Saturday, July 01, 2006

Remember me question mark

For all those who missed me( ahem) I am BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

( Okay you were supposed to say that , but I did ...I am just tooooo terribly thoughtful!) broadband link was down these past few days and I decided to use that time slogging for beloved friend billi and hence the absence...
I got my Dad to threaten the internet guys . Dad used loads of" Consumer Forum",'lawyers' ,'police' etc etc to get them to do something about this !
So, all of you who missed me, cummon, jaldddiiiii se mere Dad ko thank you bolo...jaldi, quick!! ho gaya?

grrrrrr..I am going crazy right now...but you see, I missed not only my blog but also a couple of other blogs so bad!
This real wierd thought came to my mind some days back. If my daughter were to come to me with a guy like Hrithik Roshan, and say that she wishes to marry this guy , I would so totally agree!
I mean he looks so terribly sincere and hard working and I was so totally rooting for him and hoping that Krish would work for this guy..
Its actually funny, coz like I do not have celebrity crushes and all that..its just that I respect this guy so much!
I look at him and I see honesty, hard work , sincerity..its insane coz like obviously I do not know anything about his personal life but still in my mind he epitomizes all that is nice and hardworking......

Anywayz..coming to saner things...
The results of the 3rd aimCAT were declared..and as usual I did not clear the quant cut off..(this makes it three in a row and since I have just ritten 3 totally not good!!! )
but I just missed the cut off by 0.33 marks and this is by far the closest I have ever come to the cut off...
So , in a way, it was okay..apart from that..I need more scores!!!!!!!!! The percentile is so terribly misleading!!!!
And also, I need to put in more hours....
4 months and 18 days!
and soooooo much to do....
The choching people are just giving us so much to do.....but then obviously I understand it is a very useful thing to thats okay..(aah...I am so kind and just, I should be the queen of this planet)
So, I am thinking along the lines of a couple of solid hours in the morning...that should help big time...
and yess..

I need more marks. I need more marks. I need more marks. I need more marks.
and in case you did not get what I just said.
I need more marks!
anywayz..I know I sound mentally deranged and all that..but then 4 months and 18 days takk abb yehi jhelo!!!!
*evil laff*
missed you guys....babye and tk care!


Adarsh said...

I get GOLD !!! I get GOLD !!! I get GOLD !!!
and ....
U will get much more marks !!!
U will get much more marks !!!
U will get much more marks !!!
ha ha ha
all the best

Suds said...

Hey Sis don't worry I know u will do well and get lot of marks.

Actually if u get all the marks now then what will u get in actual exams??:) lol so don't worry...:)


Sumit Tada said...

Nice to see you back, insane cheezein likho ya sane but plz plz plz likho!
I can't stand this climax, kabhi blog gayab ho jaata hai blog waali!! I was thinking ki ab to september mein hi ext pst milegi......
And yaar yeh to bahut achhi baat hai ki tumhe marks ki tension hai, mujhe to hamesha is baat ki tension hoti hai ki mujhe tension kyun nai hoti! Seriously for past 3-4 yrs, main hamesha yeh spchta hoon "yaar bina padhe bhi xxx marks to aa hi jayenge aur kitna bhi padh lo us se thoda bahut farak hi padega"......and guess what, after the exam i always feel that 2 din padhne se hi itne marks aa gaye to pahle padhna start kar deta to kitne achhe marks aa jate. Lekin next time fir se wohi cheez repeat ho jaati hai! (waise this time, i DID study atleast a week before the exams and did get better marks lekin baad mein pata chala ki saari class ke hi is baar zyada number aaye hain:( )
In your case, you know it very well that you are putting all the effort that you can, thats the only thing that can be done, isnt it?? Use se zyada hum aur kya kar sakte hain??

Anonymous said...

oye! same pinch!!..mera to PC hi crash ho gaya tha..abhi connection chaalu hua aur main aapse milne aayi!:D!!..i'll read n comment later abhi bhai ka holiday homework karna hai :(!!-Ms.Happening!!!

Raam Pyari said...

daroga jee: congratulations!
//U will get much more marks !!!
thank you fer the support!

sudhir bhaiyya:lolz..yeh bhi sahi hai!!!!
abhi namile but final waley mein mil jaye!

sumit: maafi jee...maafi!
I wud have visited a acfe to blof had my link not been set up yesterday!
anywayz cuming to marks...u know its not abt marks here..(as in it is obvio but nt only abt marks) i dunt wnat to work rite now..not at all and want a gud b skul real baddd , real bad as in reaaaalllll badd....and my scores are not moving into a range i wud be comfy with..i really need more marks...I think i need to workk more bt then i scored the lowest in the mock , i had studied maxx fer!
abb batao koi kya kare isamein!
anywz..i cn only work and hope fer the best...

creepu beti: tera bhai bhi hai!!!!!!:O:O:O
mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha!!!!!!
tu ja uska homework karra!!!!
all the best tere bhai ki ticherr koh!

Rebellion said...

One day I couldn't log on.. Now am reading your post which is 1 day old :O :(

Anyways, glad your back bacchha.. missed you & yeah..
Know u said it but I wanted to exclaim it too :D

Btw.. a biiiiiiiig thanks to your dad haan and co-incidently, am the same too! Would threaten the guys in all possible ways to get them to do my work at earliest :P

Great to read sooooo much from you dear aur ab gaayab mat ho jaana ok X-( :p

//"in case you did not get what I just said.
I need more marks"
I got it dear.. you'll get much much more marks, il pray for it.. Mehnat aapki, dua hamari :)

//"missed you guys"
:( not gals :( Ok sorry, bad joke
*hides her face* :P
Missed you too dear :)

Take care,
Dost :)

Anonymous said...

0.33 MARKS!! :O :O :O!!...ab nxt time pakka clear karnaaaa!! all the best!!!
>:D< jadoo ki jhappi to ur dad!!!with hearfelt thks!!:D
haan dii haan! mera bhai hai!!:P!9th mein hai,aur homework finish!:D!such a gud sister i am!:)!-Ms.Happening!!

Sirius Black said...

Besta luck for ur Billi :D

satish said...

abt aimcat,

i missed clearing the quant cut off by 3 marks.

no, no, no. dont say that you feel sorry abt me.

one of my friend got 3, and another got negative marks.

so i am happy :D

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Kishley said...

yeah i got u need more marks :d
SO you should
Study hard!!
Study hard!!
Study hard!!
Study hard!!
Study hard!!
Study hard!!
Study hard!!

hehehe :)

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