Sunday, July 17, 2011

I think she is dead

Blog Marathon: Sunday Post

So, I met her first at my own wedding. She was preparing for her MD entrance exams then and while her exams were just round the corner, she had refused to let them stand in the way of her attending my wedding. Needless to say, I was touched.

She came home at about 10:00 am on the day of the wedding and I took an instant like to her. I felt I was meeting someone I have known for a long long was weird in a way.

Anyway, thats not the story. This blog post is about what happened the day after my wedding. Obviously, my 'vidai' had happened and I was not there when this happned, but this is how it went.

So she had been up till late in the night for my vidai, had come back to our place and crashed. You know how it is with the house of the bride the day after the wedding. Ours was no different. Chaos reigned supreme.

The morning after Mum was in the kitchen making tea when she thought she should wake her up.After all, she had a train to catch.

So Mom went to the room she was sleeping in and whispered her name.
No response.

She spoke out her name loudly.
No response.

She again spoke out her name, louder than last time.
Still no response.

Mom literally shouted her name and tried shaking her.
No respose from her but my Masi who had been sleeping next to her was wide awake by then.

Right, now Mom is paranoid. Sample this:

Me: 'Mom, I have a head ache'
Mom: Beta, it might be brain tumour. No, it has to be brain tumor.

Me: Mom, I am tired.
Mom: Thats a common symptom for cancer. Oh my God.

You get the drift. So anyways, coming back to the story. So there was Mum, still recovering from the vidai of her lovely daughter, without any sleep, standing infront of a girl who lay still. The girl was not moving. Neither was she responding. That is when Mom is believed to have said this to no one in particular in a horrified tone:

'I think she is dead'

Masi gasped and in true filmy style brought her hand to her mouth for effect.

'oh My god!', Mom is believed to have panicked.

She then went to Dad's room and conveyed to him the news that she believed that the sweet girl who had come to attend my wedding was dead.

'Please chaliye, dekhiye to kya ho gaya hai usko', she said pulling my Dad out of this bed.

Dad,a doctor by profession, then went to her room and checked her for life.

'She is fine', he said turning to look at her.
'but...' said Mom confused.
'She is just sleeping!' said Dad as he gently shook the poor, tired girl awake.

On that lovely note, let me introduce to the bloggers, Neha, who is going to write the next gues post. She is a beautiful, intelligent and veryy sweet soon to be surgeon from one of the top MD colleges in the country. I have the honour of knowing her and you will have the chance to read her first guest post.

Stay tuned.



Dishita said...

ahaa, am coming back for neha's post.
Been working with surgeons and would love to read a different aspect from someone.

Anonymous said...

sounds really intresting!!! waitin fr her post and an insight into the elusive lives of a surgeon

Shubhika Taneja said...

As usual , a completely amusing recount!

Prathima said...

I envy people who have such deep sleep:( I am a light sleeper so much so that even if some one talks in next room, I wake up!

Anonymous said...

Hahha..So thats where U inherited you filmy genes from :)..

And yes..waiting for the post frm the sweet 'dead-ly' sleeper :)


Anuhna said...

Nehaaa....hail to all such sleepers... I'm one of them!!!

Bikramjit said...

you made her work so much at your wedding , now wonder she was so shattered and almost dead asleep :)

will come back to read the guest post


Scorpria said...

'I think she is dead' was THE most hilarious thing to say at tht point in time... Ammas usually let out this blood curdling scream. lol ;) your mom's cool ;)

Red Handed said...

Seems to be a very avid sleeper :P
I so wish i cud sleep like tht
I wake up at the drop of a pin :(
Looking forward to her post

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

OMG, the scene was getting really serious before your father stepped in. And what an introduction that was... one helluva introduction.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Smita said...

LOL!!! Though it was scary but I must say Mom's can be major drama queens :D

gamathepsicop said...

mom is more interesting...add one more chapter about mom in 2nd novel :)

akanksha said...

Good one!!! :-)
A guest post from your mom, is that possible? Think about it:-)


Raam Pyari said...

@dishita- yes please, the post is up now :)

@anon- post is up :)

@shubhika- thanks! I like to make people smile!

@prathima- my roomie in Bschool was one too! I know how bad it is to be a light sleeper in a hostel!

@creepu- lols! dekh le , aa gayi neha ki post !

@anhuna- ahaha....the kumbhkaranis of the world!

@bikram- post is up, sir :)

@scorpia- lols! yes, mom seems to be getting quite popular on the blog;) wait till the book comes out :P

@red handed- yes, i know the plight of light sleepers, my husband is one too! I toss and he wakes up. I turn and he wakes up. I breathe and he wakes up! *sigh*

@BA- thats the rule- all gues post authors get a grand introduction! always ;)

@Smita- Mine can be and I inherit it from her.

@gamath- read my first book, you will enough of 'Mum' though ofcourse my Mum is no way like Kasturi's ;)

@akansha- My Mum seems to be getting really popular on the blog! I think I will have to do something about it soon ;)

Preeti said...

Haha! Lol! :D
PS: I am visiting blogs after a long time, have to say I am super impressed that your marathon didn't run out of steam! Go girl! :)

Angelsera said...

hahaha, love how moms can be so melodramatic! you shd get her to write a guest post :)

I remember when my mom started the "arranged marriage" process. I was disallowed from saying No to any guy, even if they rejected me for watsoever reason.