Sunday, November 27, 2005

Deviyon aur sajjano , kahiin jayega nahin--hum hazir honge ek chote se break ke baad! :)

Exams begin from the 12 of December and i should get down to heavy duty padhai-likhai now..hence and therefore a small break from blogging raises its chotu as head. See..if i keep posting even during the 2-3 weeks to come the posts will consist of only 2 things-
1. sob story of much i should ave studied, but did not.
2. sob story of how well i should have done in my exams but did not.

I really like most ppl who read my blog i shall not subject them to such extreme forms of torture...hence with the best interests of fellow bloggers in mind , i shall *tries to look brave* try to stay as away from blogging as is humanly possible . But yess if i take a dayz break from padhai( i know i shall be doing that) and if i am not depressed( kya aisa ho sakta hai question mark) then i SHALL put up a post..but elsewise mah blogz going to be a quiet place for some time now.
But, i shall hopefully continue reading the blogs i follow till i finish these senseless end semesters...its Adios time.
Be good, dont fight with adorable sisters, look before you cross the streets, dont rob anyone, dont murder anyone and please, please, please take good care of urselves . * i am going thru the i-love-KBC-phase*
Adios and miss me .


abhi said...

do well.exam hall mein peeth dikhayi to wapas na aana sainik.

Shreyansh said...

Thnx for wishing me luck .. Man I really need it. :-)
Good luck to you too!!

Canary said...

added me..! yippee.. :)
ma'am i changed my sign-in name on ur advice.. :)

Obi Wan said...

May the Force be with you!

ranjan said...

Best of luck with everything :)

Raam Pyari said...

abhi---as you now bherry well middle name is...Einstein..*superior look*
PJ s apart..thanks munnu..i really need all the good wishes i can get.
demo version of madame Curie. :))

Shreyansh---haan...u'll do well..and thank you dost ,for wishing me luck as well..:)

Canary jee--wah! wah! its some kinda record or something..its the first time in my life that i have given constructive techno advice to someone!! yay!! :)

Obi---hehe..thanks...i hope so too..after my exams one whole post on Meena and waris!

Ranjan--aah..thankoo..the sooner all this gets over the better it shall be for my hair :)

amit said...

best of luck....... as we say in IIMA lingo...crack macha do

latika said...

have lots of stuff to tell u .....don't think we'l talk in the coming few days because of ur exams, so i'l write it here itself
1. saw amitabh bacchan at sahara city...he is soooo thin
2. eeeeeeeeee......saw abishek bacchan too....eeeeeeeeeeeee
3. saw the goblet of fire.....awesome.... scary too!!!diggory was pretty handsome yaar.
so that's the intro, body and conclusion of my essay.....i'll elaborate later!
and BEST OF LUCK for ur upcoming chota exams.....but don't take too much tension ..pait kharab hone ke alawa kuch bhi nahi hota hai
btw thanx for reminding me of that green patch of land my academic life went thru in the last 2 years of school......its pretty barren now!
but determined not to let it be!

rik said...




kshitij said...

so gearing up to beat the daylights out of 'bechara' uptu yet again.blessed r the chosen ones who have this power.
all the best.

Raam Pyari said...

Amit-----hehe ..myb crack machega..but more probs of no crack- shack

Latika---tumhe kya boloon.. i have full knowledge of the body and conclusion of ur essay now :) hey ..wait a sec..some got the silver medal at med school last year..woh kaun thi..??? mujhe yaad nai aa raha hai...??? agar tumhe yaad aa jaye toh kindly inform me.

Rik--hey rik, welcome to mah blog!!
and yes, am glad to like my depressed ramblings;)

Kshitij Sir---ATB to you too :)