Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its almost 12 at night and my house is teeming with people and i am very very sick of it!!! I just want one full day when i can study as much as i want, get ultra tired and then sleep...but no , none of it is going that way...there are SO many guests at my place, some cousins hubby+ hubbyz bro +so many more people....and i had to help with loads of kitchen work also coz my mum was not at like i cud not study then either....and i am getting to hear loads of comments like:" arre Ruchi , itani help karayi tumne, hum Hyderabad se tumko khoob dher saara asheerwad bhejenge"
jee kaise bhejenge, courier ya post se?
"arre Ruchi, tumhare begair toh hum kutch nahin kar pate"
yeah...right, say that...when i have just washed so many utensils with cold water!!!
by the was good in in case i flunk in my exams and decide to forget about Btech...i think i'll make great bai! Great alternative career! I neva knew i had it in me! mami came just now..and she gave me a bear hug and said"arre Ruchi..itane saare log the , tumne toh moral support badha diya..i hope tumhara jyada loss nahi hua padhai ka"
okay..i'll stop my ramblings now....
my padhai is NOT going the way i want it to..and i think this sem i will not do half as well as i have been doing uptill now..:( but i have no one other than myself to blame.
p.s. had too much of IIM one point of time there were 4 ppl from various iims under my roof...!!
p.s okay..i'll stop acting weird about end sems!!simply coz they are end sems! just end sems.
p.s. in case ur bai doesnt turn up tomm morning dot dot dot.


ranjan said...

Haha :), Bai Ji ..enuff said :P

Abhi said...

had too much of IIM today...

I am not saying a word.

Ashish Gupta said...

namaste Ruchi bai!!!!! :O
still lmao =))

know wat- give end sems, I'll talk to u later- else i know i am gonna get a lot of __! *nail biting*

dotty_pixie said...

gues who???
God..i have been away frm blogging world for too long!
forget padhai yar..its neway useless..!i always knew ud make a great bai!we can start our own business..theek?
ok..gtg now.
p.s.u havent msgd me as yet?

amit said...

he he........ no panga with baiji from now-onwards.....
baiji kal aa rahe ho na aap....;)

Raam Pyari said...

Ranjan---hehe..ab bus!!

Juggi---had too much of IIM today... + woh saad sa juggi ka face.....totally sad sad!!!

Ashish---namaste Gupta ji....:)) haas lo, jitana hasna hai has lo!!!

nivindya---jee aap kaun, i'm sorry mein toh aapko nahin pehchanati...kya hum pahle mil chuke hai??
p.s. will message u ASAP, there was sum prob with the key pad of my cell :(

Amit saab: mai jhadu lagati hai, mai pocha lagati hai , holi -diwali nava kapda mangati hai.. maheene ka pagaar 500 rupalli, kya bolta?

amit said...

bus aap bartan dhona bhool gayi...arre bahut demands hai baiji aapki... lekin koi baat nahin....mein adjust kar loonga