Monday, November 07, 2005

Dear readers, you can see i have deleted the last post that i had put up....I had written the post in an extremely sad state of mind hoping that if i wrote about my feelings i would feel better. I did feel better, not just coz i wrote the post but also because so may of you actually tried to cheer me up......Thank you every one. You bolster my belief that people are basically good .
I removed the post as each time i would glance upon it; i would start rereading it and would immediately be transported to the same frame of mind as i was when i first wrote it... so i felt that it was best that i remove it....
Thank you all once again for being the nice people you all are :)

p.s. Diwali-Id chuttiz end today.


ranjan said...

I agree its ur blog, and wat u say is correct..but personally, and again only my opinion, u shouldn't have deleted it :), its a crime to kill any piece of literary work..:)

Raam Pyari said...

hehehe..mere haathoon mein khoon!!!!!
mein is adalat ko yeh batana chahongi ki kin halaton mein meine yeh kadam uthaya...mere pass aur koi chara hi nahi tha mi-laarwd..koi chara hi nahi tha.

Shreyansh said...

Hey I am hard pressed for time right now , so cudnt comment earlier but I share Ranjan's opinion here.

Will be bak later.

ranjan said...

Chaara tha bachhi...aapne court se pehle poocha kyon nahin ?

U should have posted so voluminously and speedily that the post you have deleted should have been swept away from the 1st page itself...fir naa woh aapki nazron ke saamne aata, na aap mein woh sentiments aate :D..

Hai koi jawab :) ?

Obi Wan said...

Another consequence of the post being deleted is that you cannot hold Ranjan(at least I think it was Ranjan, not sure) to his offer of a free chocolate! The evidence has been destroyed!

Pradyot said...

seems like everyone is moving!

ranjan said...

When and why did u turn "Ruchi" ?

Raam Pyari said... are bak!!!
how was ur diwali+trip bak home???
hmm...myb u guys are right..but i wanted to delete it, so i did it......!

Ranjan---u have achieved the impossible!!! i am speechless!!!
i dunno why i did this...i google searched my name today and voila! there is mah blog!! somehow i did not want that.....dunno why...(wow i am mysterious+an enigma!!! yipee!! )

obiwan---hehehe..naah! itanai asani se nahi!

Pradyot---:) welcome again!!!

ranjan said...

Ohh, ohh because I mentioned u on my blog..ahh..dint know..sorry !

Ashish said...

hmmm ruchi :-?

I thot google was terrorising market players only :P
It'll take time for cached pages to go though !! U are still in the top 10 :P donno you shud be feeling fortunate or unfortunate!

Thankfully there are hundreds of "ashish gupta"s :D
D'oh but only one blackfog #-o

updated my bookmarks! thanks for visiting me.

dotty_pixie said...

by nice did mean me right??

Andy said...


Although I never got to read your earlier post, but it's evident that you were not in the best state of mind when you wrote it. It's basically great that you have realised that quite a lot of people are soooo very good and helpful. Infact, the entire world wants to see you happy.

Raam Pyari said...

Ranjan---naah..not my pics...anyways cant load any pic here so...
p.s. my bro had my mom convinced that garam masala is the diectorial debut of sanjeev kapoor of khaana khaazana fame :D

ashish----google is terrorising not only yahoo and Amazon but also 'ruchi' :P

nivindya---by nice ppl i mean most ppl by nicest ppl i wud mean you!!1
btw crying myrtle(of HP) is called 'rooti meena' in the hindi version of the movie!!!!!!!
thats so funny!!
tumhara blog theeek kyoon nahin ho raha hai????

Andy--welcome to my blog!!!!!
see we share the same stupid score:)
i even put the link on my blog .keep visiting.