Saturday, July 16, 2011


Blog Marathon: Thursday Post

So my brother called me up again. These days he generally calls me up and speaks to me in a serious baritone about:
1.what I have been doing for the marketing of the book.
2.Scold me a little bit about not doing enough
3.shout at me a little bit about what he things is going wrong
4.give me a few ideas that I have been stupid enough to not think of myself

In all act like the big brother he is not.

My brother, a doctor, is a year younger to me and calls me 'didi'.

So, he called me up yesterday.

'I have booked movie tickets for Mum and Dad' he said.

'Great', I said smiling 'they wanted to watch a movie?' I asked.

'Not really, Mum has not had a chance to go out too much so I just bought the tickets as Dad won't buy them'.

Dad wont buy tickets because unlike the rest of his brood, Dad is not that big a fan of movies. Not a big fan of paying theatre tickets. He frankly finds them over priced. I mean he enjoys movies but he would much rather buy a DVD and watch at home.

'Hmm...ok' I said. When had my brother, the tiny little cheeky boy who could make me laugh and cry like crazy turned into this man who was sensitive enough to know what Mum and Dad might like?

'But I am telling them you bought it', he added casually.

'What? Why?', I said surprised. A few weeks back, I had tried buying surprise movie tickets for Mum and Dad from London, but due to some issue with my India credit card, I had not been able to do it. I had told Bhai about this.

'Generally, they will like it more', he said casually.

I shook my head. Really when had this happened? When had that joker grown up? Right under my nose without me finding out anything?

'Okay', I said slowly very touched.

'Call Mum up and tell her that you have bought the tickets', he ordered.

'I will do that', i said.

'No, do it now. I am waiting'.

So, well... I called up Mum to tell her that I had bought her tickets that cost Rs 300. She was so happy and thanked me many times. She told me that she had hardly gone out in the last week and would love to go out for a movie. And then thanked me again and again.

'Thank you thank you', sang Ma, very happy. I heard Bhai in the background.

'Ma, why dont you say thank you to Bhai too?', i asked.

'Why?', she asked.

'Just like that', i said.

I spoke to Ma today. She told me how she was so touched with my gesture that she had even told Nani about the movie tickets. She had, she told me told Bhai many times since she found about the tickets that she had a fantastic daughter who even though lives thousands of kilometres away is concenrned about every little / big thing.

'What did Bhai say?', I asked Ma.

'Nothing, he just smiled', replied Ma.

May God bless you Bhai. I hope, pray and wish that your wishes come true. You are the most fantastic brother possible on this planet.



Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Little brother has grown up for sure. :D

Nice post and I can imagine the satisfaction on his face.

Blasphemous Aesthete

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

That was so sweet of your brother! :)
Nice post!

shveta said...

hmmm brothers are brothers... hardly matters elder or youger to you. liked it much :)

btw hiiiiiiiiii RP I am Shveta, regular visitor of ur blog since last 15 days.

I just enjoy reading ur blog :)so keep writing dear :)

Dishita said...

That was so thoughtful of your brother.

somya said...

its lovely. and yes. we never ever realize how thoughtful little ones tend to get. :)

somya said...

and i was going through your profile right now! you are from school! :O
its always nice to know that.

P.S.- i shall read, share, publicize your book. infact do all in my capacity!


gamathepsicop said...


Raam Pyari said...

BA- you should imagine the satisfaction on my face :)

The girl- thanks :)

Shveta- thanks for commenting :) keep visiting and I will keep writing :)

Dishita- i know :)

Sowmya- you are from my school? really?

gamath- :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! :)...Such a pyaari post dii :)..Little brothers are wonderful and so are elder sisters...ahhem :P :)..

-Creepa!! :)

Anuhna said...

Awwwwww!!!! (Seriously, I don't generally use this expression.. it is kind a wierd.... But truly very touching! :-)...)

Bikramjit said...

brothers are always nice and good :)

god bless the both of you .. and may you both smile and smile alwayssssssss


somya said...


Minal said...

awww the most fantastic brother ever. I have two similar brats though- i know the feeling