Sunday, October 09, 2005


Deep sigh!

(Well i just sighed coz ppl in love are apparently supposed to sigh a lot..) dont jump to hasty conclusions..let conjectures remain conjectures.....
Yes i am in doubt about it....i have all the symptoms i should have...the diagnosis is totally correct.
But lest you jump to hasty conclusions( against which i have already warned you.) let me clarify certain things.
I am in love with this pencil case you see on your right. It is so totally the object of my affections...has been for some time now and shall be for eternity ( thats true love for you ppl! )
*Btw i am sorry for the bad quality of the pic which certainly is unable to do any justice to my beautiful but u c, my web cam is actually a free gift that i got with this PC. Hence and therefore dot dot dot.

* Btw (again) case you are wondering that is my hand

Get yourself a nice mug of coffee , wrap a light shawl around your shoulders( plz do not do any of the aforementioned things in case u live in the Sahara Desert ) .WHY??? you innocently (? )ask..... Well coz i am going to tell you my loooovvveeee story.

It was, as they say , love at first sight..( and in keeping with the latest trends in the lovers community another deep sigh! )
It was late in the evening...I had been strolling around in the market place with a friend for sometime when i spotted Archies Gallery.... I had nothing to buy but loads of time to vile away and also destiny i as if hypnotised enterd the shop..... Everything is spik and span..loads of soft toys all around ...soft music is cards....nothing of interest for me there....i keep moving along......then i stop at the stationery section...a little girl is looking at crayons....and i am momentarily transported to the age and era, which was trillionz of years ago, when i too used to use crayons....i shirk off the nostalgia....i look at the li'l girl ...shes wearing white shorts and a pink spaghetti..and is looking very very cute...then i start feeling jealous of her and then i have to shut my self up coz like the girlz like 3 and i'm 500 yrs old. I swear i can probably feel jealous of a hippopatamus or some similar pachyderm.
Trust me!
And then it happens.........the music shuts itself up...the girl conviniently disappears(good riddance to bad rubbish...hey i'm not saying anything i'm just quoting shakepeare, okay ?)..the world stands still (hackneyed/banal/cliched but true nevertheless)...What? What?What? you ask me.... eyes have just fallen on a pencil case that has itself fallen on the floor (as they say 'you fall in love' infact its more like ' everything falls in love'! )
i slowly bend down and pick up the pencil case. Its PINK(!!!!!!!! i'm crazy about pink!!!!!! crazy ! crazy! crazy! i-should-be-in-a-mental-asylum crazy!) and denimn blue.....Its has two very cute pockets(one with a button and the other with a zip) and i have just fallen in love.....
Iquickly note the date and time...u never know in the future...the media might want know about my frist love and i should have the details...only i'll replace the pink pencil case with a handsome doctor/astonaut.
but what??? you ask....
but there is a villain in my love story as well......i so totally immediately wanted to buy the pencil case. But:
a) i had no money.
b) the pencil case was for .... :( .....M.R.P.Rs 150. hopes crashed...i had hoped that the case would be for something like Rs. 10 or something and i could borrow money from the beggar outside and buy it...but ALAS! That was not to be. Broken hearted i had to leave my love in the shop and leave the place empti handed.(i hid the p. case, ofcourse)
then ensued 3 days of separation. I would lie on my bed..books open...face cupped in my hands...eyes staring in the void ( No1. on the list of fave passtime of lovers! )..and think of the pencil case..and think some more and then think some more.... I was feeling that splurging 150 bucks on a pencil case is unheard of...i have neva done anyhting of this sort....but then i reasoned i have neva been in love either...
so that was it....
decision made....I had some money the nanis and the dadis and the chachis(okay i dont have a chachi....i mean like i dont have a chacha either ) had given me...and off i went to the market.The Gods smiled in all their resplendent glory of fake gold and white fake beards and fake magenta lotuses..and threw rose petals at us( me and as i paid the surly cashier and bought!
So now i am totally and my pencil case...we study loads together :)


dotty_pixie said...

that was undoubtedly the bestest love story ever..and with such a sweet happy ending..u and pencil case walking off into the almost brought tears to my eyes..
like they is it doesn't matter whether was 10 or 150, all that matrs is that u wer in love.
i must congratulate you on this new point in ur life..from now on everything will be rosy and glowing and yes,PINK!

Anonymous said... the way you use words...

Raam Pyari said... pink pink!!!!!! i am crazy about pink!!!!

@anon---Mr/Ms/Mrs. anon, thanku..thanku...*takes a bow.

catch 22 said...

One helluva a post i shud say, never visited here bfore but it was worth it and it will drag me here everyday . Waiting for more

latika said...

i am ashamed....
i have been the last one to put up my cmoments in almost each article....
i am ashamed