Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mera blog no. one kyoon hai????
isiliyea hai coz only one person reads it!!! (hehehehhe) moving on...since i do know that my absence from the blogging world should be accounted for( if only for that one person ..) i shall give you a detailed explanation.
First and foremost in a style true only to my college authorities we had our mid sems on a two day notice. All six minors to be prepared in 2 days!!!! Imagine my shock and horror at finding out that! Well since i am boringly hard working most of it was prepared ( for any eventuality of this precise nature) but since it was a real bad shock for everyone else i raised a huge hue and and cry over it at home. Ma almost gave me up for adoption and dad tried to appear brave but sad about it! Bro in all probabilty threw a party-sharty for friends in medical school!
Well so three days went in those horrid horrid ( dunno why but i somehow feel better if i repeat words twice..) minors. Giving two tests in a day isNOT human!!!!! Ii so totally wanted to fall sick( as in ill ) after the tests..i was sooo exhausted ( thats the word..i pat my back!) really i was enervated...felt very weak and made the mistake of telling ma about it. So that was the green signal for ma to run after me with ten trillion 'kelas' in one hand, twenty glasses of milk in the other, two-three million b-complex and multivitamin tablets in the other( hey wait a sec, my maths in not that gud but one+one+one=3 and i know for a fact that ma only has 2 hands...well neva mind we'll leave the details of anatomy for some other time). So i spent a lot of time evading glasses of milk and bowls fruits and ( oh gawd i hate them)multi-vitamins! Ma started to 'surprise' me with food( lo and behold!) hoping that in a state of surprise i might eat more than i normally would..well since she had my best interests in mind i must add that i truly appreciate all her fretting over how much how zinc+magnesium+vitamin a,b,c,d---j,h,---z reaches me. If i were my daughter i would have just smacked my(i mean the daughter's) head and stuffed as many apples as i wished to in my( again a reference to me as a daughter) gaping mouth. i'm sure that would have worked a teeny bit better.
Well the weekend went smoothly by, with me finally finding some quantity( i hate the bull- shit about quality time) time with my beloved beloved books! I even managed to voluntarily eat a couple of fruits.
typical conversation between me and ma.
ma: beta chalo jaldi se yeh bees glass doodh finish kar do....
me: hello..... i just had 300 glasses of fruit juice!!! no,no, NO!!!
ma: is that a 'no'?
me: seems like one to me!
ma: ( thoughfully) i think you have anorexia. chalo joote pahno, doctor ke paas chalna hai.
i pick up one glass of milk, gulp it, quickly pick up the next, then the next.....
sorry...i digressed there but the temptation was a bit too much. Well my pc was not working i could not blog(my beloved beloved blog!! sniff,sniff..all alone....sniff)... so now ( for the time being atleast) my pc is happy and healthy and i am happily blogging...
oh gosh-i have been posting for the past 20 minutes , i have a software engg viva in the first two lectures tomorrow morning so i had better go back to my books( deep sigh! )
lots more to tell u...but will do that in subsequent posts.
till then


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abhinav said...

Your blog is not the no.1 so stop feeling happy ! i think its no.2 coz i read it apart from that "single" person.and maybe even no.3 , if i include the "american singles" wale bhai sahab up here. how fortunes change.frm no.1 to 3 so fast.

Raam Pyari said...

arre munnu jee!!!!!!! welcome to my blog!!! :)

dotty_pixie said...

fully commend aunty!!very gud aunty ..keep it up!!
btw.. glad to see ur blog is no longer num 1 ..hehehahe
welcome bak..dekho tumhare gham main maine bhi blog krna band kar diya!

dotty_pixie said...

btw..forgot to mention..tht ws very funny..:)
glad to see ur bak in form!