Thursday, July 06, 2006


For years I never found anything more glamorous than sitting in front of the mirror , throwing your hair back , picking out a pretty ear ring and putting it on...There is something so terribly feminine about this that it never ceased to fascinate me....the simple reason for this weird fascination was that for a very long time I could not change my ear rings on my own...
I know it is down right silly and all that but frankly I could not , not matter how much I wanted to, put on stuff on my own.

When I was born, my Dadi's mother, badi nani, gifted me tiny 'ear ware'. Badi nani, incidently, is the one who gave me my name as well....Well, so then when I got my ears pierced,at some teeny-weeny age , those were the ones I used...For 1 year they stayed put till school started and there only ear rings were allowed. So dadi came to rescue this time and she gifted me a pair of gold ear rings.Simple ones. Not too large not too tiny.
They stayed put till I left school..yess!!!!For 14 years I did not change my ear rings! Occassionaly, the ear ring would come off and I would get mighty scared..but would never even even try to put it back.
I never trusted my mum with my ears:D so it was now Dad's turn to come to my rescue!
My Dad is an eye surgeon, and his work demands tremendous hand eye co ordination and all that blah..more over if the rumour going around in the doctors' circles is to be believed, Dad is supposed to have a rea neat , he had my trust and I would go to him with my HUGE problem.
He would look gravely at the ear ring for some time, study the one already in my ear for some more time, devise a strategy in his head , All this while I would be sittting on a chair , resting my head on the 'Operating Table' with the 'bad' ear facing him. He would switch on the lamp and the OPERATION would begin.
A lamp was used, Dad never used his hands ; steel forceps lying around in the house were used and I am just terribly glad that the high resolution microscope that Dad uses in his O.T[Operation Theatre for the medically challenged!] was not borrowed .
I am not generally wicked. Generally...ahem
But I have , in an usually clean career , yelped a major 'OUCchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' just for the heck of it.
Just to see how Dad would react to it...Dad, terribly used to poking needles into the eyes of unsuspecting patients would then throw his forceps and start off with a ' OK,OKOKOKOK, theek hai theek hai theek hai theek hai!!! OKOKOKOKOKOK, deep breaths, okokokokokokoko'
I firmly believe that he said all this to and for himself rather than me!!!! Those were the only times when , I believe, Dad regretted the fact that I was a girl. No girl= No ear rings=No 'ouch'.
Anywayz, If I were not in the mood to prolong the Operation with my antics, in about 3 minutes flat the ear rings would be in their place and both Dad and I would be happier people!

So, girls sitting all dressed in front of the mirror adding that final magical touch was so unreachable for me....
Anyways with time I did start doing it on my own....till sometime back.
For nearly one month I had not put on anything and my mum had been screaming at me to wear an ear ring /whatever today after a long time I put on tiny green ear rings ( gift from a neighbour who got them for me from Tokyo) . Within minutes my ultra sensitive ear was red and swollen and I had to take them off.
But no , they wouldnt budge..
and my ear pained like hell...
My Dad was about to leave home for a surgery and I asked him to help me out first.
Out came the lamp, the forceps were searched for , Dad studied the make of the ear rings for some time to decide on a strategy and adroitly removed the ear rings in 3 minutes flat!!!

Well that was the highlight of my morning today...the afternoon had something better to offer. my bestestestsestestestestestets friend,( is now back home for a month and suddenly my terribly boring life seems so terribly full!!!
its amazing how much difference one person can bring to your life!!!
Suudenly I have so many things to look forward to.....
loads of love


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I think I will say one thing .This is the first time that I have a crush on some one I have not met.

May God Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post,let me try changing earrings in front of mirror with new zeal;)!!
Gud to see u so xcited,njoy with ur bestestestestestestest frnd:)!-Ms.Happening!!!

Shreyansh said...

:) Ha ha ha!
That was such a scary description of a dreadful operation.
A bad 'ear' day!

satish said...


phir se ek fresh post!

i cud see the whole thing happening before my eyes. simple and yet great post!


I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I think I will say one thing .This is the first time that I have a crush on some one I have not met.

hahahaha =)))))

*stops and wipes off his saliva*


(sorry :|)


Arti Honrao said...

Its tuff to Imagine "Raam Pyaari without earrings ;)
First visit here ...
Nice blog :)

Hv a nice day
Enjoy Life

Rebellion said...


That was another super cute post friend :)

I was like 'aawww' & 'hehehe' all thru the post. It was cute & terribly funny in its own way!! So sweetly you described your dad and sooooo dam sweetly he went 'okokokok' hehehehe, loved it all the way bacha :)

Keep posting... it feels really nice to read such nice cute posts from you &...
Congrats :D Your best friend's with you :D Enjoyyyyyyyy :)

Take care,
Dost :)

Sayesha said...

What an adorable post, bahinnnn!! :)

And lagta hai gaaon ke gabru jawaan ka naam Saket hai? ;)

Raam Pyari said...

saket: ....
*some temme what I am supposed to say!!!!!*

creepu beti:yuppsss!!!! yesterday we had an Ossummm time!!!
we jabbed for like 4 hours!!!!!, went out to eat and all that!

shreyansh: kahan kahaan gayab ho jaatein ho!
bolo bolo!

satish: has lo
has lo!
jinna mann kare has loh!


arti: welcumm arti!
glad u like it..keep visitin!

dost: always find my posts sweet na:)
you know, I always wait for your tak lagta nahi ki post ka kam poora ho gaya hai!

singafooriya bahin: ched loh!
jinna mann kare ched loh mujhe!!!

p.s.//And lagta hai gaaon ke gabru jawaan ka naam Saket hai? ;)

Hiren said...

Earrings or otherwise, I wonder if any lady believes in the saying" True beauty needs no ornaments". In my humble opinion, Jewellery is a good investment and women should be appreciated more for their smile, their versatility and their emotional intelligence.

Ram pyari
Lagegi aap nyari
Jaise hoti hai phoolon ki kyari
Jab sabsekam hogi Jevron ki Tayari
Hogi bohto ke saath dosti or yaari
Jevar to aise hote hain jaise meri tooti footi Shayri.

Anonymous said...

I askd u tell before doing anything with ur blog, lekin kya karen, now i had do something similar :(
Sorry dear....


Sumit Tada

Nirwa said...

Hahahaha - been to your blog before, it's interesting! :P

I have similar troubles with earrings.. the holes are just too small, and heavy jewellery (the ones you've "GOT TO WEAR" at weddings, never go in! I have to apply vaseline on it and then it would go, leaving my ear all read and swollen later on!

Nice one!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raam Pyari,
Came to your blog from Sayeshaz.. liked it very much..keep doing the good work.

aMyth! said...

hello. Sorry, wasnt here for a while. Been too busy. But just caught up with ur posts i missed :) Well well.. So the pixie is in town, and u are having loads of fun. Guess u'll have more of it if few more dixies* join u all from down south ;)

*used in Indian context here instead of the actual "US Southerner" :)

Phoenix said...

lovely post

Anonymous said...

arey, i know tht i sudnt be disturbing you as you must be having times of your life with your bestest friend but what happened in this aimcat??

ohh! we really dont worry abt aimcat results wen we have other important stuffs to look forward to.

or do we??


Rebellion said...

Hey bacha..

I always find your posts sweet coz you right from the heart :)

You write ups, your posts are simple and exactly what you feel and I love simplicity & genuine people and if they're my sweet friends, how can I not like what they're actually feeling dear :)

You are like a sweet little kid sister to me, who gets upset & excited like any kid sis would :D

Keep up the work & keep writing bacha...
//"you know, I always wait for your tak lagta nahi ki post ka kam poora ho gaya hai!"
Thanks bacha, thats soo terribly sweet of you :)

Enjoy bacha but get back to your blog soon too and don't worry.. M all safe & sound and so are all my near & dear ones :) Thanks bacha :)

Take care,
Dost :)

dotty.pixie said...

its so so so so so so soooooooo great to be back home!!i missed you and i love being back here wid you knowing tht ur only a 10 minute walk away :)
so im writing this frm ur comp only while ur prancing arnd fixing ur hair..
ur more than my bestest frend u know..:)much more
(ok..senti comment totally unrelated to the post but u get the point;))

Shreyansh said...

Yahin hun re!
Just not getting enough time to blog.
How are preparations going on ??

Raam Pyari said...

shayari humare liye:O:O:O
waah ustadd waaahhhhh!!!!!!
waah! wahh!

sumit:yeh kya kiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blog kahan gaya!!!!!!!!!!!
usko marr dala ya chupaya hai!!!!!
foran batao!!!!!

nirwa: welcs to my place nirwa jee....:)

I so totally know those shadi waal ear rings!!!!
they are a night mare!!!

plz keep visting!
p.s: i never used vaseline,,,i think I will try it next time!

anon: thank you and keep visiting:)

the myth: gladd to have you bakkkkkkkkk
inne dinoh baddddddd!!!
welcummmmmmmz to u to;P

yess yess dottydotpixie is in town:D

phoenix: arre !!!
sepecial welcoem to you:)
am glad you liked it.
tk, tk

satish chek the next post*sigh*
btw! cleared the quant cut off this time!!!:D

dost : aaj se no dost wost!!!!!!
aaj se aap aarti di hooo!!!!!

pixie: rote sucha sweet comment, i thot u must have ritten tht i do not look like a south indian girl when i put on a black bindi!!!!!
p.s. I just killed a machchar..
mere haath mein kisi massoom ka khoon hai
kya abhi bhi mein tumahri dost hu??

shreyansh:tab theek hai:D
read the next post and u will know how my prep is coming along!

Rebellion said...


Kitna super cute reply tha aapka bacha :)

Glad you're back to blogging and hey, your friend deserves a pat on her back yaar!!! Dunno if its actually her or what but suddenly you're sounding big big in your latest post :D

Anyways, enjoy dear.. on my behalf too :D

Take care,