week 1, Post 2

Dad's Post:

Dear Readers,

After taking your opinion only, I am putting up Dad's post the way he wrote it. Let's see who breaks the code;) To me it seems pretty straight forward now :)


I can give the exact time difference to the people who would like to go into those details(the type 1 personality)As it is said that history repeats itself and there is a good couplet:

येः सच कि तरीखः दोहरति है खुद को ,लेकिन जो अच्हे होते हैं वोह् किस्से नहि -होते -

It means that repetition does not have what was good in it the first time.What actually happened in act 1 SCENE 1 was that shehzada asked Mehrunnisa how the pigeon flew away ,she threw up the next pigeon in the air ,exclaiming this is how!

Only 411 years later in act 1 scene 2the same story was repeated minus the best parts.For this i will have to fill in some details.

One of close family friends had to leave town for a couple of weeks and they were very fond of their pet parrot.They requested me to look after the pet so Mitthu entered our family.This was a amazing pet .while me and my wife(Of (in)eligble Bachelors fame) were discussing somebody and we laughed,immediately Mitthu echoed the laughter perfectly .Then we realized his latent qualities.

There was plenty of cucumbers in the garden for Mitthu to feed and he kept us amazed by his shear ingenuity.

The time passed quickly and it was with heavy heart that we had to return Mitthu to its original owners,there children were missing Mitthu.I went to the pet market brought a parrot,being of very good breed it started learning fast.

Now was the time for act 1 scene 2 minus the frills i.e.the shehzada Sid was missing ,though i can give you the exact lattitude and longitude from Botswana to india where he was at that moment ,so my daughter coolly opened the cage of the parrot to let it fly away.Neighbourhood boys and servants ran around looking at the tree tops,with no result.

We waited for our pet for next few days and as the days passed our hopes dwindled.

How we got a new occupent to this cage will be told to you in my next post.

Comments now ;)


Red Handed said...

Your father has an awesome way of connecting simple things to history.
Loved it and i dint get confused when i read it. It was direct and awesome.

Shruti said...

Indeed a very well told story!Now we know where u got your blogging genes from ;)

Bikramjit said...

:) well i had a smile when I read the details can be provided forthe category 1 type people :)

The daughter opened the cage now Was that you who did it :)

so looking forward to the story on the next occupant :)


Preeti said...

I loved it! Your Dad has a very raw sense of story telling! Nice stuff! :)

Anonymous said...


Raam Pyari said...

@RH- :) thank you! It became clear to me only after I read it some 4-5 times properly :O !

@shruti - thanks shru! He knows a lot of poetry and such stuff that I am very far removed from. If only I knew half as much as he does!

@Bikram- thanks! yes it was me :P

@preeti- Thanks, and yes there is a weird kind of simplicity in his story telling.

@anon- thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The words were so alive :)..There is a song in punjabi that goes like "Sadda chidiyan da chamba ve, baabul assan udd jaana" .. :)


neharika kalra said...

very nicely written. i love the way it is told. used to read those " baba yaga" russian stories when i was a kid.reminds me of those. glad you put it the way it was written.

Raam Pyari said...

i know Neha! only everyone has understood it in one go and I took so long to understand it. I have no grey cells.

Raam Pyari said...

creepu- beti, you know i have no brain. Everyone understood dad's post except me. Now you write more stuff that I cannot understand :( explina plz!

Srinivas said...

Nice post! He has got the typical short story kind of style.. ask him to put up more stories..

Anonymous said...

Dii..its a punjabi folk song sung at the time of departure of doli..when girl is leaving her father's this phrase the girl is consoling the father that:

"We girls are like a flock of birds(sparrows)..and we have to fly away"


Dreamer said...

It seems the talent for writing runs in the family. Very well written,there is an element of suspense lingering all through.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Nicely written! It wasn't confusing... I like the way he connected act 1 scene 1 to the present day scene 2!

Nice read!

Tanvi said...

It was pretty straightforward... and entwining to me... :) :) I just wanted more.. :) :) Very nice post :)

Cheers, said...

"shehzada Sid was missing..." was the key for the mystery story :)

Anuhna said...

Am I the only one who wants it explained? :-O
Am I the only dumb person?!? Or the smartest?!?! ;-P

Tan said...

Loved the story. It was conveyed very nicely :) :)

You have been tagged at my blog

Raam Pyari said...

Srinivas- I did not need to do that;) he has sent the next one to me!

Anon- lols! got it now! thanks!

Dreamer- thanks! I will pass it on to him!

TGFA- thanks! I am impressed. I think I am the one who is remarkbly dumb :P

Tanvi- reading all these comments, dad is super excited! there is def going to be more. I have the next story in my inbox already!

anhuna- thank you girl!!!!! I thought I was super dumb! i think the story needs a little bit of clarification- will put it up in the post itself!

Tan-thanks! there is more coming from Dad soon! And my next post will be your tag :)

Horizon said...

:) very nicely written . Talent runs in the family :)