Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mini gundi!

For the uninitiated ,'gundi' is the female of a 'gunda' and for the super uninitiated a 'gunda' is also called a ' luchcha' and a 'lafanga' .
(A very common gaali ( infact , the only gaali )used by yours truly is L.L.B= Luchcha Lafanga Badmash)
chee chee...
raam raam..anyways enough of gyaan for a day!

..moving on...

Well, so I had been behaving like a gundi till some time back as in I was not studying enough...which was very bad..I used to conjure up the grandest of plans but nothing would materialise and that was terribly badd...but then my percentile in the AIMCATs used to be pretty gud and the city ranks were so terribly nice to hear that I think I was becoming complacent ..till last sunday.
*dramatic pause*
*bach ground mujeek, ekta kapoor ishtyle*

I wrote my AIMCAT and when I summed my DI marks I realised to my sheer, utter horror that my sectional score was -0.33!!!!!!!!! (negative jeero point three three, for the uninitiated)
On top of that I had missed two pages in that 50 page question booklet and thereby had not even attempted 7 simple 30 seconds english questions.
Anyone who has ever known anyone who has ever written CAT knows how important 7 marks can be

So, all in all, I wrote a miserable miserable, miserable the lowest %ile till date( dunno if the decreasing %ile is going to be a continuing phenomenon or not ) and by farrrrrrrrr the lowest city rank till date..*double, triple sigh!*

Infact , to make things sound terribly ugly, lemme add that this time the city rank was more than two times the previous lowest..It was also the first time that I got a city rank that was in double digits....
tch tch tch

When I logged on to check my AIMCAT result this tuesday,even though I knew I had done miserably, I just sat there staring at the screen for 5-10 minutes....unable to believe what I was seeing.

So,I knew that something was going wrong somewhere and I thought and I thought and I thought.....
I now know that I had been getting overtly tensed about CAT..I get very anxious about it and spend a lot of time thinking about it.....which is sheer stupidity....
Also I have given up IIM, I do not intend to stop working for CAT, not at all...far from it...but I am no longer obsessed about it..I am not thinking just reduces my efficiency if I think too much about anything...
If IIM or nay other good insti shall be brilliant but if it does not things shall still be okay...

This seems to be working for me...(tw) I am happier working, am enjoying the prep much more and all in all I am putting lesser pressure on myself.I am therefore quite busy with prep right now, I ake my deadlines and make sure I work according to them...31st July is an important date for me as by then I need to finish each and every basic thing related to CAT.... finally I sat down and got myself a plan of action and I hope to be able to stick by it!

Apart from that, without meaning to demean myself lemme add that there are certain things that one deserves to get and some that one does not deserve. However this neither means that no undeserving person shall get something good nor does it mean that one should stop working hard...I have tremendous faith and super tremendous respect for hard as usual , I shall work hard..but as the Geeta says, it is only 'karma ' that is in our hands..the ultimate result is beyond us....This is not negative thinking..this is simply ' no thinking'!
Thiking is injurious to health.

If a gud b-skul has to happen then so be it
If it does not have to happen....then...err..ummm......I am a slim, fair, sweet natured , convent educated girl from a respectable Brahmin family of Northern India who will be earning a 6 figure salary p.a. in a year's time dot dot

Blush blush blush!


Rebellion said...

I take the GOLD again bacha \:D/

Yea yea yea yea yea!!!!

Ab hum post padne jaa rahe haiiinnnnnn :P:P

Take care,
Dost :)

Rebellion said...

Wah jee wah!!

Maine kid sis kya kaha, aap to bade ho gaye bacha :)

Lovely post, cute as ever or I should be saying as cute as you :D
(Glad am not a guy else your readers would think am line marofying on you :P)

hehehe.. Your first para, that explanation.. LLB.. hehehe, mast tha :))
But what if someone asks what do you mean by luchcha or lafanga?? :P:P

Apart, I agree with you cent percent.. When you think too much about something thats gonna happen with you in future, your under constant pressure and pressure is never good. You end up doing nothing accurately coz of the pressure!! I know.. Iv experienced this very very recently and I said the same words to my frnd. Let things happen the way they are and am sure God will have the best in store for you bacha :)

//"Thiking is injurious to health"
I know.. talk to me about it but kya karen, control hi nahi honda :P

I was gonna copy paste the whole last para here.. It was tooooooooo cute and am sure all your dreams will surely come true sweets :)

Keep Smiling..
God Bless You.

Take care,

Shekhar said...

Oye Martinian...Martinians never give up...EVER !! Yaad hai naa...."Hail Hail the name we own" ? Chinta na kari. You'll do absolutely fine. Just give it your natural best, which in any case is 100%

Smile ??


Sayesha said...

Zyada soch mat... bahinn ka aashirwaad tere saath hai. :)

Anonymous said...

arey, aimcats are fun! first, you dont have to prepare anything for this particular just go there and sit for two hours! bana toh theek hai, nahin bana..aisha toh ho hee nahin sakta. it was like a dream come true for me. never fully-prepared for even end-sems(that may sound too cool, but its true :|).

well, but sincerity does count. and i think that is the main reason for gals topping everytime in our classes (the regular engineering classes). dudes can be cool, so to say, and call gals muggu(if you know what that means??) but sincerity is a big and important quality in itself. i dont mug enuf, not becos i dont want to, its just that i cant.

(uhh!) and that is the point. frm whatever i have read and seen here, i find you sincere. so have faith, you will make it to top b-eskools.

i particularly like your blog, bcos i can see things thru a girl's perspective, and its motivating in a weird kind of way.

i got 82% in this aimcat. (naajh! dont say poor you, cos i am haapy :D). but i really dont know how well i did cos all my frds are lukkha(i am the only intelligent one!), so objectively thinking, what do you think of my performance??

chalo, best of luck.



Anonymous said...

and that was percentile!

Shreyansh said...

So here we get to see the mature side of a usually sentimental girl. :)

You are right. The preparation should be enjoyable and let the result be left on God/time.
But we better avoid complacence.Right?

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

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