Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neha's Guest Post

Blog Marathon: Tuesday Post
Reason why the post was not put up on Tuesay: RP dozed off on the sofa

MY / the non author’s STORY: I have often stared at crumpled ATM withdrawl receipts and shoved them back in my pocket. Have even tried looking into a pot full of boiling tea leaves, trying to find the sunset colours in it but I couldn’t.

Sigh, I wanted to write, and the great authors do hunt for these seemingly insignificant things for inspiration, don’t they?

Well, I am a surgery post graduate resident and the most “in my face” and obvious thing in my life right now is my residency. Its obvious I should write about it, but of course my lips are sealed. Though only till the day I pass and run out of my prestigious institute . ( holding close to myself the degree and the pass certificate). Plus there is no time to write.

I multitask like my most fellow comrades : am a doctor. But I don’t just, for eg. , say, order an xray to be done. I tell the ward sister “sister ji, patient ko xray room bhej do”.

She’ll say “theek hai” and go back to her more imp task of checking out the other sister’s nail paint.
I wait.
Then I go find the ward boy. “bhaiya please patient ko chod aao xray me” . He’ll say “ok, ma’am” with a broad grin and go back to whisling a new chartbuster.

Mornings are always beautiful for him. Never suffers morning blues like us lesser mortals.

I wait.

Then I shout.

Then I catch hold of his arm, forgetting I am a doctor, going to be a surgeon and push him a little (with my 5’2” height that is all I can do) “ bhaiya jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao”

Grrrrrrrrrr. Now u know why the ward boy is humming the new chartbuster and not me. That is because I am in the hospital till late night doing the moron’s or someone else’s work.

Doctors, sigh.

Well, that is my story :)

Non author : who shall someday return as the angry young woman to narrate her story. Adieu till then!

Ram pyari’s / the auhor’s story : Well, Well, she did get inspired by the fading mehndi of her hands. So she is the author.

Lovely, brilliant and adorable Ram Pyari.

Aapki Ram Pyari will soon be “Madame RP of the ineligible bachelor’s fame” (so, we pray, hope and wish)

By the way, I am one of the the lucky two people who have already read the book. (and if some Sherlock Holmes thinks I am Siddharth in written disguise, I’m not ;) ).

Will tell you guys why everyone should read the book!! :-

1) Its about “marriages”!!! Oh c’mon, they are like “the event” in our indian lives. It is not your, mine or sombody’s wedding. Its nani dadi chacha chachi mausa masi, masi’s mom in law, and also the very important and very own aunty from the neighbourhood’s affair as well. Did you ever see this aunty ever bothering to take interet when you were struggling to get into college or deciding what to do with your career when u passed out?? That is the charm of shehnais, marigolds, and the gold ;)

2) Girl power : its about “us”. Independent headstrong bold ( smug smile :)) career women who do fall in love, who do get caught up in the arranged marriage chaos. All of us HATE the idea of our pictures being mailed to total strangers. And to be told that some xyz guy( with a paunch, a bald head and with hundred other imperfections) has rejected us coz our nose is not dead centre or because we area a little fat or a little too thin.

3) Its cost effective. (am I sounding cheap? NO! JUST THINK AGAIN OF THE END OF MONTH DAYS, YOU HYPOCRITES)

4) We all need a few laughs. We do. And this one is guaranteed to give you more than a few.

5) Its 100% gripping. You will not put it down before you finish it.

6) Its about mums too ;) your typical run of the mill mum. We love them. But, ah well, at times, well, you know what I mean. Please refer the book for details :)

7) Its by your Ram Pyari, and my didi. I haven’t known her for very long. But for some reason I absolutely adore her, can just pour out my heart to her and turn to her for help. Maybe because she is such a sweet heart. ( also she gave me a VERY COOL snake skin belt ;) )

8) Guys! Have you seen her pics??? Have you seen those coats and those high boots? You got to give credit to the fact that she is one classy chic! ;)

9) At the risk of sounding desperate and freaky : c’mon my fellow comrades, doctors, the residents,all the tragic heroes : lets raise a toast to this lovely young lady and her book. Pease find out time to read it. Its fab and it’s a stressbuster. AM KIDDING, I mean to address all you guys, the readers. Am sure you will enjoy the book as you have enjoyed reading RP’s blog

Dearest Ram pyari, am sure with your readers love and support the book is going to rock the bestsellers lists. You totally deserve it. Good things happen to good people. Lots of love from me. All the very best.

Dearest readers, thank you for bearing with me, if you did. Don’t u worry, the next post will be from Ram pyari, should clear this post’s hang over ;).

Love from me


Thank you Neha for the lovely post. Yes, you one of the only two people on the planet who have read the entire book (except my publishers/ editors, i hope) and it was lovely to read what you had to say about my book. Love.



akanksha said...

Now I am a bit too excited about the book...I am sure it would be an amazing read! :) When is the release??
Can I get an autographed copy, Please ;-)?

Anonymous said...

from the very fine description the book luks like a promosing one... where can i get it? amazon?

Prathima said...

Very nice guest post.. Waiting for the novel now:)

Anonymous said...

What a delightful guest post :-)

Anonymous said...
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Raam Pyari said...

akansha- book should be out in Mid august and in stores first week of september:)

anon- details for preordering coming soon!

prathima- i know :)

writerzblock- i agree!

anon- thank you for the comment. But I cannot put any comment here that compares the work of two people on the blog.. I respect your view but I cannot publish it here. But thank you.

Vijayata! said...

The Non Author:great post!gives an insight(or rather a glimpse) into an Indian post grad residents life!wud luv to read anothr one with a detailed account!and ur blog is nt mentioned here.. do give us the link "doctor saab" :)

The Author: aahhh!goin by the description abt the book..and readin a few other posts on the blog the book looks like a winner already.. see ya at the red carpet of Man(or who so evr plans to sponsor them the coming year)Bookers the comin year!(myt seem lyk a dream but u nevr know ;) ) my best wishes!

P.S.-Am not on FB othr wise wud have liked it! some famous people have dropped by!well done.. usin ur contacts huh? ;)

Do Good!Stay Good!


Keya said...

Lovely Guest Post !! Waiting for the book.
@RP - I have liked the book page on FB :)

Cloud Nine said...

Great guest post. Awaiting the book:)

Raam Pyari said...

vijyata- thanks for your comments and wishes. About the FB page...well..I ahve absolutely NO contacts in Bollywood! All the interest has been generated solely on the merit of the book(or...err...the book cover)! Its crazy trust me, but true :)

@keya- well done! one virtual hug for you :) >:D<

@cloudnine- thanks CN :) I shall convey your comment to Neha:)

Raam Pyari said...

@vijyata- Neha does not blog, hence the absence of a link to her blog. But judging by how much everyone here has liked her post, I will def be asking her to write a post on her life as a post doc. Hopefully she will do that when she has a little bit of time and I will def put it up :)

Pepper said...

Its so good to see everybody (the guest bloggers) showering praise on you like that :D

Can't wait for your book...

prakash said...

What a delightful post!


i want the book! i want the book.. where do we need to line up and camp for the night to get our first copies?

akanksha said...

Thanks for following :-)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, God Bless Doctors like you.
Okay He would bless all of your lot, but for the 5'2" making extra polite efforts for the staff to do their work, a little bit more would surely do.

And nice post. Really nice.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Uma said...

Nice read ...and congrats on the book!!!

Rover Head said...

You've got a nice blog in here! and yes thanks for following mine.. i hope i can write more often though!

Anonymous said...

waitin for the book :)

Sonny Boy said...

Well done RP and neha! do inform us when the book is out :)

Scorpria said...

Me wants the book!!!!!! Author-signed, plsss :D

Sukrit Munjal said...

@RP: When is the book going to be released. However if the non-author has already got a copy, I might take it from her when I meet her next.

Raam Pyari said...

thanks a ton guys!!ofcourse you will be the first ones to be updated :D

neharika kalra said...

thank you very much for all the good words :).and thank you yet more if my post helped you strengthen your resolve of grabbing RP's book as soon as it is out. (heavy words? oh, i routinely have to exaggerate and dramatize, after all its not just a stone in gall bladder doing nothing. ITS A STONE DAMMIT WHICH NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OUT NOW!! part of the job profile :)) jokes apart thanks a ton for liking what i wrote. i had a blog once but i never really wrote there, got too busy with studying. love from me.
PS : gall bladder stones really can be dangerous!!