Saturday, December 24, 2005

I was tagged a long time back by Shreyansh..My exams , atleast the theory , is finally over and I shall now honor the tag.I wanted to complete the tag when Shreyansh was around but its been a long time since I saw him around, so I shall proceed anyways now.

15 things I wish to do before I turn 40.

1. Start dance once again. You know, I used to be pretty good at it and my Guru ji used to tell me to take it up as a profession. But as the pressure of padhai increased , I stopped dancing, so much so, that I never used to shake a leg during family functions where everyone else was going crazy dancing..but of late , i have been thinking how (un)wise a decision this has been....So, i genuinenly hope to start Bharatnatyam once again.Amen.

2.Live for a month at a stretch in Nainitial. I am crazy about mountains. I am. I am i-should-be-at-a-mental-asylum crazy about mountains.Infact i was telling a friend once that i am the true daughter of the mountains. My father proceeded to give me such a weird look that i had to shut up then....but i am crazy about them. I would love to spend time in Nainital particularly, especially after the rains. Its gorgeous!!! Rent a room somewhere out of the main city,laze around, read, take walks, trek, roam should be atleast a month long stay.I hope i do it.

3. Learn to cook atleast 3-4 different types of cuisines. If you see me , i wont look like a foodie to you. Not at all. Infact you might come up to me and tell me to eat more else i shall vanish sorts..but the fact remains that i am a lover of food. I might not like to eat it so much, but i love to cook food. I just love it! Would love to learn how to make the food that i like to spend a thousand buks on eating at various joints.

4.Visit Leh. I am sorry i should rightfully be mentioning cities like NY city, Paris etc etc..but those places just dont attract me.

5. Have a good job.I have worked too hard on my padhai uptill now and have no intention to slack after this, so I do hope that I have a good job in hand.

hope to have gotten over this major phobia I have of bikes(phatphatiyaz as I call them ). Bhai and NIvindya are the only two ppl whose driving skills I trust and dun feel scared while they drive their phatphatiyaz. No ,not even Dad. He should just drive either of his cars and I shall happily sit in the car...but naah..not on a phatphatiya with him.

7. Have a crush someday and have the guts to go upto that guy and tell him that I do.( okay ,this sounds improbable even a I type it! )

8. Like muujeek. yeah right, go ahead , faint. I dont like music at all!! Pink floyd might as well be a shade of pink for me. But I do understand how nice it wud be to like music. I hope I can begin to like it someday. Right now, I just cant stand it..and I dont even know if I have winamp on my pC or no.

9.Get a real cool hairstyle. By real cool, I mean real COOL!!!!

10. Get married, if I have to ,that is..coz like after 40 toh silly ho jayega!

11. Have kids , if I have to, that is...coz like after 40 toh major med probs ho jayengi.

12. No, I dont want to bungee jump, I dont want to travel around the world, I dont want to ride an ostrich, I dont want to take an exclusive cruise, gosh....I just dont want that many things!!!!

13. I would like to be as much in contact with NIvindya and Latika as I am today. They and their families shall be my extended family. Would like to be very very fond of Bhaiz kids( gosh its just toooo cute to even think about them..if they just look thoda sa bhi like bhai there are gonna be real good looking ones! )

14. Okay this came to my mind first but I saved it for last. I would like to adopt a kid.I don't say I will, coz I dont just want to give the child a mother, but a complete family...if that is not possible I would be happy seing her ( I use 'her' coz like if I adopt, its surely without a doubt going to be a girl!I'll dress her up totally in pink!! pink frocks, pink pom pomz,pink socks,everything PINK!!!!)taken away by some one else who will give her the love of an entire family.The love and care that the dadiz and babaz and naniz and nanaz shower on a child is so impotant for the all round development of a child.

15. If I dont adopt a girl I hope I shall be able to finance the padhaee of some kids who cant afford it.
I so totally hope I can do it.
And no,14 and 15 were not answers I had prepared for some pathetic local beauty competition question round.


ranjan said...

//I use 'her' coz like if I adopt, its surely without a doubt going to be a girl!I'll dress her up totally in pink!! pink frocks, pink pom pomz,pink socks,everything PINK!!!!)//

Jeez...aur lawyer bhi bana dena usko...poori "Legally Pink" ho jaayegi :-)

Suds said...

Hey Ruchi, Dancing is a great idea...But my fav was 1 month in Nanital. Thats cool. I feel Music is linked to phases of life. The songs that I like today were not the once I listened to before. So I guess you will develop a taste for some songs in future.. But cool stuff. Enjoy...

amit said...

// u seem to love pink

ask any work-ex guy. The colour he hates the most is pink..... pink slip buddhu

// studies prevent u frm dancing

haan jab tumhe padhai hi naach nachwa rahi hai, to phir aur kahin naachne ki kya zarorat hai

// kids n husband just because life after 40 wud be silly.....

i think life after 25 boring hona shuru ho jayega.... ofcourse u retain the chance of oogling every second man n his kids !!!!

// love to cook food

gud to hear tht... afterall, way to a man's heart goes thru the stomach.....;) at least mine does

bas bahut post-mortem ho gaya....;)

nivindya:) said...

but i will leave a comment..
main apna mark chodna chahti hoon..!!!
main rubbish likh rahi hoon..ruchita main tumhare bagal main hoon..
i havent read the sure its ..
but as tradition demands and of course the hammer on my head...i will leave a comment..
i _____ you..fill as desired!!!

Abhi said...

Baccha adoption idea was eye tearing one( the one which brings khushi ke tears in the eyes).but khud gulaabi rang ki deewani hai to uss masoom ko bhi pinky bana ke rahegi.child exploitation allowed nahi hai.uss nanhi si jaan ko apna manpasand rang chun ne diyo.

Raam Pyari said...

Ranjan : hehe....jab woh badi ho jayegi na, toh tum na, being the 'beeg' hearted guy that u are, uski padhai finanace karna. okay? As u said, idea achcha hai, mein usko lawyer hi banongi. Harvard se law woh karegi, paisa tum doge, paap tumhare dhulenge.Wah! wah! I juss hope bhabhi jee wont have a problem.

suds : arre, thanks! i so hope i start liking muujeek, but u know wat, try too hard to get something and it neva cumes to u . I just hope that does not happen!

amit: tumhe toh daacturr hona chaiye tha! itna detail mein postmaartum kar diya!!!
//ask any work ex guy
1. I have no work ex.
2. i am a gurl!
Inference: its okay for me to like pink.

after age 25 till i turn 40 i shall oogle at every man and every bachcha???? hehehe...baap re!!
btw, best of luck fur ur eggjams once again!

Nivindya : bhai used to do it, and now u have started doing it! Both of u leave comments without reading my posts!!!!
//i --- you.
you ---me as much as you want to. i hate you . :DD :DDDDDD

juggi : nahiiinnnn!!!!! meri beti lover of pink hogi!!!
infact mein uska naam bhi pinki rakhoongi!
Pinki will wear pink dresses, carry pink bags to school, have a pink water bottle,she will also becum a lawyer if Ranjan agrees to finance her padhaee. Meri beti ka future kitana safe hai:)wah! wah!

Shreyansh said...

So you remembered the tag thing .
Good memory.
Regarding the post ,I like to be in colder hilly regions too.It is kind of peaceful up there.
Waise pink is a good colour too, but ,it just makes me laugh when I imagine the kind of emotional turmoil ur kids might go thru :).
Just kidding !!
Child adoption is a very difficult decision but I think it is a very noble thought.

P.S. I was just resting in peace all this time. :)

!xobile said...

Postmortem ya analysis???

1. Bharatnatyam! Sahii
with all those colors and stuff on your face and those kinda saarees.. .sahiii

2.OOOOhh! I to hate mountains!

3.Arre wah.. sab kuch banana seekh le!
fir tu mast cook ban jaana!
fir apne restau. khol lena.. mehnat kar kar ke poori chain khol lena..
fir ek branch mere ghar ke paas bhi kholna.. fir mai jab jaaunga to mujhe free khaana milna chaheye!!hahahahahah

4.sorry to say this.. "LEH ???"

5.Arre nokri to mil hee jaati hai.. tension lene ke nahi.. (vatsa ka aasheerwaad) first... i was really scared of sitting behind some1 on a scooter..
then one day i sat on a fatfatiya!!
ab bilkul dar nahi lagta..!!

7.You've never had a crush ???????
or you've never had the guts ?

8.ha ha.. mujik to mast hota hai re...

9.oh! I'll give u an idea!
go 2 siberia get a headbath..
You'll have a really COOOOOl hairstlye!

10.Abe! shaadi to sab kee ho jaati hai

11. Abe bache to sab ke ho jaate hain...

14.oh sho shweet!
and haahhahha @ pink!

15.arre good yaar... aap to bahut gunwaan maatey hain!

Best of luck... kar hee legi before 40 im sure..

Vatsa ka aasheerwaad.

Raam Pyari said...

Shreyansh: remebered???? Arre, i had it at the back of my mind ever since i dont know when!!!!!Each time i put up a post which was not the tag waali post, i used to feel sooooooo guilty!!!!!! But, ur Tag, made me think a lot about myself. I did some heavy duty introspection...and the conclusion is that i really dun want anything much other than happy content ppl around me :( I juss wish i had some fascinating things to write.

btw, Restng in peace?????Inne din ho gaye!!!!!???!!!!!!No post , nuthing!!??!!

vatsa : Putra, tujhe toh daactur banana chahiye. sahi mein!! Tu , as a doctor, un oonchaiyoon ko chuyega, jinhe abhi tak kisi ne nahi chua hai.Ur area of specialization, as a docturrr:POSTMORTEM!!!

3. mein toh, apani pehla joint hi tere ghar ke baju mein khol doongi.Tujhe khana totally free rahega. Teri gfs ke liye bhi free rahega!
4. haan dost, LEH!! just get fascinated by that place.:)

6.hehe, that day becums a bherry important day in ur life. Mark it with red.

7. the guts, sadly :)

9. HAHAHAHA!!!great idea , vatsa!!I can easily imagine how 'cool ' it will be!!!

15. Thankoo *blush blush*

latika said...

oooooyeeeeee... did i ever mention it to u that even i would like to adopt a kid...... have 1 or maybe 2 and adopt another.... we have such similar thoughts.... we should be friends!!!
and pleez.....don't dress her up in pink yaar.....then some blog site some day will have a blog about a crazy woman who painted the writer pink because she cudn't find ne more nice pink clothes!!!!

what a thought (my god!)