Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Singham, Moview Review.

*No Spoilers ahead*

Singham, in sanskrit means Lion. Each time Ajay Devgan did anything that was inkeeping with the meaning of the name, a lion roared a couple of times in the background.

It is this that killed me. In a good way. It is what made me want to stand on my feet in the cinema, whistle a couple of times and clap really hard.

I loved Singham.

I loved Singham for the tight,fast paced script, the mindblowing dialogues, the background score and the action scenes.

I particularly loved Singham's signature action stunt where Devgan would jump in the air in slow motion, and with a not too pretty grimace on his face, would bring his palm on the head of the poor bloke who had made the error of crossing Singham's path. The bloke would then bounce a couple of times like a ball. That did it for me. Really it did.

Ajay Devgan is exellent. He plays the character of a super cop well by ..well..underplaying it. The khakhi uniform, the spotlessly white Baniyaan showing from underneath, the ray ban shades, the stuck on muchchi- it was all absolutely perfect.

Full points to Prakash Raj. He is the perfect villan. Not stealing the actor's thunder but honestly, well....matching upto it for sure. I did not bat an eye lid (literally) when the two men confronted each other in what were some of the best scenes I have seen of late.

The story is simple. It plays on the age old formula of good versus evil. Of courage. Of standing up for what you believe in. Of standing up for what is correct and right.

But the star of the movie in my opinion was the back ground score. It added to each scene. It lifted the movie to another level, it made me sit up, it made me want to clap and whistle.

Singham is Ajay Devgan's Dabangg. Only it is much better. It does not trivialize issues. It lets big issues remain big. The stakes are high here. And there is little tomfoolery. It is serious. It throbs. Yes, it does. Its all muscle and brawn. But with heart.

I therefore, highly recommend it to people who love masala movies. Go watch it. If posisble dont watch it in a multiplex. If I were a guy in India, I would not even buy balcony tickets for this one.

4.5 stars from me. Only because I do not give any movie 5 as a matter of principle.

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Center Shocker said...

Ur are indeed one of the very few people who speak highly of this movie.. hah!


Alka Gurha said...

Action is not my scene and neither is Devgan....but the movie is a hit.

Someone said its all...SING-HAM

Bikramjit said...

will be in london this week most probably so will go and watch this one for sure ...

I like ajay devgan the actor he is a good actor

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I am quite baffled right now, if it is me or the ones who commented before me here who misinterpreted the review.
I mean 4.5 rating and still a guy would not buy balcony tickets. (What about girls though? :P)
Plus, I felt like you were cussing taunts on the movie throughout.
Please correct me if I got it wrong.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Defiant Princess said...

I havent seen it yet.. plans keep rescheduling!
But i'm sure the movie is all that you say.. I like Ajay Devgan. He's a fine actor.
Will watch it SOON!

Jyoti said...

I loved it too.. Have seen this sort of movie after ages!

Cloud Nine said...

Confused&^%*$#@:P Is it good or bad???

Snow Leopard said...

Hmmm...4.5,eh. So not bad, with loads of action and all. But on second thoughts I will wait for part 2 titled Manmohan Singham. The trailer for that one looked even more awesome.

Arpit Rastogi said...

That means i need to go & watch it! :)

Harish said...

I loved it. Though the intro song was ridiculous, though fights were exaggerated and loud, though the movie sends out a wrong message to public, ultimately it was entertaining...

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

OMG! 4.5 Stars. I Love Ajay Devgun but i surely didn't like Singham. :)