Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mummy to beta/beti : Chotu/Chutki, raat mein brush karna chahiye, subah one glass milk pina chahiye. Food finish karna chahiye.Chunnu chacha ki belly par lat nahi marni chahiye. Class mein teacher ko peetana nahi chahiye. Kisi ko Tag nahin karna chahiye.
Munnu has tagged me ..i have to write 20 (*gasps, shrieks, faints*) random things about myself and i cant think of two. But:
A) Munnu is a buddy.
B)Munnu is one of the nicest ppl i have come across since i started blogging. ( seriously, i mean it)
C) Munnu is my future Boss.
D) I believe in the all important 'chamchagiri'.
Hence and therefore i shall plod along and hope to reach # 20.

1. The first word i said ( at the ripe old age of 8 months ) was " phooooolll"; not fool, you fool, phool ; phool bole toh philawerr!

2. Gimme hot , steaming food and i'll squirm and make a face at it- gimme stale kal ka khana( that too without reheating ) and i'll eat like i have never eaten in my entire life. Infact, this one time, my maid was about to eat the day before food..and i kept stealing glances at her plate till she herself asked me " didi ji, aap bhi thoda lijiye na" Me and Meena babez shared a plate of rice that day:)

3.When i want to sleep; i generally dont sleep a wink and when i should not sleep at all , i sleep like a log.

4.I am the only girl in this branch of the family in the last 2 generations + most of my Mum's friends are women with 2/1 whatever no. of sons..So on most occasions if i'm at some gathering ten hands will be pushing strands of my hair behind my ears..Another 30 will be pulling my cheeks..another 50 will be trying to hug me..another 200 hundred will be telling me how they have known me since the good old days when i used to pee in their laps. ( applause!!!)Half an hour ago one aunt told me that I look like a chotu si gudiya. Pauses for a second thinks (question mark)and says...bolne aur hasane waali.

5.I hate arguments, taunts, acerbic and rude words on any and every kind.Shouting, screaming etc is not exactly the love of my life.

6.I am very academic , boringly hard working . I just counted this.. Out of fourteen years at school I have amassed 11 books , each given as a prize for General Proficiency , I topped the last sem+ the entire year also! :) ( this sem , however things are quite bleak:( )

7. I cry easily, speak loudly + rudely to me and chances are that I might start crying . A gives B her brand new pencil and I feel a lump in my throat ; Woman in Scandinavia freezes her dead hubby's sperms so that she can have his kids later and I have tears in my eyes; Veer- Zaara sceen one, act one and I am bawling my head off..My neighbor is getting married next week, God only knows what I'll do at the 'vidai'.

8. I had a very pretty Barbie when I was five; my brother stuck her, head first, into a lamp for half an hour and burnt her hair .

9.I hate being disturbed when I am reading a book.

10. I have trained for 5 years in Bharatnatyam and 2 yrs in Kathak...And no, I don't dance now, and no, I don't remember anything I had learnt.

11. I 'm the least techno person on this planet .
Person B : aah..U are studying information technology, 3rd year...
I nod my head dreading whats coming next.
B: my PC is a Pentium abc,whatever whatever, I had loaded sofware bcd, version def and fgh is not working on ghi.I nod my head sagely, excuse myself, run to my room, search madly for my cell, dial Bhai's number and say the following things in a hushed voice lest B hears : hey,umm...chod yaar no time for hi-shai; whats abc, loaded on def not working with mpd??
Oh btw, did i tell you; Bhai is in Medical School.

12. I am generally considered to be very responsible, sincere , nice, harmless etc etc ( all those boring things:D )

13. However only God can save you if you happen to cross my path when i'm angry...aahh..then u'll regret having known me in the first place!

14. My ideal man is handsome, filthy rich , ultra hi-fi, very good sense of humor ????.....naah!!!!! I have some sort of an aversion to good looking guys( dunno why! ), money does NOT matter, i mean like obviously a certain amount is essential...But then my priority will never be money ; I cant stand those-I'm-too-good-for-this-planet types, simple guys are my types ; sense of humor is good but not essential . The only thing that I feel strongly about is the character of the guy!!!Thats the single most important thing for me. Responsibility and sincerity are qualities i respect and cherish. A good brain is very welcom coz i have problems with dumb conversations!

15. I cant sing and something inside me trembles when i see a child being hit or slapped!.

16. I have more than 200 non padhaee waali books at home.

17. I cant see my Mum upset...According to legend when I was 6 months old, Ma was upset and was crying soflty with me in her lap...And lo and behold within 5 mins I was crying my head off.....But obviously I'm mature now..I don't start crying when she cries..I start crying the momet she starts looking upset :D.. Poor Dad..He's like: agar ek roti hai toh kya its essential that the other also cries??:D :D

18. I'm the first person in my family(out of all ppl who are either studying or working) whos not going to be a doctor.

19. I think a lot about CAT; i have things to prove to myself there..I hope I will not disappoint myself this time.

20. I don't give up easily...When everything is bleak then I suddenly become very strong..I'm like hey..everythings against me, so what?? I'll do it!!!! Am at # 20 now..It was easier than I had thought!:)

Who to tag...hmmm....
1. Nivindya--lets see how many things u write about urself that i don't already know , and hey...No cheating!!;)
2. Ranjan--- atleast one point about boarding school, puhleez!!!!!
3.Shreyansh--- cummon...go ahead write twenty random things about urself. the Catch???? NO QUOTES!!!!heheheh...karo..karo!!
4. Pradyot---tum bhi line mein lago..!!!!


ranjan said...

U r a bad, bad grrl...dont u feel bad tagging vella ppl pressed for time :))..

So, finally we get to know u r an IT engineer :P, ab next 20 mein baaki bhi bata dena :)

shubhasish said...

nice work, sure not easy to write 20 points about oneself,keep blogging, i am reading!!

aur haan,agar time mile ,then i wud really like to chat with u.
chalo then bye

Pradyot said...

ok... just wait and see... this is going to be very very very interesting. At least for me :)

Shreyansh said...

That was a good account of yourself. My personal fav.... no. 17 , but hey ...what Tagged !! wazthat? Have seen a lot of people being tagged but now the mike is in my hands .. O god I feel nervous.;)

And what NO QUOTES.You must be crazy. I feed on quotes,i sleep with Quotes, i breathe on quotes. My existence is based on Quotes :-)).
This is like , jump 20 times from a 20 storeyed building .... and to ensure an outcome , cut the oxygen supply by stuffing paper in my mouth and putting a clip on my nose.
But I will try ...may be by this weekend, till then other deadlines beckon.

Anonymous said...

hey came across ur blog a few days back..and absolutely loved ur thots..can identify with u on a lot of aspects (name included):D
and u cm out as a great human being..god bless u with all that u want :))keep spreading smiles as it seems u do always!!

munnu said...

//Munnu is one of the nicest ppl i have come across since i started blogging.

Arre junior , tu to sare aam sharminda karr rahee hai mujhe .I am not at all nice buddy.Blog pe main time pass ke liye masoom bannta hoon.Infact I am a psychopath , jaise ashutosh rana tha na 'dushman' mein.I kidnap little dogs and dip em in sauce and eat em.Ajj dinner ke menu mein mere finance ke professor ka pet doggie hai.Kambaqth ne fail kiya mujhe.So tu mujse nice nice bolkarr sharmind-egee ke talaab mein matt ghused.

// I believe in the all important 'chamchagiri'

Oye lady tarzan , I hate chamchagiri.Aage se aisee baat muh se nikaali to andaman branch se honolulu branch transfer karr dunga.wahan ke choohe kutte ke size ke hote hain.

// Out of fourteen years at school I have amassed 11 books , each given as a prize for General Proficiency

Koi aaj takk walo ko batado , einstein has been reborn in india.

//My neighbor is getting married next week, God only knows what I'll do at the 'vidai'.

Hailla senti insaan , jeb mein roomal nahi , towel le kar jaana.

//A good brain is very welcom coz i have problems with dumb conversations

Abbe ghanti raam , u thought those mouse trapper baatcheets were 'non dumb' ?

I already see a lot of junta shaking their heads and saying "kya vella and chippku insaan hai" , so junta log , sar hilaana band karro , jaa raha hoon , jaa raha hoon....abbe jaa raha hoon na.

Raam Pyari said...

Ranjan---hehehe..ab jaldi se write your post!!

shubhashish--- good that you liked my post :)

pradyot--waiting for an interesting post from you :) quotes means no quotes!!!! i know..most of ur posts have comments...many of ur comments have quotes..ur replies to comments ave quotes!!! hey bhagvan!!! now write one huge post without a single quote!!!
p.s. main hitler ki nani thi previous birth mein.

anon---21. can feel very shy at times.

22. if someone wishes for something good to happen to me i feel extreme gratitude.
*feels very shy, would have loved to blush but its a technical impossibility+ feels nice that someone wishes her well:)*
btw welcome to my blog!

Munnu----- :)))))))))!!!!
1. tum mouse trappers ke chairman ho kar kutton ko sauce mein dip kar ke khate ho!!!!!! X( Tumhe sharam nahi aati!!!! u shud breakfast and dine on choheez dipped in tomato sauce, garnished with corriander!!!! kya example set karte ho munnu tum!! tch..tch..tch...

2. the proff failed u in finance !!!!* jab ruchi ko gussa aata hai toh kahi jwalamukhi phatta hai * hmmmm... lemme know two things
1. name of proff.
2.his ghar ka tel no.
supposing his name is proff. balaguruswamy..okay..i'll keep calling till his wife picks up the fone.then i'll say( v sweet n sugary voice mein) : "oh hi bullu dear! subah se tumse baat nahi ho payii *sound v sad* tumhe pata hai na...hume har hour par baat karni chahiye(batting of the eyelids which obvio will be useless in this case)"...phir dekhana....heheh evil laffter!!!!!
p.s. if bullu is a bachelor tab toh...fir..sowwie munnu i'll hafta think o something else!

Ashish Gupta said...

liked ur brother very much ;)

=)) =)) =))

shubhasish said...

hey,really ruchi,i wanna be a friend .
Can we chat sometimes on yahoo etc
do let me know if ur yahoo id if interested
chalo bye

dotty_pixie said...

hai..i have to say being in abhinav's company..u are getting mighty a good way..
i loved reading it..awsome man!
of course,i knew most of just showing off my best friend wala tag yahan par..

Raam Pyari said...

ashish---heheh!!!! jo barbie ka sar jalaye woh toh tumhe pasand ayegahi =)), bhaiyuuuuuu

shubhashish---umm...well..i really dunno if therz a kind way of saying this but i gess its best that i be frank-- i really dont think i'll be mailing you..i'm sure u r a great guy but plz dont complicate things for me, i just blog coz i like to write and some ppl read what i write..thats it.

Nivindya---hehehe!! yeah myb ur rite..:) i just hope i get influenced by Abhinav in more ways than one and get thru some decent B school as well!!!:)
glad you liked it!
kal kisi ka budday-shudday hai kya, mujhe kutch yaad nahi aa raha hai???

shubhasish said...

hey its fine
i liked the way u think , so just asked staight away, i too like to be frank sometimes!!
anyway keep it up , i'll keep checking ur blogs!!

bye,take care

PS: and incase u change ur decision, u have my id, this iitian will wait!!!

ranjan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ranjan said...

Couldnt resist

this iitian will wait

lollllll :)))...reply, ruchi reply :P

abhinav said...

Hey ranjan , you just wrote what I wanted to ever since I saw this 'iitian' thing buddy.:)

Shubhasish jee , I am open for friendship.infact , i wud love to be known as the pal of an IITIAN !!!! mujhse dosti karro na plzzzzzzzzz.

~ No offence meant to anyone.but shubhshish , this iitian thing is freaky , bhai.

Abhi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
abhinav said...

hey ruchi , you may delete my comment without any qualms .

And shubhashish , I have nothing against you and am sorry if it offended you.But the way you sounded all this while and finally went away 'proclaming' your IIT tag , it was wierd and funny at the same time.But after it all settled down , I realised its none of my business after all , so i apologise !

Raam Pyari said...

meri absence mein toh yahan par kya kya ho raha hai!!!

Ranjan--tussi toh maza lete raho!! :))))

Abhinav--naah!!! wont delete ANY of your comments!!!! :)
tum aakhir mere boss ho!!!!

Shubhashish---its great that you are from iit, great going, and keep up the good work.
Good that both of us were frank and lets end this thing here..u are most welcome to visit my blog(as is anyone not from iit ;) ) but i am very focussed on other things right now ...

ranjan said...

//hey ruchi , you may delete my comment without any qualms//

I thought there was an unsaid agreement between all the parties concerned :P that your last "deleting" activity was supposed to be your last ever action of such kind, fir yeh sab kaise :)) ?

shubhasish said...

ohhhh,chaos ho gaya yahan pe to bhao log,

@ abhinav,ranjan chillax yaaron,are itna freaky bhi nahin tha ,tell u what,kabhi kabhi kaam kar jaata hai, par filhaal lagta hai garbar ho gaya bcaz of the presence of such sharp guys like u,koi baaat nahin,cant blame me,just trying!!

@abhinav: sure mann, i wud love to hav u as my friend too,contact me whenevr u wish to hav an IITIAN friend!!

chalo bye

Pradyot said...

and that is why IIT guys are badnaam for hitting on girls! Hey! Just a passing comment from first hand experince... totally unrelated to any comment here :P

Tag has been completed.

Shreyansh said...

To the above brouhaha...

Blogger should add the ROTFL smiley. :-)

Hitanshu said...

"simple guys are my types ; sense of humor is good but not essential ... feel strongly about is the character of the guy!!!.....Responsibility and sincerity are qualities i respect and cherish. A good brain ....problems with dumb conversations!"

Just one question. If you go to a party, and see dozens of people milling around, how will you identify any guy that fits the above criteria.

My issue with them, is that they are based on getting to know the person really well, which is a low probability event usually, and needs alot of time/effort. So how do you get around it?

Clearly, you don't seem to be someone hung up on looks, so how do you figure the character?

PS: Came here from shubhang's. Am asking just to clarify my understanding, and maybe learn something in the process!

Raam Pyari said...

Ranjan---naah...i hope i dont ever have to delete any comment of any of my regular readers..:)

Pradyot---hehee...dekh lo , dekh lo lolz
yuss, and u have done full justice to the tag :)

Shreyansh--lo bhai tum bhi maza le lo! ;)

Hitanshu---first and foremost welcome to mah blog!!! :)
The simple answer to ur query is that i dont look for guys fitting my criteria when i go to parties :)

See, the hansome, filthy rich ultra hi-fi guy is easy to spot and i just stay away from those types ( thats being judgemental and i wish i was not but i cant really help it..)....and the guy i describe here is just the ideal for me...(tho it might not be also...) and frankly speaking i dont expect to really meet someone of this kind.. look at it pragmatically , how many of us end up with the exact kind of ppl we want..but well..all thats a long way off abhi...
and cant figure out a person's character that easily... i can only hope that ppl who play /will play important parts in my life are not ones with a loose morale and is the proverbial'upar-waale-ki-marzee':)

amit said...

arre how cud u write so much abt urself.... i go blank in third sentence when I have to speak abt myself......

going by what u hv written, u seems to be a very interesting girl. but yeh rona-dhona mujhe pasand nahin aaya. Kuch to control karon yaar.padosi ki shaadi mein jao to towel lekar jana.....:)

amit said...

btw r u frm NSIT

abhinav said...

@ amit - Abbe lakho , pagla gaya hai kya ? NSIT kai ku beech mein la raha hai baankelaal ?

nah ruchi , dnt yell "abhinav , kitna rude hai tu !" , amit was my classmate at our engg college ( nsit ) , so i can talk to him like that.

Shreyansh said...

Waise to tum padh hi leti.
But I coudnt resist.
Leave everything.
Jao aur jaa ke Munnu bhaiya ka blog padho.

!xobile said...

haha... nice post

abhinav tagged me too.. so i know how tuff it is to write such a post..

and you're such a typical girl...

Raam Pyari said...

amit----naah..not from NSIT...

abhinav---arre nain...u do whatever you wish to here..phull freedom!!

Shreyansh---hehehe..haan padh liya!!:)

Zeee---hehe..yeah i know...but i managed 20 points!