Friday, July 21, 2006


She was in 2nd year Btech and he was a final year student . He was tall and fair with a half amused half wicked smile and relatively lonnggg hair ...By the time our story begins he , being a brilliant student and an athelete of repute had in his kitty the bestest job offer of the batch and most of the girls in her batch would either start giggling uncontrollably or become dead silent whenever he happened to pass by

Now ,she did acknowledge the fact that he was definitely a good looking guy but since looks were never of ANY importance to her, she never bothered much about him . Then one day she and another friend were getting some major work done in college and were running from pillaor to post to get things going when Friend poked her and whispered," That guy there, he is Rehan Sir, have you noticed he has been following us round the college since morning"

She looked around and saw Rehan standing a few feet away, near his bike , with his whole gang of friends , talking and laughing, hardly looking like a guy stalking a girl!

"Kindly shut up!",she said dismissively and turned her attention to the work at hand. The twosome , done with their work , started moving towards the Lecture Theatre and sure enough, Rehan and his entire group of friends followed!
That marked the beginning of many such incidents...She was , if anything, just a bit amused.
His friends were an integral part of the whole whatever was going on. Final year students do not like to study and somehow or the other it soon started happening that many times each day, She would look up to see him staring at her...
She would walk past the stairs and one of the group would whisper loudly," oye! Rehan!! dekh!!aa gayi!"
and then Rehan would place his hand over his heart and sigh audibly.

She was, as I said, just amused at his histrioncs...she just tried to avoid him as much as possible...

There was this one time when she was discussing something important with a male class mate outside the lecture theatre.The class mate was one of those people who began each sentence they spoke to her with an extremely witty 'iss baar bhi tum hi top karogi'

she: Can I borrow the assignment?
class mate: Iss barr toh tum hi top karogi...haan leh loh.

she: Terrorists attacked WTC yesterday...
class mate: Iss barr toh tum hi top karogi...haan very tragic naaa....these rubbish terrorists...

so there she was, trying to get some sensible answers from a guy with no sense when she instictively felt eyes boring into her.
She turned to Rehaan staring hard at her.
He continued staring angrily at her till she was there talking to the guy...till she stopped talking to the classmate and left with the conversation still incomplete, maxx irritated with something she could not figure out.
She felt extremely weird about it for many days to come and could not get it out of her system.

By now it was very common to have Rehaan's eyes follow her wherever she went...infact, she was quite used to it nay case, she reasoned with herself...he just had few more months left in college.

This one day she took a short cut from the girls' hostel to the Academic block and therefore had to walk through a narrow alley in the Electronics Department.
Rehan was an EC department student.
The alley was narrow and a bit dark and only seniors had there classes there.The alley was mostly deserted and she was alone..she could see a couple of guys hanging outside a class at some distance ..she could not make out who they were but instict told her it was Rehan and his friends.As she drew nearer to the group she actually contemplated running past the class but then the high heels and a tight churidaar made her veto this idea...
To appear busy she started fiddling with her bag...she could already hear a couple of ' oye rehan! tera waala pink yaar!!'
She was getting a bit nervous and the few feet seemed like a few hundred kilometres...she neared the class room and the guys...
Rehan was standing in the middle and as soon as she was close enough, at Rehan 's cue, his friends around him started playing imaginary violins and in a voice low enough to not attract any attention Rehan sang the following lines
"tujhe joh meine dekhaaaaaaaa
tujhe joh meine jaanaaaaaa.....
And all this while his friends played their imaginary violins with great concentration!
She , poor girl, was so terrified and shocked !!!She hurried out of the alley and heaved a sigh of relief only when she was in her own lecture theatre surrounded with guys least intersted in her...

That is all I have for you people today...
You might want to know what happend to her and him....the answer is simple , Nothing!
They never exchanged a single word and in a few months he left college...there were times when she felt that he wanted to say something but being the girl she was and sadly still happens to be she made sure that nothing was said.
There are songs that remind us of people, of incidences....some of these songs make us cry , some make feel calm.
I am so sure whenever she hears this song from 'Main hoo naa' , no matter how tense she might be, her face always, without fail breaks into a smile.

Gunite people:)

**** Sorry about the lack of knowledge the author has about all 4 lines were sung..ppl are welcum to provide the lines in case they are aware of the song.


Adarsh said...

Second GOLD !!!..... wow !!!
tumhe jo maine dekha...
tumhe jo maine jaana...
jo hosh tha....wo to gaya...
badan ki khushu...chalane lagi jaadu
to hoke bekabu....dil kho gaya....

thnk u thnk u :D

aapke high heels se darr gaya hoga bechara.... ha ha ha

aMyth said...


songs...again... :))

satish said...

itni kyun tum khoobsurat ho,
ke subko hairat ho;
duniya mein sachmuch mein rahti hain
pariyon se bhi jyada pyari si ladki koi;
itni kyun bolo hasin tum ho,
joh dekho gumshum ho;
dekho naa main bhi hun,
khoya saa, bahka saa,
mujhpe bhi chhayi hai deewaanagi;
tumi ko maine pooja, tumhee ko chaha paana;
tumhe jo maine dekha, tumhe jo maine jaana;
joh hosh tha, woh toh gayaa!

(okk! i had to listen to the song like million times!)


it was a 'kadak' story.

Rebellion said...

Wow bacha!!

That was really interesting.. It had my eyes stuck to the screen till it ended :)

As far as the lines are concerned,
Adarsh already gave them to you!!

It was a really sweet of you bacha to share this :)

//"I am so sure whenever she hears this song from 'Main hoo naa' , no matter how tense she might be, her face always, without fail breaks into a smile"
This was sooooooo cute :)
Can I see you blushing bacha?? ;)

Take care,

Sayesha said...

Saket nahin Rehan sahi! ;)

Kabhi na kabhi woh mil hi jayega usko kisi mod par... apni moti si biwi aur solah bachon ke saath! :D

LOVE the song!

Satish, thanks for the lyrics yaar! Maza aa gaya! :)

Raam Pyari said...

#adarsh---arre waah!!!
thaks fer the song:D
//aapke high heels se darr gaya hoga bechara

mere???*maxx question karta hua luk*



#the myth: yepp, again!!
even on my blog:P

#satish: inna saara gana:O
sabb yaad??
waise very sweet lyrics:)

#aari di://Can I see you blushing bacha?? ;)

*blush, blush*
:D post is gonna be ur tagg!!!

#bahin: tussi toh saket parr atak hi gaye!!!
heheh..bechara padhata hoga toh ..hehehe...apane baal nochata hoga!!

ranjan said...

ho jaaoon fanna :), aapki life hi filmi hai :), aashiq mila bhi toh rehaan naam kaa :P,

Boley toh Lage Raho Pinki Bai :)))

Adarsh said...

accha accha ....'uske' high heels...he he

amit said...

kya yaar... mujhe laga ek fundoo luv story ban rahi hai... tum ne poori kahani ka kaam tamam kar diya :)

Anonymous said...

"Karta kya hai?"
"Ghar pe koun koun hai?"
"Kab se jaanta hai?"
"Gaana aata hai?"

Aise question pooch kar kisiko pareshaan nahi karte :P!hehe..

Nice,sweet story!!Vaise wo karte kaya hain? unke ghar par koun koun hai?kab se jaante hain? gaana gaate hain? :D!-Creepa!

Raam Pyari said...

#ranjan: what ashiq???

#adarsh: thats better ;)

#amit: wadde din baad!!!! kya haals and chaals hain?

#creepu beti: oye!! tu toh aaj kal shaadi mode mein chal rahi hai!!!!
suhdra jaa sudhar jaa!!!