Wednesday, July 26, 2006


This time it is Aarti di( who is behind this.....lemme be a good girl and honour the tag!!!!!

I am thinking...
about B-School :D , what else re!!!

I said...
I am what I am coz of my Mum , the good and the bad..Everything!

I want...
To travel to Denmark, Poland, spend some time with myself and try to quieten the noise go to the hills...

I wish...
I were a guy and then I would , in a couple of years ,have atleast 5 babies!!! The sad part about being a girl is that if you are going to have a baby you are going to be the one going thru hell while hubby dear has to just look a bit worried..*sigh* Not Fair!!!!!!( Warning : NO comments on this from any of the readers;) )

I miss...
right now..nothing..but thats coz I am a bit bugged up about the near future....let that get settled , then I will have loads of things to write about!

I hear...
the sound of a reporter speaking gibberish..I can hear the TV in the next room is quiet , other than the sound of moi typing..

I wonder...
Why some people become so important.

I regret...
Not being free enough to get wet in the rains..I can't do that no matter how much I want to...I just think of how messy it will be and stay inside while others have a rollicking time in the rains..

I am...
Raam pyari

I dance...
Very rarely, it takes a lot of cajoling to get me on the dance floor!

I sing...
I do not , and thank your lucky stars that I do not!

I cry...
very very very easily.. speak to me in a loud voice if you wish to heck!

I am not...
strong..not in okay, I am not physically strong either..but emotionally also, I do not think I am a very strong person...Classify that under the 'Sad but true' category!

I write...
Coz I love to torture you people!!!!Muhahhahahahahhahahahah..Read on nahi toh goli daag dundi!*maxx gunde waala luk*

I confuse...
Oh, I am thoroughly confused myself to even begin to try to confuse any one else!!!

I need...
to do some heavy duty anger learn to stay learn to stay quiet inside.

I should...
dance and sing even if I cannot .

I finish...
This hoping that you are not banging your head against a wall...or worse your PC...
chee chee

I tag…
1)Daroga jee(
2)Sumit jee( i cannot comment on your blog and you need to write a new post!!!
3)Mani jee (
4) Aarti di----
For you I have special tag so that I can get to know you better !!!!!!
so you answer the following:
1)Your pet name is ----
2) what do you do?
3)(and the totally girlie) any boy friend???, bolo , bolo!!!!
4) your best friend is----
5) Your family consists of----
6) Gimme an account( in sufficient detail) of all that you did today..ekdumm subah se!

jai jawan, jai kisan!!!

Gunite, amigos!

hahahahhahahahaahahha(evil laughter!!!)

Kyun, you ask??\

J.L.T , I say.

P.S.: J.LT=just like that!


Adarsh said...

Aapka Tagwa bahute jaldi honour hoga devi ji..... bas tanik intezaar..... :)

Anonymous said...

"Why some people become so important."
So true,itni senti baat boli hai!!

you want to go to the hills? :O :O :O
Koi sanyaas ka chakkar to nahi hai naa?? :S

haan,u shd sing n dance :D,mazaa aata hai bada,try it once!!

Such a weak,emotional silly girl u re! :D-Creepa!

Rebellion said...


I missed the gold & silver!
But I take bronze \:D/

Now am getting very impatient to read.. so il be back soooooon bacha :)

Take care,

Rebellion said...

OMG Ruchi..

You actually tagged me??? :O:O:O
And you really want me to complete the tag?? :O:O:O

Now for your answers..
Pata hai.. sometimes even I wish I was a guy but my reason is different! Everytime I had to sit home coz I wasn't allowed to go out with frnds.. wasn't allowed to play dandia coz the venue was far off.. I yelled, grumbled & wished I was a guy! As for ur ans, I'd say I really wanna experience being a mom ;):P

Loved your answer to I wonder.. Even I wonder the same but in your case, who's become so important to you suddenly dear that it made you wonder??? ;)

Don't ever say bacha that you're not strong and always remember, no one actually is, its just about showing yourself as one! Everyone is weak at one point or the other but never show anyone in the world that your weak.. My experience bacha, suno aur maano :)

hehe, if you write-ups are torture, I'd love to be tortured by you >:D<

You too get angry soon?? Me too :(
Lemme know if you manage to control it, il come to you for classes :P

Bas.. bahut likh diya, now il give your beautiful eyes some rest :P

Take care dear,

Sumit Tada said...

I dont get how, you "Can't" post comments!! Ab to maine anonymous comments bhi allow kar di hain!! Look at the 10th comment on my 1st post....

about the tag....chalo hopefully isi bahane ek nai post to aayegi mere blog pe!!

Sumit Tada said...

Completed the tag....and if you still cant post comments on my blog, do let me know by mail or whatever you like...

satish said...

kya likhun??

the one thing i want to comment abt posseses the risk of deletion of my comment.


Anonymous said...

I Found Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & PentHouse:
If I find something else I'll inform you.
Best Regards, Jenya

Raam Pyari said...

jaldi se kariye:D

#creepu beti://Koi sanyaas ka chakkar to nahi hai naa?? :S
hehhe naah re..abhi sanyas kahan..CAT ho jaye fir sanyaas lungi;)
//haan,u shd sing n dance

agar kabhi kismet ne mialaya toh hum donoh dance karenge!!!ok?

#arti dii://You actually tagged me??? :O:O:O
And you really want me to complete the tag?? :O:O:O

thats cuz u hardly put up personal psts(although abb aap sudhar rahe ho!) so I dun know much about you and that is not happening!!!!

isiliye likhiye, and woh bhi jaldi se!!!!!!

//Don't ever say bacha that you're not strong and always remember, no one actually is, its just about showing yourself as one

very mum also says these exact words...but then yeh toh bilaag hai..yahan toh sabb maaf hota hai;)

//Lemme know if you manage to control it, il come to you for classes :P

aapke liye free choching!!!

#sumit: yess..:)
first prize aapko!!!
*thunderous applause from all around!!*
but I still cannot comment on your blog:(
Mebbe I will use opera next time..mebbe that will work!

#satish:hehehe...sab ne seriously leh liya us warning koh!!!
naah jee..aap koh choot hai likhane ki..
plz share ur thoughts with all of us:)

//I Found Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & PentHouse:

am i spposed to say WOW???

aMyth said...

I wonder...
Why some people become so important.

a question i've trying hard to crack

Raam Pyari said...

the myth : if u are able to crack it ..plz lemme know as well:)