Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Sometimes, we think that the decision that we have made is well thought of and well judged. Things happening around say that to us in a loud and clear voice. We feel that it is time to bring in a few changes.

Sometimes , when we are doing what we had decided ,a tiny voice in our head tells us that this might just not be the rightest thing to do.

Sometimes, we just ignore that tiny little voice.

Sometimes, there is so much negativity around us and such a tremendous feeling of helplessness engulfs us that we misdirect our anger and frustrations on something which although is not the reason for these feelings, is in our control.

Sometimes, some people people try to make us see sense.We refuse to see sense, but the tiny voice is not so tiny now.

Sometimes, someone decides to , in his own nice way, do something about our inane decisions.

Sometimes, others chip in.

Sometimes,people whom we have never met, people whom we will probably never meet end up doing the sweetest things for us. Things ,which make us feel nice and warm even though it might be 5 degrees outside. Things , which ensure that that voice is nothing less than an angry bellow.

Sometimes,it is very easy to admit that our decision was incorrect.

Sometimes ,admitting that our decision was incorrect seems to be the most obvious thing to do.

Sometimes, it is nice to be back.

This time,it is one of those 'sometimes'

You all are way too sweet :)


Pradyot said...

As for the comment on my blog.. I am glad that I could be of help (in making the right decision)

ranjan said...

Wonderful :)

Suds said...

Hey Ruchi nice to see u back..:) Nice post and keep writing... Enjoy...

Abhi said...

Laut ke buddhi ( buddhu ki female = buddhi ?) blog ko ayi !:P

ill just say this - do what you ENJOY.dont write for anyone.write fr ur own fun.

Raam Pyari said...

praddy :) :) :)btw, aaj kaal to Google mast hai instead of' yahooo' u can even go in for a ' google'!!
okay, that wz the wurst PJ i have eva heard in my enitre life.

Ranjan : thanda paani toh i used, now if i get a cold it'll be all ur fault :D.U rok, buddy!!

Suds : its nice to be back...i did not chek my blog for day and i was mizzing it :D , so its best that i blog! :)

Juggi : hehe...haan blog ko aa gayi:)..i know wat u mean...thats the most important thing and i have careful about it since the beginning.But this post ,obvio, is not for myself only :)

Shreyansh said...

Good decision.

Raam Pyari said...

Shreyansh : i think so too. :)

Canary said...

helloooooo ji
madam kya haal hai aapka.. aapne bhi hamare tarah break liya tha aur fresh hokar aaye ho ? achhi baat hai.. :p
hume aajkal poems likhne ka shauk laga hai..!! padke batane aapko kaisi lagi.. :)

Raam Pyari said...

canary jee : :) it was bherry bherry nice!!!! :)
i read it and left a comment as well....
how do ppl rite poetry???!!!! :(
i can nevah rite poetry!!! :((

Pradyot said...

Madam gaur farmayie.... main ne yahoo! nahi Hurray kaha hai. hehehe... doosra PJ socho.

Raam Pyari said...

//Ruchi… Yahoo!! (Sheemi Kapoor style) In a civilized manner, I am gald I could be sweet for a change. Good to have you back.

Yahoo bole toh yahoo.
mere blog par nahi apane blog par ;)

!xobile said...

sometimes you wanna chapaat some people around for their anpad harkatein..

This is one of those 'sometimes'

chapaat 2 u maatey!

but again...

Raam Pyari said...

mata par haanth uthata hai ,prani...
ghor kalyug bhai,ghorrrr kalyug!!!!

Anonymous said...

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