Sunday, July 16, 2006

Post number HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!

(Since it's the 100th post, a couple of family pics have been added!)

*takes a bow amidst thunderous applause*
*beams with pride all around*
*a fresh round of applause*

Okay..okay's normal you see, to get so excited about all this but try and maintain calm people!!!!
Anywayz...wrote another AIMCAT today and followed Abhi's( advice and did the best I have done till now.
OKay , am alone at home Mum and Dad's friend had organised an art exhibition some time back which turned out to be a huge sucess and they are throwing a party to celebrate it!

My Dad , on my budday, when Mum and Dad had planned a surprize budday bash for me:)...This is how he looks at age 53, I am yet to see a man more handsome than my Dad was when he was younger.

Mommy darling, all set to go!!!!---As you can see, I am just a terrible waste of really good looking genes!*sigh!*

Anywayz..coming back to the post..
My duty in these cases is(ie when Mum gets ready) consists of two things:

1) Picking the right shade of lipstick--like right now I had to force her to use a particluar shade coz it suited much better.
2) I put together the bangles she wears--It includes staring at the drawer which consists of the bangles for an hour , trying to match colurs and picking out contrasts and then the final act of putting it all together!
It is soooooo much funnnnnnn!!!

Now this brings me to one of my fave things!
I absolutely love bangles....It will sound terribly corny but when I look at bangles tab kutch kutch hota hai!!
okokok....anyways, my point is that I am crazy about bangles...they have so much of colour , they look so pretty ,and they can make even the most ordinary hands look soooooo pretty!!
But the sad part is that I do not have many of them..neither do I have many colours..justa few whites and light pinks and silvers..thats about it...also many of them are actually gifts.

Raksha bandhan is round the corner...till last year, the day held very little significance for me. Tying the rakhee was a 5 minute procedure wherein Bhai would grimace all throughout as I would put the dahi and chawal waala tika on his forehead..he would continue to try staring at the tika as I tied the rakhee..Bhai would remind me to tie the rakhee loose so that he could remove it easily later...Dad would click a couple of pictures and Bhai would grimace again as he handed me the customary 500 bucks and that would be it..he would remove the rakhee within minutes and that would be the end of rakhee for us
So, last year was the first year Bhai and I were not together on Rakhee.Bhai is not one of those overtly sensitive people, we do not tell each other that we love each other or any such filmy bhai behen waala stuff....
There were problems etc etc and I was almost unable to send a I was quite Ok with it cos Rakhee never was a big deal with us....But then Ma insisted and I posted the rakhee at the last moment and it reached Bhai on Rakshabandhan itself..
I got to know that his roomie had tied the rakhee on my behalf and had insisted that Bhai shud give him the 500 bucks!
Apart from all this regular drama nothing was said about the rakhi.
Then Bhai came home for a break...
And with him came his wallet..
This one fine day, I was fiddling with his wallet and I saw something red tucked in a remote corner of his wallet...I got ultra suspicious and was very sure it had something to do with a girl .I pulled out the 'red thing' and stared at it for some time.
I was right.
It had everything to do with a girl.
The girl was me and the red thing was the rakhee which was in his wallet a good 7 months after Rakhee.

I was just about to post on my blog when I saw that...Believe me, it reduced me to silly tears and I wrote an ultra senti post on Bhai with unstoppable tears streaming down my face .It was too stark and raw a post to be kept on the blog and I would invariably start crying each time my eyes would fall upon the post I removed the post...

I dont know why I started crying...maybe knowing that you are indeed , contrary to all popular belief, important to one of the two men in your life...
It is by far the sweetst thing that has ever happened to me...I did not expect it at all and Bhai does not know that I know..I am not supposed to know and that is what makes it all the more precious.
I know , a lot of you would think that it was a small thing to happen , there was no need ot get so emotional about it...i know..i know...but you see, small things are enough to make my day...
Sometimes the smallest of things are the sweetest.

My Bhai is increasingly becoming the first one I think of calling up when something happens. When the results of the AIMCAT s are declared each week, he is the first person I call and we discuss the score , the %ile , what went wrong, what went right and everything....My internet link goes down and I call him up and within minutes his friends in the city are calling up to know what they can do to get the link working again...

If I have to work I know I iwll be opting for Hyderabad coz that is very close to Bhai..

It's been long since I met him..the longest ever...Ma, Dad and I are all missing him very bad....

Here is Bhai luking as if he has been working very hard and also terribly hairy!He is sans so much hair now:D

Some times I think that apart from my parents , Bhai is all I have .

OKay poor bored souls...the torture ends here..and I know what you are syaing in your head.
what a silly, emotional girl!!!
hehehe..that I am and proudly so! :D

jai hind!


Anonymous said...

Arre aaj first comment meraaaaaaaaaaa!!!\:D/!!
First of all i too love bangles,but i dnt hav annnyyy!!:O!!...i jus lik playing with them n for tht i use mumma's sweet,li'll collection which we use to increase by gifting one set each on karwachauth!!I still remember how we used to run aftr those churiwala vendors to buy glass bangles in bachpan!!

And for the rakshabandhan,it is the sweetest n most personal festival!!My bro is always crazy about fancy rakhis..last yr we tied "torch wali rakhi :P" ya phir "pikachu wali rakhi"..dnt remember clearly..hehe!!

And u silly emotional proud girl!!:D!-Ms.Happening!!

!xobile said...

what a shilly, emotional girl!!!

Rebellion said...

I lost my gold & silver on your century wala post :((

Anyways, I take bronze & il read the post now :|

Take care,

Rebellion said...


That was such a cute & emotional post bacha :)
Emotions, esp our own always sound silly to our own self but their actually not!! It was the sweetest thing of our bro to keep that rakhi in his wallet.. It shows how much you mean to him & I can understand what a wonderful feeling it would be :)

Smallest things matter & mean the most bacha.. For me too :D

So I wouldn't call you a silly but yeah, You are a sweet, emotional girl :)

Take care bacha,
Dost :)

Sumit Tada said...


Sumit Tada said...

BTW, it was me, Sumit Tada.....
My new blog is at

ranjan said...

U have a nice, eventful rakhi thishhh year as well :)..n btw ur Bhai knows wat u know dat he did not know dat u know :)) [Friends 2-3 baar dekhoge toh yehi hoga Mr. Kant :P]

Sayesha said...

Very good looking family... Mausaji, Mausiji and Bhai all look very good :)

Bahinnn tera photu kahan hai??? Ya gabru jawaan Saket ko bhej diya? Hahahahaha! :D

Anonymous said...

creepu beti: tu first!!!!!!!!!1
woh bhi 100th post parr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tere liye bhi applause beti!tune mera naam roshan karr diya
abb mein raam pyari roshan ho gayi!

x: oyee tu shilly boy hai!!!!!
shilly boy shilly boy!

arti dii: heheh..chalo aap koh toh humari rubihsest posts bhi sweet lagati and thts oz aap khud chweetu types ho!ohmegawd!!!kaisi kaisi baa karri hu...
dun worry raat mein kam soyi thi...isisliye aisa haal hai...

sumit: I ma unable to post comments on your blog!
achche time parr chora blogger ko:D
and glad to ahve u bakk!

ranjan://btw ur Bhai knows wat u know dat he did not know dat u know

and how do u know he knows that i know that he did not know that i know

bahinnn://Bahinnn tera photu kahan hai??? Ya gabru jawaan Saket ko bhej diya? Hahahahaha! :D

abb bahin...meri tang matt kheecho....
phunny girl ho bahin !!!

aMyth said...

looking at the pix added, i dont wonder why u so pyaari ;)

blogspot was blocked by the isps and i had trouble checking the blogs for 3 days. it's alright today.. yay! but anyways, i dumped blogspot..shifted to my own domain now...

u r welcome to my new "home" :)

Rebellion said...

Shukar hai aapke darshan to hue :)

Ab update kabhi hoga dear?

Take care,
Dost :)

amyth said...

oh..sorry.. missed it in the earlier comment..

congrats on the century :)

Anonymous said...

Arrre raam pyari roshan ji!! yeh aapka 100th post hai?!?!?! Badhai ho!! very very congrats to u!! :D..aur mera firsht comment bhi :P..main to chief guest ban gayi re..hehe!!
Aha! n u re the right mixture of personality(dad's side) n beauty (mom's side)!!God bless!-Creepu beti!!