Sunday, November 20, 2005


Dunno where to begin from... past few days have been quite bad...i mean there was so much to do...exams begin on the 12 th of dec, before that i have to sit for one more set of minors + 2 projects( one in DBMS, which i have not even begun other than the ER diagram and one in Software engg which also has not even started)
There is just so much in Algorithms...and in DBMS but i worked pretty hard on both these subjects in the pst 3-4 days and now things are pretty much in control...
1. s/w engg - one unit is left but that will come in the minors so with that the entire course will finish.
2. Algorithms: outta the 32 chapers 4 are left now..but ofcourse heavy duty revision is required
3. DBMS--- okay i have done most of the calculus part and SQL and all those beginning waala, a lotta the stuff that i have done has not been taken up in class as of yet...and the proff is goin to take up Transactional analysis next turn onwards..which i have not like once they are done( which obvio will come for the minors) my course will officially be complete...but of course revision will remain and i'll hafta give loads o time to it.
4. OOPS-- v easy chapter left in data modelling+ one in the language part..and then OVER!!!
5. IWT----have a quiz on 4 chapters tomm and i shall do it properly and finish the theory part of the syllabus, JAVA is mostly done but beans and servelets+ lavatron etc has to be done..all in all post the quiz at most a days work to complete the syllabus but the obvio very very heavy duty revision!
6.Economics--i dunno and i dont care!
phew!!! the only solace these past few days has been my books.....otherwise i have been tense , my feet have been ice cold( right now also they are very cold) , i hav been spending entire days taking deep breaths..and my hair..gosh that is one whole depressed post all in itself!..dont even like the way my heart has been beating (!!! too loud actually )..there are so many things on my mind..and how can i not be botherd..but then i do understand what tremendous harm i am causing to my body... thats the only thing that makes be behave more normally...What am i going to get out of getting another 80+%( which apperas to be remote possibility but still ) ...i mean like what.. the 1st company that comes will take me? and then what..i'll slog 24X7 for a grand salary of 2.4 l p.a.??? ..but then too i shall slog and slog like a n idiot..+ Nani ....shez not keeping well ....:( okay this is not my diary and i shall not behave like the idiot that i am..).
I think i'll go and study for the IWT quiz now....

added later:
My maid, Meena ,(married with one husband and three kids) and the odd job guy, Waris( married with three wives and one kid) have been giving each other the proverbial 'looks'...they are so totally a disaster waiting to happen!!!


ranjan said...

Haha, Deja Vu :D, I am almost in half-a mind to post the comment u posted on mah blog yesterday :))..

Cummon, frrm wat ur best frnd says abt u, u r alrdy a topper and all inna tension nein lene ka [I knw its easier said than done] but u know :).

Also, also, I thought u were giving CAT so why the job ?

And I loved doing algorithms [jeez, miss those days :(]

U tk care of your hair :P

Shreyansh said...

Hey Chill maro yaar.
Read this to feel better.
"The best things in life happen when you least expect them to." (Sorry ;-). Another quote ).Ur exams are from 12th.
Mine are from 26th. And hazzaarrr submissions before that.Cool raho.
Sab kuch ho jayega. :)

Shreyansh said...

Ohh I meant 26th november.

Obi Wan said...

Hey, do keep us posted on la'affaire Meena and Waris. Sounds damn interesting!!! Couldn't make head or tail of all ur technical papers, so won't comment on that, but i'm sure they can take care of themselves! But Meena and Waris are a different ballgame altogether :-) Pls let their love blossom and don't become a Shahenshah Akbar to their Salim and Anarkali :-)

dotty_pixie said...

when things seem so out of control..u know that the only way is up!
tho i really ws lost readin this..(hehe) ..i do hope u do really really well.
once again..BEST OF LUCK..
take 10 mins out each day to deep breathe sure u know this betr than will be great for ur mind nd spirit..
nd why the hell do i sound like sri sri ravishankar??

now u just let meena nd waris get on wid their lov life..the disaster will be worth the spectacle!

Shreyansh said...

Hey dont worry about the Tagging . Go for ur exams first.

People are keeping their fingers crossed for CAT results.But as most would have suspected, after seeing that there are 90 questions, DI and VA were tougher than usual. Dekhte hain kya hota hai.

Good Luck for ur exams too.

Canary said...

hello sweety, how r u doin.. you know jus lik urs, my blog became searchable too, and i jus shifted with bags and baggages.. haah.. abhi unpacking kar rahi hu.. :p

Raam Pyari said...

ranjan---toh pleesss plzzzplzzzz plzzz plzzzz...pretty puhleeez.. aar kar mera exam bhi de do!!!

shreyansh---haan i remember reading that post of urs..and best of luck for exams too.:)

obi wan--shall keep u updated on the two of them:) its the only exciting thing happenning in my life anyways!

nivindya--where are you!!!!!???? inne din se we have not met online :(

shreyansh--hmm..theek..i hate the fact that they are making cat more difficult..:( not fair...:(

astha--arre!!! yay!!!! ur bak!!!!
good .put up a new post jaldi se:)

ranjan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ranjan said...

Are the exams being hosted online :P ?

and for all i know, u live in timbuctoo, so aana is not possible really :))

Pradyot said...

Two unwanted, unasked for suggestions...
a) Stop taking interest in servant love stories and conc. on studies.
b) Stop telling us about your studies. Non-techies must be going bonkers with RDBMS and ER on blog.

Anonymous said...

@pradyot - this is her blog, ur stupid (u must be thinking u r expert) suggestions r unwanted. ppl r enjoying wat she's writing. its not her fault if u dont understand wat RDBMS n ER means.

Raam Pyari said...

anon--arre bhai..praddy is an old timer here...uspar gussa mat kar...old timers ke liye sab maaf hota hai is blog par..:)