Friday, December 30, 2005

A tale of many dacturrs....

I am as 'farjee' an engineer in the making as one can possibly be.I simply don't have an aptitude for all this gibberish (engineers please don't mind). I come across people around me who are doing BTech as well and i can see the difference . Some of them are passionate about electrodes ,some about making websites and yours truly about none. If i do well , once in a while, its just because i can't stop studying till i am satisfied with how my preparation is shaping up.Anyone who studies half as much as i do can do ten times better than like obviously, academic performance is not a criterion to gauge how passionate i am about my work, not atleast in my case.
I come from a family of Doctors..and all of them are so passionate about their work that i cant help but feel very impressed.
My Dad - he takes only a days vacation in the entire year. And unless we bug him too much he works 364 days a year . When he drives me to college in the morning you will find us discussing either the mileage of his car or some patient of his....He loooves is work!!!

Tau ji--Gosh, i don't even know where to begin from ...He is the Head of the Neurology one of the biggest hospitals in my State , he leaves for work at 7 in the morning comes back at 9 in the night and then with a mug of coffee in his hand studies till 2or 3 in the morning...

Baba--This 22nd we celebrated his 81st budday:) ,He drives himself to the clinic, each day, without fail (TW).He treats patients at dirt cheap rates now, so like ,at times even if there are just a few patients for my Dad many many more are there for him! At times Dad has to manage Babaz patients to help him out. A couple of years ago, Baba fell ill, he had to be operated upon and it was a very complicated surgery with substantial chance of him not surviving the operation.Both tauji and Dad were there with him at the hospital just before he went for the operation . Seeing both of them there baba looked at my Dad sternly and said"Sir( all three of them call each other that) if you are planning to stay here who will be at the clinic?The Clinic shall not remain closed for the day."
Dad was seeing patients when Baba was being operated upon .

With people like this around , till this day i can't bring myself to tell my Dad that i don't want to go to college coz I am not feeling well....i mean ,obviously they don't let me go if I am not well but I don't say it myself.

So, I grew up surrounded with Doctors and their small little stories... I have sensed the deep gratitude in an unknown voice on the other side of the phone which on realizing that I am my Dad's daughter has showered me with blessings...I have sensed the despair in Dad's voice as he discusses a hopeless case with Tauji..
I have sensed the triumph in their voices as these three men talk about how they saved someone's life...Saving a life....I mean ,what can be bigger than this...At times when I have my Dad's cell with me some one calls.His brother has a bilirubin count of 27( my heart skips a beat coz normally it should be within 1) .He asks me what he should do, I tell him i don't know, He insists , nahiin, aap please kutch bataiye...kya ye thek ho jayenge? I know enuf about body counts now to know that obviously this guys case is way beyond any doctor now but how do I say it?I don't have to coz I am not a doctor but doctors will have to tell him...That's the flip side of this work.
Last night , I made dinner(no, my family is till alive, thank you ).While I was in the kitchen Dad was on the phone talking softly and gently to someone who was obviously crying.He trying to say the last words any father would have liked to hear. Yes, the reports are in.*pause* haan....cancer hai ek aankh will have to remove the eye as soon as dont think that way..i have many patients who are doing just fine.nahiin shaadi hi sab kutch nahi hoti hai.Your girl will be healthy...but immediate surgery is,please odnt cry, its important that we came to know of it in time......
I was wundering what the girls mother must be going through. The girl is two years old and she will go in for operation 4 days from today...Hell must have broken loose in her house....

This is why the two letters 'D' and 'r' are not before my name and shall never be. I always wanted to become a doctor, i know I would have cleared the entrance tests, but I can't bear to see someone die. I know that I'll feel worse than the closest kin of the patient in case anything went wrong .I know this work is not for me although I think I would have made a passionate doctor...Anyways, My brother is going to become a doctor. He is the cool sorts, he is calm he will make a good doctor..infact I think he will cure half of his patients with his phunny oneliners.
Bhai and me on the fone.
Me: oye, u coming home in Jan???
bhai: naah kahan yaar!!!, btw, kisne bola?
Me(perplexed) :arre, Ma ne bola...
bhai(thoughtfully) : aa jaoonga.
So heres wishing the two would be doctors i am very fond of Bhai and Latika, all the best!!! I'm sure both of you are going to rock as dacturrs.


Suds said...

He Ruchi that is great yaar. Doctor logon ki family sahi hai.. To tell u the truth there is nothing like being a Doc. I was never good in Bio so could never think of becoming one. A small incidence, I was returning from US to India in a flight and suddenly there was a medical emergency and they called for a doctor and there were quite a few of them . One of them ran up and saved the kid. I think Doc's is the only profession which can save a life at 30000 feet above ground level. Amazing..

ranjan said...

Try getting your hands on Eric Seagal's Doctors, one of the best books ever on the medical life :).

And yes..."to care" is the tuffest thing on the planet, couldnt agree more...

Abhi said...

boom boom , my parents r docs too and ive had a pretty exploited childhood coz of that.grab this -

-wat , munnu nicked his knee zara sa in the school playground ??HAI RAAM , it can turn into tetanus leading to amputation of his leg.munnu bete idhar aao.*dad pulls out a 3 feet injection fit fr horses and pulls down my shorts and tb with the injection*

-munnu ke sar mein dard ? it can be brain cancer !pet mein dard ? food poisioning to nahi ?? he coughed ?? its TB !

-*phone rings*
me - hello
(O.G)other guy- hallo hallo...doc saab ,i fell down the stairs and cut me knee and i wanna come down !!!
me-sorry , mom dad are not at home
OG - nahi nahi bott khoon beh raha hain !! main aana chahta hun
me - jee , but koi ghar pe nahi hai sir , it would be useless
OG-oh oh oh bott khoon nikal raha hain , bolo na main kya karun ???
me - abhi ka pata nahi , but aage se use the lift , not teh stairs

and man , u gotta buck up fr the IIM interviews.their fav question is like this

*munnu in formals knocks at a door*
interviwer- yes come in
me *coming in* - hello sir.
interviewer-abe hi wi chod , yeh bata when ur parents r docs , tu doctor kyun nahi banaaaaa ???

over n out.

Pradyot said...

Tell some one about death!! I can't stand sight of blood... nahi to mein pakke se doctor ban jata. seriously!
Waise amen... tere bhai ko mein apna family doctor bana lunga... phunny doctors are good.

Raam Pyari said...

suds : haan, totally!!!Seriously , its sucha noble proff....but inne dher saare padhaeee!!!inne dher saare years tak!!!!baap re!

Ranjan : I read that buk a coupla years ago. And liked it :)
Infact therz this buk by Sidney Sheldon -' Nuthing lasts forever' again on med life...if u like sheldon u mite try that:)

abhinav : hehe..baap re baap...tumne post likh di! :)Mere yahan thoda opposite hai..its like 104 degress body temperature hoga but Dad will be like 'lets wait , if w/o medicines the temperature drops nuthing like it'. So now i am the butt of all jokes at colg.Fever hota rahta hai and i dont take medicines.My frnds find it phunny.Its like ruchi ko dunt offer medicines , yeh apani will power se apana fever theek karegi..and they burst out laffing...dunno wats so phunny there!!!!to each his own :)

praddy prajji : hehe...chal this is bherry bherrry become bhaiz first patient!!!Congratulations..tumhara +tumhari family ka treatment free for life !!!!!( though i hope that this is one offer they never, never have to use:) )

ranjan said...

Yeah read dat one :), but sheldon is more airline paperback, u know :)

Shreyansh said...

Good story about doctors.
No one in my family is a doctor.
My Dad thought I could be one ,par main unka ye sapna pura nahi kar paya . Waise unke sapne change hote rehte the. Hehe.
But I hate going to hospitals or clinics, though I have a lot of respect for doctors.

Raam Pyari said...

ranjan u liked it???

shreyansh://Waise unke sapne change hote rehte the

hehhe:D :D...soo many ppl in my family are doctors that i am half a doctor myself ;)
Waise i dun hospitals that much either, mujhe ghabrahat hoti hai hosps in a way gud that we did not do MBBS.:)

Ashish Gupta said...

wow thats my story!!
A family of docs with dad as Prof. - and just like abhi's, my childhood and youth are getting spoilt !
maggi is a poison, burgers' inventors shud have born dead, butter/cheese is shit, how can someone be alive without fruits for a week!

oh boy! lemme tell you I always wanted to be a doc, in fact didi and I studied a lot of her courses together in our late-night mugging sessions :D but that is it. I am the wing's doc. enuf for me, treating some bleeding body is not my cup of tea... wished we engineers had ways to save lives like that! you very well know the respect/joy a doc get from others/himself after saving a life :)

Shekhar said...

Awesome post! Really liked the way your 'Baba' spoke to your Dad at the time of his own operation. I mean, WOW, what commitment to one's profession.

Me mum wanted to become a Doc, but gave up 'coz she never really could stand the sight of blood. And my becoming a doctor was out of the question. Physics to toh bhi samajh aa jaye, par Biology main to dhakke maar maar kar pass hua hoon. Thank God those days are far behind me.

Raam Pyari said...

ashish :i know that soo well..loook at the way my dad luks at maggie!!!!!! maggie waale sharm se mar jayenge...
i am not allowed to have street side chaat also:( have neva had it..:(

fellow martinian: hehe, i know..i toh am totally glad that i am NOT studin medicine.....cutting up ppl is not my cuppa!!!!

Namrata said...

your family rocks...

Raam Pyari said...

namrata : welcome :) and yuss i think so too:))

My ID not me said...

My dad wanted to be a doc, my mom wanted to be a doc. My Nanaji wanted my mom to be doc.
Both Mom and Dad wanted both me and my sis to be a Doctor just to hear the ever elusive Doctor Saab.
What happened finally?

You have inspired me to write a full entry on my tryst with doctory. do visit if you plan to read it.

Anonymous said...

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