Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chotu si me!!!!

Scene one:
I am at the dentist's clinic. The doctor apparently had taught my Dad in medical Dad is a bit quiet and wants to hurry evrything up ! He so totally wants to get out of this place..i can sense it and i smile to myself. Ha! Ha! Ha!.....You might have been someones student 30 years ago..but...but...Ha! Ha! Ha! (evil smirk followed by evil laughter!)
The doctor pokes and prods my teeth. You see, i am here simply because i , at times, like to humour my mother. She does not like the way my upper lip twitches when i smile this particular smile and she wants to know if by pulling out 5 teeth it can corrected or no. I have been to , i think , all the dentists on this planet, save this elderly gentleman who was dad's proff( i think my father deliberately avoided going to him..ahem....). No, none of them think its a good idea to pull out teeth uselessly...and no..they cant see where my upper lip twitches...and Yes mummy i AM smiling that smile only!
Dad's cell starts ringing.He looks so relievd.Positively joyous!
Dad to the dentist: well...sir..i think...excuse me.
Doc nods his head and Dad leaves
Doc( to me as i as i get up from the chair and we are proceeding to his desk) :Dekho..there is nothing wrong.
me(delighted) : not even when i smile like this.
I smile the smile.
Doc: ur smiling.....??? its more like you are grimacing...
both of us laugh.
Doc: see...u know its not a problem here....welll you do come to me in a couple of years..we have a good 5,6 years to do anything in case we wish ur what...15,16 years??
I grimace ..but hope that hes going to take that to be a smile.I was 15 six years ago!!!!!!

Scene 2:
A cousin is turning 7 today!!!! Wow! Amazing!!!!Its her budday party....and i am having a real good time...loads of little - little bachchas around to ask silly silly questions .(For eg: my favourite:
tum mummy ko jyada pyar karte ho ya papa ko? these days are stupid , when i was younger and some one used to ask me this i actually used to tell them--- i dont know who i love more but i sure do hate people who ask me this! but those were days when i used to be a firebrand of sorts! )
I am sitting in this one corner... when i notice this woman sitting next to me...She seems vaguely familiar..okay yeah she is related to my cousin some way..
I can see that she is thinking the same about me . So i think its best i start the conversation now.
Me: uhmm...Hello..
She: hello beta...i'm sorrie i did not recognise you..though i was just thinking that you look familiar...
So i proceed to give a detailed account of mum and dad....and then finally she gets me(yay!!!)
She: Arre..kis class mein pahuchi tum.. you have an elder sister who is doing her Btech

Moral of the story: i am my own elder sister!!!!!
The aforementioned lady is no longer in this world.....she passed away due to some complications during childbirth some months after this incident . For those of you interested...her son is a healthy boy who, i heard just turned one.


Anonymous said...

are you really ruchita or someone else ??

Mr.50% said...

hey that happens with me too ! maybe coz im short or maybe coz my hair is never combed or maybe the resta the world is crazy or watever.but its like when i was in my engg college , at a party , some aunty whom i just met there ssked me was i planning to do after "school".n a couple of months back , i went to this shoe shop.and the guy asks me if i wanted normal shoes or school shoes.i felt like burning down his shop.hope u r ok abt cat now !

Canary said...

Reminds me of a poem that I read in school about a painful visit to the dentist by Ogden Nash !

dotty_pixie said...

u don't know what an advantage u have..looking 16 when ur actually 21!!people nowadays dole out millions of dollars to achieve this miracle..and u ,my dear,have been born with the plastic surgery gene!!
imagine when ur 50,ppl will say u look 35!!when ur 70,ull look 55 nd when ur 100 ull like 85!!ok,not much difference there but hey..15 years is no joke!

Raam Pyari said...

anon---hmmm...i guess so..

Mr. 50%----hehehe...haan...i know thats the same with my hair is generally well combed but yes i too am tiny..but i sincerely believe that tall ppl are not ppl they are lamp posts. You should have burned down that shop.Really, you should time this hapens leave a msg on my blog and both of us will go burn the respective shop down!
yours sincerely,

aashtha------welcome to my blog!
btw you have the honour of being the second female reader of my blog(which sadly has mostly male readers)
nahi..nahin..... this particular visit to the dentist was very very nice indeed...the dentist even gave a a handful of sweets...after all he thot i was 16!

nivindya------ hehehe..i had neva thot of it this way...i have saved so much money!!!!!!
yay!!!! ALWAYS make me see the positive aspect of things!

ranjan said...

I wouldn't say the Ogden Nash bit, because as I see it, Aastha has alrdy done the honors :))...

Waise U should meet Tarantino sometime..what a way to connect two stories..cummon :))

Shreyansh said...

"Tum mummy ko jyada pyar karte ho ya papa ko?" ... now that was amusing and sounds familiar.

Another question that used to pop up now and then(invariably from aunties) was , Can you dance/sing. And if you can, then dance/sing. In a bid to keep up the obedient boy image in the early years, one had to comply. Things have changed now, but I still try to avoid such aunties at social gatherings and sometimes even at home.
And then pinching cheeks was one of the most common weapons for physical and emotional abuse in the formative years.I wish I had known some human rights at that time. :)

Raam Pyari said...

ranjan-----welcome to my blog!!!!!!!

shreyansh----haan...totally...i tremble when i think of those days gone by when i used to be subject to such extreme forms os torture.There ARE some advantages of not being 3 anymore...;)

Pradyot said...

awesome post. I really like posts where people narrate their life experiences. Will be back for more. :)

munnu said...

paramveer chakra ke liye recommend kar diya hai tujhe.wo bol rahe hai ek do kashmir ke soldiers ka bhee nomination aya hua hai , but it is felt ur feat of braving all this fever stands a better chance.but u know these sarkaari babus , ab kab kuch decide hoga , award milega , kab tujhe courier hoga , so tab tak all the best se kaam chala le.get well ! do well ! and araam bhi kar lena.bas ab main chup hota hun , ab hum jyada bolte to hai nahi na.

Raam Pyari said...

pradyot----welcum to mah blog!!!!:)


latika said...

good yaar....its always good to look younger that what u actually are......
because trust me females age faster than men do ( no not in terms of years but in terms of looks...!)
and again..... trust me u wouldn't like to be called ur husband's elder sister at 50!
and just for the record this one guy thought that this little 3rd year student was an intern........( how dare he )....felt like stabbing him in the femoral triangle.....

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