Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well..she was one helluva fascinating gurl i met . We used to attend the same Physics coaching for JEE.I had joined a bit late and the classes were weird. The batch used to consist of about 600 students and sir used to teach , with the mike in one hand and pen in the other. Now ,one thing famous about this gentleman was, apart from the fact that he was obviously very good, was that he was the laziest person around.He hated solving sums on board and would invariably have a favourite student in class who would do the sum solving.Gradually,i started getting warning messages from friends telling me that they were sure that the next person to be called to the board was going to be me which ,ofcourse , ensured a couple of nervous breakdowns etc etc. The major problem here was the fact that we had now moved from H.C Verma to books like Irodov and i could hardly make head or tail of the questions leave alone solve them on the board in front of 550 boys.
Then i got to hear about Ankita...The girls used to occupy the front two very long rows, i used to sit at one end of the row and Ankita at the other.News soon travelled to me about what a mini genius Ankita was. Apparently she was moving way ahead of class, had solved most of the Irodov problems and she was pretty much Sir's pet.But surprsingly , she was never called to the board.Well , with the danger of being asked to solve Irodov sums looming large over my pretty much empty head, i went up to her for some help.
Help was promised, she would give me her register where she had solved sums and i could ask her whatever i wished to, but....
But.. could i please sit next to her during the classes? Well, i said yes, coz i had no problems with that.
The next day i sat next to her. Now, Sir had this reputation of asking the tuffest qusetions in class and if you answered him incorrectly, well...then you better be ready for the worst.So, that day early in the morning, Ankita came to me and told me her sob story. Well ,last night had been very bad, and she had had 103 degress body temperature and it had been with tremendous difficulty that she had come for class that day . I got ultra concerned , and told her that she should have taken a days rest . To which she repied that Studies was so very important to her. Although she hardly looked as if she had had 103 degress body temperature , i gave her a 'what noble thoughts!!!' look.Well...she looked a bit uncomfortable as she asked me this:
Ruchi, yaar...if Sir asks me something, plz answer bata dena...
I was only too happy to help her out. So that day Sir asked her a question.It was ridiculously simple, but she stood up and started giving funny answers...Aaah she needs my help, i said to myself, and whispered the correct answer. Sir saw me doing this and was like" arre, Junglee( he used to call me 'junglee'!!!! )tu usse bata rahi hai, chal board par aa"
So, began my tryst with the board ....Finally after screwing up many times, i decided to take Ankitaz help. I had been refering to her register which had everything neatly solved and now finally asked her to lend it to me for a day. While i was studying it , the next day , i saw something very strange.Question no 14 , solved in her register had the follwong statement:
According to figure no. 4.2, we can see that....
and you know what...
there was no damn figure in her copy!

That fascinated me beyond anything. So i called up this friend who had the solutions to Irodov written by Sir, and asked her to turn to Kinetic Energy waala chapter,Question no.14 and asked her to tell me which figure was being referd to. M looked up her copy of solutions and said ..well.... figure 4.2 ko refer kiya hai.why ????

Coz i have just found the biggest cheat on this planet, thats why!!!

But i continued to sit next to her for some more time. Well, she had to treat me coz her Dad had bought a Corsa.I was like, let it be, Ankita, treat me when you buy one ( i can't really stand that my-Daddy-richest crap! ). But no, no, no, i had to come.
On the way a shinning black Mitsubushi Lancer passed us.
Ankita: SEE!!! Thats the car my Dad has bought.
Me:Thats a Mitsubushi???!!
Ankita: haan toh?? My Dad has bought a Mitsubushi Corsa. ahem

Another time, there were tales about how she had got a rank of eleven hundred in JEE last time and how depressed she was when the doctor told her that she could not write the Mains.
Me (concerned): arre, Ankita, doc ne mana kyoon kiya????
Ankita: arre, yaar..mere pair mein fracture ho gaya tha, thats why.
Me: aah...i should have guessed.

Soon, i had had enough of her rubbish, so i just stopped even going near her. One day i was talking to Sir and somehow we started talking about the mental state of students preparing for JEE, when he said this:

ab uss bechaari Ankita ko dekh lo. Itana disturbed rehati hai, padhai ko le kar. Class mein kutch poochon to itana ghabra jaati hai ki bechari answer hi nahi kar paati hai.Baad mein yahan aa kar roti hai.Usse kabhi samjhana, itani hard working ladaki- uska future toh achcha hi hona chahiye
Ankita, a girl with the dubious distiction of probably not even knowing basics like F=ma, had a man who had been teaching students for 15 years considering her to be some sort of a next-after-Newton.
I didnt know whether to laugh or to scream??!!!Gosh that gurl had even made a fool of Sir!!!!!Totally impressive!!!!

The icing on the cake , however, was a conversation with the gatekeeper.One day, after class i was waiting outside for my Dad to pick me up, when i picked up a conversation with the gatekeeper. I had noticed that he and the others used to give special attention to Ankita. She was not made to wait in the line;a chair would be brought out for her, in case she had to etc etc.
Gatekeeper jee had this to say about Ankita.
Kitani bahadur ladaki, Ankita. Kya pata hai aapko, unhe tumour hai. Deemaag ka.Unhone khud batya hume. Kabhi-kabhi toh bahut tej sir dard hota hai. thursday ki class ke baad rickshaw leti hai aur khud ko admit kara leti hai Hospital mein.Fir MOnday ki subah, wapis rickshaw leti hai aur 7 baje ki class ke liye aa jati hai. bahut bahadur hai!

Well, needless to add, Ankita did her JEE equally well that year also (inspite of the brain tumour).She ,according to herself, got a rank of 600 in the prelimnary exam.But,alas ,destiny had something else for her. These IIT ppl,as ineffecient as we all know them to be, messed up her Mains result.She had, according ot herself,done the Mains paper brilliantly.Poor girl, so totally deserving , is spending 4 yrs at some unknown engg. college in some unknown city. When bad things happen to nice and honest people , my heart bleeds for them....I'm sure yours does too.....*sad ,distant look*


!xobile said...

what an istory!
im moved!!

arre yaar maatey
you'll find plenty of such stuff everywhere... kaise kaise hote hai log... i pity them...

When bad things happen to nice and honest people , my heart bleeds for them

hahahahha... mine does too! it surely does! hahah

but it really doesnt matter..

[[jackie note: u know what i had done the irodov ka full mechanics part.. almost 95% Qs... but saala JEE mein ek barbaad sa Q aaya.. itna easy sa.. saari mehnat barbaad!!! ]]

tu ash kar!
what goes of yours!

DeePDiveR said...

U solved problems from irodov???? Girl u REALLY WERE hard working! How could you subject urself to such sachcha trauma?

DeePDiveR said...

Hey how do u provide links to blogs in ur own blog...neone plz reply!

whatifeel said...

Ahaaan , junior , jo bhi ho , she was a liar , deceptive , manipulator , but still....u writing about it dint look very nice to me ..i mean , pata nahi , but kisi ke baare mein bura likhna accha nahi na..:)

Abhi said...

abe teri , the above guy was me -abhinav

!xobile said...

baat sahi boli abhinav ne.. kisi ke baare mein nahi likhna chaheye...(obviously khud ko chhor ke)

ranjan said...

Why do they still teach Irodov :( ? Its the last thing u need for getting thru JEE !!!

Shreyansh said...

I had thought I should write this .Then I thought I shudnt , as its ur blog n ur views etc etc.
But then I thought I should blurt it out, cuz I regularly comment and.... watever...
Ever heard about compulsive liars or conceited ones. Its a bit more common thing in the US as compared to our country. May be it has something to do with the upbringing. But things like peer and parental pressure and childhood (which are mostly common)usually play very important roles.
Ok let me tell you a story .I had known atleast two girls and one boy of the above kind. I wont give details but I found out that the boy belonging to a comparatively average financial family background, had a brash father and hence a very violent childhood. One of the girls , who had very few friends and was kinda wierdo , had parents who ignored her. The other girl belonging to an affluent family ,used to do things mostly to please her friends(out of a compulsion that arises from peer pressure), who also happened to be from rich families. I dont know if any of them changed . But I know all of them gave in to the conditions which life gave them to. May be instead of 'gave in' I should use reacted. It was not completely their fault. They were probably weak inside. They were not bad people.
But they were just not as lucky as , probably , you and me.
There are two more such people I know right now . They are my friends and are doing well, but I dare not look deep enuff. It might hurt.
You know , as I once commented "Everybody's got a story that could break your heart".
Who knows Ankita had her story too.

Raam Pyari said...

deep : naah!!! i didnt want to, i was forced to,so it waz done more out of compulsion than anything no hard working waala funda here:)

Abhinav , Zee and Shreyansh: Yeah,maybe you are right.

Ranjan : I know that bherry well now:) . Often these bachchaz ask me (i dunno y me!! ) to give them gyan abt getting thru JEE.I tell them i can only tell you guys wat not to do.No prizes for gessing wat the first point on my list is!:)

Suds said...

I just want to say 1 thing... She was not lieing to others. She was just lieing to herself...

Abhi said...

Ahhaaan !!! Iss the junior back to blogging ??

latika said...

ranjan cud be right u know, who knows the woman might be suffering from a psychiatric disorder or something !!!!
but what a mob she was yaar ! especially that thing about the brain tumor.....yuckkkkk !!

Raam Pyari said...

Suds: i dunno, i juss cant be tolerant when it cums to lies..just cant..maybe someday i'll be mature enuff to handle it..but that someday is not tuday....

Juhead : bherry much so ;)

Latika : arre!!!!!!! you online after sucha long time!!!!!!!!!!wow!!!! chal theek hai yaar...yup..maybe u are right, i just do not have nay patience with cheats and liers, u know it..:)Tussi mere blog par aa jate ho toh yahan ki ronak badh jaati hai!! :)

Cool Cancerian said...

Older and mature I may be but lying is something that rises my hackles!!!

Raam Pyari said...

shailaja ooh..i so totally agreee!!!!!
i cant bear it!!!!!thats y this post is so vehement...