Friday, December 16, 2005

Aao bachchon tumhe sunaye....

Naah! Dont get all charged and excited and tell me that you want to hear a story that has a King and a Queen and a boy who is 6 inches tall. I wont tell you a story no matter how much you might prefer it. I'll tell you how i am doing these days( my exams are going on.) . I keep insisting that i am touched in the head. No one believed me except some ppl who have faith in my judgement. Today i shall tell you how i behave during my exams and you shall be forced to come to me, pat my back, and tell me what sound judgement i have. I know you will . I just know you will...I am having visions of bloggers rushing to me ,wanting my judgement on issues that concern them deeply..i know that will happen. This post is going to be a turning point in terms of how i am generally perceived to be.

I am midway thru my exams and as usual i have been messing them up with such regularity that it fascinates me. ( no pun intented) Totally fascinates me.
Well, lets not talk about that.... you see,some people learn from mistakes made in the past. Some people dont. Specially those who were dropped from the third floor by careless maids...i might have been very lucky to have maids who were too buzy flirting with the postman to pay any attention to me but i do behave like the afore mentioned, very respectable category of ppl .
My exams are so scheduled that i get a days break between each of them . So like each time i come out of the examination hall , having faithfully done my job of messing the paper real well..i tell myself : Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.
So with these noble thoughts in my mind , i reach home all charged up. Now, aah...TV chal raha hai..lets watch it for some time and then totally padhai. After 3 hrs of tv, its like ...aah...well the exam is not tomm, so like, i guess i can sleep for half an hour and then toh fir only padhai ...with that noble view and golden visions of me studying late into the night in sight i do try to sleep..but alas sleep shall not even dream of coming near me..infact this one time i even pretended to sleep(my inane antics can only be attributed to the -ve 2 IQ points i sadly happen to be the proud owner of .) then , by this time its almost 5... i was supposed to have revised atleast 2 units by this time..but as the case head is now paining, padhai has not even begun and the exam is not tomm. So... like...hmmm...well...there is that DVD...mybe i should catch up with some movies...A little voice in my head says: Ruchi padh le, padh le...kal pareshan hogi, padh le...
But as you know, I have some problem with my ear..i sometimes dont hear stuff...i cant help it.. its a medical problem.
So, finally at ten after having watched tv, having talked with friends on the phone etc etc...i go to sleep...the alarm is set for 4:00 in the i wake up at around 7:30 . A friend calls at around 8 and says this:

Aaah..Ruchi..that last unit ,na...yaaar...i cant get that sum on page no 5678..yaar...baaki sab to easy tha par..this chapter , yaar...kaise hoga??? one whole chapter of half a page is untouched..bol na...kaise hoga..tension ho rahi hai.

By this time i am having trouble breathing....Everything around me appears to be moving in weird circles.Is it an earthquake or am i having an heart attack ?
So then i declare emergency.No, i declare an EMERGENCY.i do not take any more calls from anyone else who is tense coz one fourth of a page has not been revised for the two hundredth time.And i start studying.
Aaah...and then i go crazy ...i think that eating is a waste of time,the time taken in flipping the pages is a waste...i dont know wat TV means..i dont want anyone to speak to me...I dont want anyone to enter my the meantime i get a couple of heart attacks...i burst into panicky tears once in half a minute and i study as if my life depends on it...i take my first break at 5 in the evening ..and its a 35 second break...Then i study and i study some more and i study some more...and it goes on and on...till finally i am satisfied with how my preparation is. In the morning i go give my exam...err...sorry i go spoil my exam...and as i am coming out of the examination hall i tell myself this:
Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.

Some pople just refuse to learn lessons that life sagely and wisely tries to teach them.


Raam Pyari said...

To ZEE and Mr. /Miss /Mrs. Anonymous: I dunno how but i had activated the moderation of comments thingy....and now i have lost both comments , i like dun mind ppl...i'm just weird.:)

Zee--hehe..thanks vatsa..exams khatam hi nahi ho rahe!!!:(

Anon---i still dun know who u are..but neva mind..chuk it.

DeePDiveR said...

Readin ur post was looking at a mirror! Finally I find sum1 who treats exams like i do(and that too word for word)...we should initiate some 'Exam Screw Ups' guild or something and write boox like'Idiot's guide to relaxation during exams'...well here i am blogging and posting wired comments even when exams are breathing down my neck...but am feeling less guilty thanx to your post!

amit said...

arre madam, engg ho kya.... aapki puri exam ki prepn mein engg ke lakhsan nazar aatein hai..;)

ranjan said...

Just a small advice :), Almost the whole world goes thru this state of anxiety pre- and post- exams,

but on the other hand, u have mostly been a topper throughout ur career, [which most ppl. haven't :)], so u shouldnt really care abt messing stuff up, because frrm ur results its obvious u dont mess up at all :))...

Raam Pyari said...

deep diver : its not your fault. weird posts call for weird comments!! ;)
btw welcome to my blog! :)

amit :
maan gaye...
kise?meri parakhi nazar ya nirma super ko?
hey bhagvaan!!! i have to shut up!! what i just wanted to say is that u are right , i am doing , am in third year. hence and therefore -maan gaye aapaki parakhi nazar ko!

Ranjan : haan..i do know all that, but u know na....anything thats sensible does not enter my brain!!
hehe..kya karoon main to item piece hoon!!

amit said...

Thanku Thanku.... vaise it was not very difficult fr me to guess...... i hv been thru this stage a couple of years earlier...;)

!xobile said...

Arre saare engineers aur MBA people hee max wele hote hain... aur kon blog karta hai... (karta hai to bhi 'what goes of me' :p !!)

DeePDiveR said...

Thanx Ruch...I did go thru ur posts and i have only one line to say...'I'm loving it'


Raam Pyari said...

amit : tabhi toh tum mera dukh- dard sab samaj sakate ho!;)

Zee : hehe...haan vatsa , sahi pehchana...mere blog ki tragedy yeh bhi hai ki there are just such few gurls!!! :(( gurls totally rok and they just run away from my blog.:(

deep : lage raho!!
I am not complaining! :)

Anubhav said...

Chanced upon ur blog accidently! Well written. Have u read James Joyce?